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Sunday Open Thread – November 10, 2013

As always, no twerking.

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      • You are both right, in my opinion. Ronald Reagan tried to warn us about socialized medicine more than 50 years ago. Our march towards totalitarianism won’t stop until We the People put a stop to it. Letter writing doesn’t seem to work, so vote them out, starting with the liberals who signed on to Obamacare and the RINOs like McConnell who enable them.

          • By the way–on Obamacare–there was story in the Post this AM about how they may have to let people go directly to the ins cos…I thought they would not allow that…Maybe I got it wrong.

          • Just like I can’t stop you from defending the ruling class elites who are going to take us down the same path as the Marxists, only at a slower pace. Just last week Mitt Romney told some Sunday show lackey that if he were president, he’d require every state provide insurance to their citizens. That’s not a conservative ideal. It’s a big government, statist ideal.

          • Well my comment was put in moderation so I’ll try it with quotes…

            “Just like I can’t stop you from defending the ruling class elites who are going to take us down the same path as the marxists, only at a slower pace.

            Just last week Mitt Romney told some Sunday show lackey that if he were president, he’d require every state provide insurance to their citizens. That’s not a conservative ideal. It’s a big government, statist ideal.”

          • That one got on. I get that mod thing every so often. It’s dopey old Word Press. I hate the typing too fast thing–it erases your comment…that push reply again thing does not work for me.

          • As for Mitt Romney–I still wish he were president. If he had encouraged the states to set up programs–maybe like Jindal’s–I don’t think it was to grab everyone’s info and means of paying for health care in his hot little hands.

          • I don’t think it’s Word Press’s fault, could be a settings glitch on Keith’s blog ? I never have that problem on any other WP blog, unless they key in certain words to filter. (Like one blogger has any mention of Bill Maher sent to the filter). You can also have any first time blogger sent directly to moderation, but I see that happen (to me) and other regulars here.

            Posting too fast is indeed a strange one, I sometimes get that on my first post :)

          • Good to see you back Denise.
            I thought that the election put you in the bunker.
            I think that the election is an indication of what we’re up against in 2014.

          • I had a bad feeling about the outcome, but it was closer than we were led to believe by the Dems. Throwing a Soros supported third guy into the mix clinched it for McAuliffe. It’s how the Dems roll.

      • Definitely a scheme in every way. We are not America ianymore if this really goes all the way through. And that is what this psychotic guy wants to happen. I would love to know his real past and what happened in College with this birdbrain.

      • Its a terrible scheme and costing so many millions of our money? Yeah, poor Martha Stewart told a lie and she got jail time and it wasn’t about stealing taxpayer money? What a crock this whole Obamacare fraud is — where are the fraud police when you need them? Paid off? Oh right, Obama signed an Agreement that he couldn’t be held responsible for his fraud? I think thats whats happening with Obamacare. He thinks of everything when it comes to himself.

    • The GOP needs to stop calling ObamaCare a “trainwreck.” That means it’s a mistake, or accident. That means it’s a gigantic flop, or failure. It’s NOT.

      This is a brilliant, cynical, and purposeful attempt to damage the U.S. economy, kill jobs, and bring down capitalism.

      It’s not a failure, it’s Obama’s grand success.

      It’s not a “trainwreck,” ObamaCare is a suicide attack. He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, to capitulate- so we agree under duress to accept big government.


    • I wish I could go underground after that Virginia election :) Nah, I was spending a few days with my liberal “Obama’s doing the best he can” friends and relatives in NYC. Luckily, I did no harm to them :D Hey, thanks for thinking of me, just caught up with the blogs, now ready to rumble here in Dossierville !

        • Ugh–don’t even. We four kids are split–my sister and one brother (rich doctor, retired, off the grid house, Prius) think Obama is fab. The other two of us…well, you know. We don’t get together at the hols, tho. My sister’s hubs stays in his man cave and watches Fox, so there is that.

  1. The WashPost has a sickening piece on hungry, but obese, family (Hispanics) living in southern Texas.

    The story is about a single mother of five children (no visible men anywhere) who uses her food stamps to buy cheetos, soda, and other processed foods. The result is hungy, obese children who are already taking meds for high cholesterol, while she battles diabetes. We pay for their healthcare, too.

    The family lives in a small town that resembles every small village in Mexico, except here in the US the government gives them money to buy food. They don’t have electricity in the home, no mention of an auto, but there is a pantry full of expensive fatty and salty snacks.

    Considering the ultra-liberal bent of the WashPost, the piece turns to whether the government should ban the purchase of certain non-foods such as sodas, chips, or a whole section of a grocery store. They mention that food stamps will buy RedBull drinks, but not OTC vitamins. Of course, any mention of forbidding the purchase of those soft drinks or snacks brought the wrath of the soft drink biggies who have seen their sales skyrocket with the additional use of food stamps in America.

    • Morning all! Just finished that article, a truly sickening state of affairs. Imagine how many families are living on chips, and cheap junk food across this great land?

    • “the piece turns to whether the government should ban the purchase of certain non-foods such as sodas, chips, or a whole section of a grocery store”

      I didn’t know that food stamps can be used to buy that stuff.

    • Along these liines (sorta) I find it so hypocrital that every ‘pharmacy’ (Walgreens, Rite-Aid CVS, etc.) has rows and rows of aisles filled with junk food (chips, candy bars, soda pop, ice cream bars, etc) before you can reach the actual pharmacist in the back to fill a prescription. Meanwhile, the mom is waiting in line to get an RX and the kids are running loose picking up junk food which can be paid for at the pharmacy counter with their EBT or SNAP cards.

      Another ‘unintended consequence’ of Obama’s massive efforts to flood this country with a third world culture is the sudden return of childhood contageons – measles and mumps. Even scarier, polio is making a comeback in Europe.

      • “Another ‘unintended consequence’ of Obama’s massive efforts to flood this country with a third world culture is the sudden return of childhood contageons – measles and mumps.”

        You can’t blame FCMABBHO for that. The anti-vaxxers have been around a long time.

        • ‘Anti-vaxxers’ are a minority compared to MILLIIONS of third world refugees who arrive without medical records. The rise in cases of TB is directly linked to the Latino influx.

          • Does everyone advocating vaccines already have their own flu shot? Old people are supposed to get an extra strong one! Four strains. I am hypersensitive to everything and asked my primary and he said his wife adamantly won’t get even the milder one–and they argued about the kids getting it. He got it. I decided to not get it this yr–but Wendy’s sent my kid a voucher for it and she will get it if she bestirs herself… Sooo…has everyone had it before telling all these other people to get vaccines? Just wondering.

          • Remember the phony H1N1/Swine flu ‘pandemic’ back in 2009? Obama tried to incite fear/panic – declared a national emergency. Everyone was ordered to get flu shots – there was a shortage – panic ensued.
            Turns out the deaths related directly to the H1N1 were less than normal seasonal flu outbreaks. Unfortunately, most of those deaths were children. That said, it was all concocted to benefit Big Pharma. Ironically, all of the pharmacies were offering ‘free flu shots’ immediately after the false alarm.


          • Well, it’s just two people, but my sister and her husband just spent a month getting over H1N1. It’s here in AZ. I even talked to the epidemiologist for the state in conjunction with my health site reporting.

    • Yeah well, you’re gonna love this just in from the left coast family member. (and by left I really mean progressive). In the context of the left perspective, big business is bad, conservatives are bad, only government can save us.

      This is what happens when competition is squeezed out by regulation and taxes. The costs associated with compliance and taxation force consolidation and collusion in the marketplace. The goal of the firm is to make a profit and logically reduce costs…all cost including labor. Minimum wage laws, working wage laws, ACA, etc will only drive further consolidation as firms centralize compliance functions.

      In the context of your link, and the Ted Cruz below, big business will always do well with big government. And that is why they were unsuccessful in banning even empty calorie, caffeine infused energy drinks. The channel will always chase the money regardless of where the money comes from. In the WP article: “If only people had the basic knowledge,” Colin said. “If they just understand their choices,” Rueda said. Too bad they are not talking about elections.

        • Forgot to add that prohibiting fat people from food stamps is cruel. They need to eat too. If you have limited funds you’re not going to be able to buy the healthiest foods. Look at the dollar menus at the fast food joints and see what they serve. Why is it that the FDA lets Taco Bell serve meat that contains silica? Gross.

  2. Speaking of Communism, Venezuela’s economy is getting worse, with raging inflation and shortages in things like flour, chicken and toilet paper. So, what does Hugo Chavez, Jr., a/k/a Nicolas Madura, do? He orders the military to take over a chain of electronic stores, Daka, and arrests the managers.

    From the article:

    “I’ve ordered the immediate occupation of this chain to offer its products to the people at fair prices, everything. Let nothing remain in stock … We’re going to comb the whole nation in the next few days. This robbery of the people has to stop.”


    Maduro retains support from large sections of the population, particularly the poor who benefit from massive state welfare programs and who remain loyal to Chavez’s dying exhortation to support his chosen successor.


    • Speaking of Venezuela; the young woman from that country was crowned “Miss Universe” last night.
      How they managed to choose one out of dozens of look-alike women as the winner is a mystery.
      The women look like a US sperm-bank’s worst nightmare; dozens of women who look like sisters.

    • So, what does . . . Madura, do? He orders the military to take over a chain of electronic stores

      It’s called ‘looting’. It’s what socialists do. Except in Maduro’s case, he is running out of things to loot. At which point, anyone who has read Atlas Shrugged can tell you, it doesn’t end well.

      Who is John Galt?

  3. A propos to? of? nothing, seeing the newer photos of MOOch with the Hollywood types in the (formerly) WHouse makes me wonder which nose we’re seeing this time around? I think it could be Nose # 4. I have lost track of jaws.

  4. Obama really wants obamacare to fail so he can force a real single-payer system aka the federal government which is the first step to complete communism!! Time for the silent majority to take action and fire all in Congress and have ServePro clean the White House!!!

  5. India is bracing for more militancy in the battle-scarred region of Kashmir, believing that fighters now focused on resisting U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan will shift toward the Himalayan flashpoint with Pakistan.

    Some say increased violence recently along India’s heavily militarized border with Pakistan proves that shift is already underway.

    As a result, India is increasing use of drones, thermal sensors and foot patrols as it tries to catch out any battle-hardened militants moving through the forested mountains near the frontier. At the same time, Indian troops have increasingly been engaging in skirmishes with Pakistan’s military.


    The two countries regularly blame each other for starting skirmishes, but they agree the violence has escalated to its highest level — killing dozens of troops and civilians on both sides — since a 2003 cease-fire agreement.


    Things are bad enough in Iraq, but this conflict is between two nuclear-armed nations.

  6. Economy/ Leno/ Ted Cruz
    Not sure who turned me on to the site The Right Scoop, but thanks. I was able to catch the full interview of Ted Cruz on Leno. Watch the whole thing as it is pretty good with substantial content from Jay.) (…and the bumper music is pretty good too.)
    Ted said some interesting things after the break at the 6:30 mark. Kicking off with why conservatives didn’t do well in the last two elections and some Thatcherism about first win the argument then win the vote. About economic growth, “…the people who get hurt, it’s not the millionaires and billionaires…the people who get hurt are those who are struggling.”
    Noteworthy, but what he goes on to say was illuminating. “The rich do great with big government…big business does great with big government. …the people who get hammered are the small businesses”
    This is not the usual message from the conservatives. Ted can clearly articulate a conservative argument that is not about big business but about an economy that can create jobs. Will he win the vote? Too early to tell.
    FYI, ~12 minutes total.

    • No question he’s a smart fellow, and he can hold his own in any debate. I like him, like what he says, too.
      They (political pundits) talk about him as a Presidential candidate; I don’t think that’s what he wants so early in his career.

    • It was a great interview by Senator Cruz. Right out of the box Leno brings up state-run media and their charges that Cruz is “aggressive, arrogant, and abrasive” and then asks him if it’s accurate. Of course you’d never hear Leno or his ilk ask Preezy something like that. It is kind of ironic since that is exactly the way conservatives see the left’s messiah.

      Take my word for it, Senator Cruz is the real deal. He proved that to this Texan when he went to DC and the first thing he did was file a bill to repeal Obamacare. I trust him when he says he will never give up the fight against Preezy’s liberty-stealing health insurance scam.

  7. Two more top brass likely are going down, but these two might’ve shot themselves in their feet.

    Two U.S. admirals — including the director of naval intelligence — are under investigation as part of a major bribery scandal involving a foreign defense contractor, Navy officials announced Friday night.


    Both admirals are being investigated for their ties to a Singapore-based defense contractor, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, whose chief executive was arrested in September on charges that he bribed other Navy officers into giving him classified or privileged information in exchange for prostitutes and cash.


  8. John Kerry is wasting his time and our money trying to be the Savior of the Middle East. Shouldn’t he be close to home with his dear rich wife during her illness?

    • Kerry and cohorts are more than wasting time in talks with Iran – they’re giving Iran more time to build centrifuges. Iran has been playing the “hokey pokey” game for years.

  9. One of Obama’s former henchman, Rahm Emanuel, now Mayor of Chicago is try to ” snare ” the 2016 RNConvention.
    Caution RNCommittee, it’s a trap.
    Rahm has a patronage army as well oiled as Boss Tweed.
    Make your decision very cautiously if you are even tempted to go to Chicago.

        • Not necessarily Star.
          I’m not promoting a third party, they have never worked before.
          Perot gave us G.H.W..Bush.
          The recent election in Virginia proved that the dems can finance a foil to prevent the conservative from winning.
          Obama is desperate to take the house back under his control with Nancy Pelosi at the helm.
          He is desperate to keep the senate under the control of Harry Reid.
          The American People need another venue to properly vet candidates that are willing to stand on the principles stipulated in the Constitution.
          Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are hated by the establishment RINOS for a reason.
          They are messing up their game plan.
          They are wrecking their career as a life long politician.
          They are a threat to their power.

      • I’m beginning to see that more clearly now.
        About both parties being corrupt, I’m reminded of the quote by Samuel Francis, ” There are two parties in this town (country ), the wicked party and the stupid party. Sometimes they get together and do things that are both wicked and stupid. That we call bipartisanship”.
        I’ve been saving that one.

        • I know many of you are in a RINO hunt day and nite, but I still think a third party with litmus tests etc would be the Kiss of Death, which I shall hereinafter refer to as KOD. I could always be wrong–but it freaks me out. We need to get rid of these people–split the difference on social and constitutional–and get someone to beat these people… You can call me names–defender of the elites etc–but I have one goal–get someone, “elite” or “common,” who can win.

          • “get someone, “elite” or “common,” who can win.
            What and who are they campaigning against ?
            The thugs on both sides of the aisle ?
            Carl Rove and his PAC and the affinity of FOX News to put him on their programs on a regular basis ?
            I quit listening to Carl Rove years ago, him and his ‘white board’.
            He’s nothing more than a bag man for the RNC.

  10. I read today’s comments with great interest.
    My dilemma is the same, what candidate from any party but the DEMS can stop America’s downward spiral. Really confused here.
    Or is all hope lost? Are we to far gone?

    • IMO, the ACA is going to wake up a lot of people in this Country.
      People are going to begin paying attention when it hits them in their wallet.

      • The Obamacare fiasco is waking America up to other potential problems. For one, I just read a Pew poll which says that Americans almost 2 to 1 are against a comprehensive immigration bill. Comprehensive anything should be outlawed. Congress passes these thousand, two thousand page bills like the Patriot Act and Obamacare without having read them and no one knows what’s in them. It’s best to go small, piece by piece and debate every step of the way.

    • Hope is not lost. How we reduce hope into action is the next step. In the PRNY there is not much I can do locally. But I can contribute $ to out of state candidates. This I happily do even if in seemingly small amounts.

      • We cannot give up hope. We must get these people out. I just don’t happen to think attacking our own side, labeling, testing everyone’s purity is the answer. And I will say again–we need to start defining the other side they way they did to Romney–good grief, some people believed he killed a guy’s wife. I don’t mean the real dirty stuff like they did to McCain over his daughter–but defining the probables as they really are–dishonest, two-faced, expedient, ruthless, disdainful of the US and most of the people in it, etc.

          • How true it is. Money talks and Kennedy walked. Unbelievable! After that girlfriend death thing, Kennedy became a screaming idiot — yellling at everyone all the time. Maybe that was a defense mechanism so no one would say a word to him about the killing.

  11. Is this why Obama ILLEGALLY delayed the employer mandate for a year?

    Obamacare Self-Insurance Loophole:


    Today, more than 60 percent of employees in large corporations, 80 percent of unions, and 15 percent of workers in small businesses are covered by self-insured plans, although many of them don’t know it.

    When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, Republicans secured a provision exempting self-insured plans from many of the taxes and mandates that Obamacare imposes on businesses and employees.

    “Self-insured companies can tailor their health benefits to meet the needs of their workers,” Pataki writes in an op-ed piece for the New York Post. “They don’t have to pay for services their employees neither need nor want.

    “And self-insured plans pay their own medical costs without having to subsidize the healthcare costs of other groups.”

    But the White House is seeking to close what it calls the “self-insurance loophole” with a variety of tactics explained in a paper published by the liberal Center for American Progress, titled “The Threat of Self-Insured Plans Among Small Businesses.”

    • I think Obama needs to look up Ellis Island. Or look up anything before he makes these half-assed decisions.

      Sure, many of our relatives came over and passed through, but not all were admitted. There were rules, strict rules.

    • Is this the DVD about the border that has been around for a while? Used to be buy one , get one free for a friend. If so, I always thought it was excellent and wonder why it hasn’t gotten more traction. I don’t think there is much of an active push on the part of Republicans to secure the borders or to fight amnesty. I think it’s all words, and more words while big business allies with Reps and Dems to move it forward. This, despite their being a story on DRUDGE today, indicating 52% + Americans opposed to it.

      Increasingly public opinion is irrelevant .

      2 cents.

    • Obama wants millions of them to come here for the democratic VOTES — It is so obvious — no caring for the American people and what will happen to us — its just VOTES he cares about to keep the power and have only one party system, DEMOCRATS!

  12. LOL, I’ve been twerking (aka “posting”) too fast today, gawd there’s a visual, and now in moderation. I do think KK needs to either ‘splain his rules or take it up with the web host. I know Moderation will eventually be posted even if most of you have moved to another thread, but “posting too fast” is lost forever :(

    • They were talking about Warren’s “challenge” on Morning Joe (Mon)., I know you wait for my MJ updates…not. Anyhow, those two authors of Double Down could not think of one Hillary policy–but hey, she has personality! And pantsuits galore. And tinted glasses. And a supposedly healed head injury. Can you imagine Warren as the president. Obama in drag.

  13. Keith, thank you for this open thread. We enlighten each other and encourage one another. We become friends and for some – a family of sorts.
    A final thought as I turn out the lights (first to come snd last to leave!)

    “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” –Reverend Billy Graham

    The courage of your convictions, Keith, gives us courage. Thank you.

    Let us keep our nation in our prayers, for only God can stiffen our spines to aid in resolving these perilous times.

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