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Obama Warns GOP: “A Price to Pay” for Defying “the American People”

President Obama warned Republicans Friday that there will be “a price to pay” for defying the will of the American people, which apparently, He Himself embodies.

Obama’s l’état, c’est moi moment occurred during a Miami fundraiser for House Democrats, whom he is desperate to install as the majority in the House so he can revive his agenda, which has inconveniently been beached on the shoals of Republican opposition.

So he’s pushing the line that in defying The Leader, it must be that Republicans are defying America itself.

Obama centered on the cornerstone of his failed agenda, the immigration bill.

The only way we can continue to place pressure to get that bill done is by making sure that the other side — or at least that small faction on the other side — understands there’s a price to pay when you don’t act on the basis of the interests of the American people. And so that’s something that I hope we can still get done by the end of this year.

This is typical Obama. Conservatives – forget for a moment he’s supposed to be their president too – are just a faction of heartless bastards who hate the “American values” Obama thinks he represents.

What’s more, they have no principles, and are mainly trying to stick it to Obama:

And right now, it’s being held up. It’s being held up not because it’s not a good idea. The majority of the American people support it. It’s being held up because there’s a small faction in the other party that has decided we don’t want to do anything and our main goal is obstruction.

Obama then proclaims himself as above politics even as he practices its lowest arts:

And, by the way, if the Republicans decided to pass it — and nobody would be happier than me — even though it would be to their political advantage to do it, because ultimately I’ve run my last election.

Well, he hasn’t run his last election. He’s campaigning for House Democrats. He suggests he’s ready to put politics aside even as he hurls calumnies, shedding his responsibility as president to be at least a step out of the mud.

At a second fundraiser Friday, also in Miami, Obama spoke of “consequences” for not following “the wisdom and common sense and hard work of the American people,” which of course reflects his own wisdom and common sense. I hesitate to say hard work.

I will say that if you just looked objectively at what the Democratic Party and Democratic senators stand for right now, it’s a lot more aligned with what the American people believe and what they care about then what a small faction of the other party is trying to promote.

And I’m confident that there’s going to be an adjustment process where the Republican Party kind of moves back to reason and common sense.  But they’re only going to do it if our politics is reflected — or elections reflect that common sense.  And if they’re rewarded for cooperation and it — when they aren’t looking out for the interests of the American people, there are some consequences.  And that’s why elections matter.  That’s why they count.

I agree. Mr. President, we must conform to the wisdom and common sense of America. We have no choice but to oppose policies Americans oppose. Therefore, Republicans must pledge to work with you on repealing Obamacare by the end of the year.

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  5. “We must conform to the wisdom and common sense of America? “We have no choice but to oppose policies Americans oppose?Exactly who are you talking about? The people favor an increase in the minimum wage. Republicans oppose it. The people favor extended gun background checks,and an assault weapons ban. Republicans oppose it. Americans favor,at least the concept of affordable health care. Republicans say use the Emergency Room. Americans want immigration reform. Republicans do not.Including the election of Obama,TWICE! The Republicans have ignored the will of the people on every important issue.It is the GOP House,that should be sued,for dereliction of duty,violating their oath of office,and ignoring the people,all because they are offended by the skin color of the current occupant of the White House. Republicans do,and always have,seen the American voter as Gullible,forgetful,apathetic,naive,and downright stupid. In fact they count on it,as it is the only way they can win elections,other that stealing them.(2000,and gerrymandering.

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