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Obama Avoids Saying he Still Has Confidence in Sebelius

Little noticed in President Obama’s interview with Chuck Todd Thursday was that Obama pointedly avoided saying he still has confidence in HHS Secretary Sebelius.

Look closely at the answers and you’ll notice he passes on the opportunity, even as he lauds her in other ways. He understands the question, and he understands what his response is supposed to be. And he doesn’t give it.

Whatever her charms and strengths, Sebelius oversaw a process that threatens to ruin the one major achievement of Obama’s presidency. It’s not a good achievement, but it’s an achievement. And he must be furious.

Were this corporate life, her buttocks would have been hustled out the door so fast she wouldn’t even have had time to say “severance.”

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  1. Vroommmm…vroommmmm “Gentlemen, start your engines” – I think I hear the bus rolling. It must have been one heck of a meeting with the Dems up for reelection next year. A half-hearted apology and Sillybus may have lost her ticket to ride.

  2. You don’t need to know how to write “code” or be an “IT person” to oversee and manage projects and programs. What an idiot-in-chief we have.

  3. If this was truly the “Transparent Administration” The WH should announce they have a 24 hour infomercial channel,WHNBC and Chuck Todd is the real Press Secreteary.

    Regarding Sebelius, this is not about loyalty or ability. It is about control. Once she is done as Secreteary of HHS, she will write her book stating the truth about Obamacare. Obama can’t afford for that book to come out unit after 2014 elections.

    • Obama is transparent, alright, but it’s not the kind of transparency he tries to peddle to the American people. We see right through him, that’s how transparent he is. We can see how disengaged he is from the American Idea, how backroom deals with Unions re ObamaCare take place, how unsuited his temperament is to be POTUS, how childish he is when dealing with people who don’t agree with him, how lost in the ozone he is when dealing with serious issues that impact millions. And it is stupendously transparent that Obama is not the right person for the job he now holds.

      • Marcus, you couldn’t be more correct in your analysis of this utterly
        incompetent political lightweight. It’s my humble opinion that this clown is merely a puppet, with people more nefarious than this halfbreed that occupies the nation’s house.

        Semper Fi

        • Yep, he’s been coached and trained from a very early age to do exactly what he’s doing now. The agenda he’s operating on has been pounded into his head for a very long time.

  4. Poor poor guy – always demanding that others do for him and make him a genius in his eyes and all the other fools who voted for him. I feels so bad for him – snarc.

  5. Am laughing Keith.. I was thinking your last sentence should have read –

    “Were this corporate life, her buttocks would have been hustled out the door so fast she wouldn’t even have had time to say “Sebelius.”” (she is not worthy of Severance but will get it anyway when the ax drops).

    Yea Sadie, BO has the bus already in motion, is not looking back anymore and Ms HHS will become “just another bump in the road”

    • she’s perfect for him….

      a substandard secretary
      doing a substandard job
      on a substandard law,
      for a substandard presidency
      who gives a substandard apology.


  6. MrsSillybus did what 40+ failed votes in Congress couldn’t do; she oversaw the destruction and implementation of Obamacare.

    How much of this disaster can be placed on her shoulders isn’t clear yet.
    Insider reports of manipulation of the website by political operatives in the WhiteHouse could have undermined the success of the rollout.

    The prospects for the ACA going forward as MrObama hoped are dim. His decision to lie about keeping one’s current insurance policy, the angst of millions who did lose those policies and found out that they would be required to overpay for something they didn’t want or don’t need are political dynamite.
    All of this is leading to the public’s awakening to how bad this law really is and causing them to look for someone to blame.
    The blame for all of it is on the Dems.

    Good job there, MrsSillybus.

    • Now what, though? If they ORDER (I mean, mandate) the ins cos to reinstate people at the same rates but with enhanced “benefits,” this thing will self-destruct even sooner. People are going in the hospital now, as we speak, getting diagnoses that require long-term treatment, etc. This is a moving target. If they don’t do this, then when not enough young people sign up to pay for the sick people, it’s ye olde death spiral. This is a fine mess they have gotten us into.

      • Yes, indeed.
        The saving grace is that the cutoff date seems to be Dec31. Our President or Congress or someone can stop the whole thing by then. If they want, that is.

        • Which neither will do. Hubris keeps telling these people that they can fix it, but sticking to Greek analogy, Obamacare is a Pandora’s box. Going with more politically correct imagery, though, from the Muslim world, it’s like getting the genie back into the bottle.

      • Haven’t heard a peep out of Boehner or anyone else for that matter. The R’s have completely ignored the fact that Obama acted illegally by extending the employer mandate – leaving little hope that they will take any action whatsoever to stop the runaway train.

        The only salvation, as I see it, is to table the entire mess ASAP, providing the ins. companies can put the toothpaste back in the tube an re-instate the status quo. Take down the website and stop signups. The plan is not doable.

        For the ones who have already signed up for Medicaid , the gov’t will have to take care of them. Undoing everything is going to cost a king’s ransom, but the alternative is unthinkable. If we wait until after Dec. 31, we’re doomed.

        **If Obama is thinking single payer, how does he transition from this mess to S/P? Does Congress need to vote on it or can he do it by EO?

        • Boehner peeped–he said Obama needs to make good on his apology and sign a bill he is bringing up next week–but for the life of me, I can’t remember if it’s a delay or a make the ins cos back off bill. Anyone?

  7. He really picks women today I read Susan Powers was heaping praise
    on Hanoi Jane Fonda. I’m sure he agrees as does Kerry her twin.
    Yes he really can spot talented ‘Americans’.

  8. Doesn’t matter. Fixing the website or getting rid of Sibelius are bandaids. Until we scrap the whole thing, which is unlikely, this will bring the country down. By the time this rolls throughout all the veins of the economy there won’t be much left to the private sector.