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Iran Successfully Plays for Time

American Jews overwhelmingly voted for President Obama. I hope one of their concerns isn’t Israel.

We are now in the process of a classic case, which will no doubt be studied for years and whose lessons – like those of previous such cases – will be thoroughly ignored for years, of the naive and craven being taken to the cleaners on the world stage by the crafty and ruthless.

Like all cavers and appeasers, President Obama wants peace at any cost, and so he wants to believe that bloodthirsty tyrants, such as the Iranian leaders, appreciate gestures of kindness and goodwill.

Would I lie to you? Would I lie to you honey? Now would I say something that wasn't true? I'm asking you sugar, would I lie-e-ie-e-ie-e-ie-e-ie to you?
Would I lie to you? Would I lie to you honey? Now would I say something that wasn't true? I'm asking you sugar Would I lie e ie e ie e ie e ie to you?

When actually, bloodthirsty tyrants appreciate one thing: Other bloodthirsty tyrants. That’s why Hitler knocked off the democracies first before attacking Stalin.

Short of other bloodthirsty tyrants, they appreciate tough, uncompromising democrats. That’s why Hitler knew he’d have war with Britain once Churchill returned to the British Cabinet. By that point, though, he’d dealt with enough Chamberlains to think he could win.

Obama is operating under the principle that if he loosens sanctions, which he already, secretly, has done, the Iranians will a feel warm, tickling sensation under their asses and bargain away their nuclear weapons program. But if sanctions are what concern the Iranians, then only more sanctions are what will make them more concerned, and more likely to deal.

That’s how jackals think. They are primitive, if devious creatures who try to avoid pain, and who will also swallow treats without the least thought that they “owe” anything in return.

Obama is under a classic delusion of American liberals: He thinks the rest of the world is nice, like us. They’re not.

The emerging deal, as far as I can tell, loosens sanctions further while forcing Iran to give up nothing it has built. Critical work can continue on its plutonium plant, its invaluable centrifuges, and even to some degree, its uranium enrichment.

As negotiations slog on, the Persians will do everything they can to get themselves closer to the point they can quickly make a weapon, they’ll continue with whatever secret program we don’t know about, and they’ll horde any cash they can collect now that sanctions are reduced so they’ll have enough money to tide them over once it’s time to give everyone in Geneva the finger.

Prime Minister Netanyahu today sounded almost desperate. I imagine he wishes, as Jeffrey Goldberg writes over at Bloomberg, that he struck Iran a few years ago.

Netanyahu called this “the deal of the century” for Iran.

The White House is making a big deal of the fact that sanctions can be placed back on Iran at any time. Really? Everyone else is going to agree? By that time, will the sanctions be revived TO GET IRAN TO GIVE UP ITS NUCLEAR WEAPON?

Obama won’t revive any sanctions. And it doesn’t seem he’s seriously entertaining “all options on the table” for handling Iran. Barack “keep your insurance” Obama has shown he can’t be trusted. Here, as matter of fact, is White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest today offering up some decidedly deceptive spin, similar to what his boss Jay Carney said Thursday.

Asked about Israel’s objection to the deal, Earnest proclaimed:

It’s also important for observers in this process to not lose sight of the fact that the United States and Israel are in complete agreement about the need to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon . . .

Well, I think a lot of what I said about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments applies to the concerns that have been raised by the Saudis, which is it is in the interest of the United States and our allies all across the world and in the region that Iran not obtain a nuclear weapon.  That is precisely the effort that we are engaged in right now.

But the question wasn’t about the U.S. commitment to Israel or keeping nuclear weapons from Iran. It was about this particular deal. Earnest wants to give the false impression that the United States and Israel are on the same page.

White House Dossier has obtained some video of President Obama comforting Netanyahu. We share this exclusive video with you below.

43 thoughts on “Iran Successfully Plays for Time”

  1. The Iranians come to the table offering nothing of verifiable substance in exchange for any concessions. What did Arafat ever bring to the table? Zip, Squat, Nothing Unfortunately I believe the one way to negotiate in the middle east is from a postion of strength with the threat of real power and aggression as that seems to be the only way to garner someone’s full attention. Obummer has bungled just about every other foreign policy deal so far and this will be no different. I feel worst for the Israeli’s though. Thank you for the insight Keith.

  2. Saw this apropos headline earlier:
    Iran gets Bomb; Americans lose Healthcare

    Allegedly, the regime (Obama’s regime) has been negotiating with Iran since Rohani took over last June. Can’t help but think back to Sept. and the ‘red-line’ crisis Obama got himself into. Is it possible Putin brokered a face-saving deal at that time? I remember he told Obama to soften sanctions against Iran at that time. Obama had no compunctions about throwing the U.S. under the bus; why would our ally, Israel, be treated any differently?

    Also, Iran has sold 35M barrels of oil on the black market since Rohani took charge last June. No opposition from Obama. Sheesh!


  3. Bibi (the real one) looks like he’s lost a bit of weight lately. That’s understandable. I’m beginning to think that Obama, when he said he was going to transform the country, meant that he will be transforming everything just for the sake of transforming whether it needs it or not.

  4. What Obama and Kerry have succeed in doing is not diplomacy, but betrayal.
    And the timing, so close to Hanukkah, makes this slap in the face of Israel sting that much more, IMO.

  5. A liberal friend pointed out the fable of the scorpion and the frog today. Albeit in a different context…is Oboutme the scorpion or the frog? As always, he is everywhere, all the time. He is both frog and scorpion. An oxymoron and an enigma. We are entering the scary stage.

  6. The longer the Israelis wait the harder this will be. The US will not do the job for them as long as Obama is in office.

    My vote for Keith Koffler’s blog as the best out there today.

  7. dam’ right Bibi should have hit Iran a few years ago. I still don’t understand why he didn’t–well no, I take that back. I do understand. he didn’t for the same reason he stopped Cast Lead and Cast Lead Part Deux before Israel actually won–because Obama told him to.

    I understand that Israel needs American support, but I think Bibi should wake up to the fact that Obama isn’t just an incompetent president, he’s actively pro-Arab (and most surely pro-“Palestinian”; oh for that tape the LA Times has locked up!).

    I share the emotions of some of you others on here. it makes me want to scream. this is especially dismaying after reading earlier the account of John Kerry blaming ISRAEL for the lack of a peace agreement with the “Palestinians.”

    my orthodox Jewish brother says “Eh, don’t worry about Israel, G-d will protect it,” but I’m not so sure.

    and when I think of Mitt Romney and the president he would have been…I weep.

    1. Vanessa Kerry Nahed’s husband is a doctor.

      Valerie Jarret’s father was a pathologist who ran a hospital in Iran.

      Degrees of separation?

  8. There are many, many disturbing and frightening aspects to this situation. One is the actions of a President to “loosen sanctions” without Congressional approval. Another is the lackadaisical attitude of Congress towards this President. And yet another is the “amateur hour” at this WH. There better be some people in power who “man up” and do it pretty darn fast. This is an accident waiting to happen…and that is putting it mildly.

    1. Yep, our new National Security Advisor and her team are doing just one heck of a bang up job. Add to it her successor at the UN. Amateur Hour x10

      No Aileen, no hard line or “red line in the sand” for this administration. They act like a fish out of water on the beach, flip flopping all over the place but never getting anything done.

      Our current SOS Kerry has really racked up the frequent flyer miles, ever surpassing BO & MOTUS this year. And, of no surprise, not one successful mission completed. But then Hillary really didn’t have any either. But hey, “what difference does it make now”.

      1. Plenty of normal people, whether presumptively related to Kerry or not, will have their businesses or lives destroyed. When they did try to rise up, we left them hanging. So now–glass them over?

        1. Good of you to ask since the point is worth clarifying. No… I don’t want to glass anyone over. Which is a primary source of my contempt for the current resident of the oval office. Through his incompetence or by plan (hard to tell) he is leading to a choice between two equally bad alternatives: letting Iran develop the ability to turn us or Israel into glass or the reverse. Once Iran has the bomb, it won’t be the cold war all over again. There will be no Détente. If there is one thing we have learned from crazy dictators it’s that they tend to do what they say they will do.
          Which, to your point, makes it all the more despicable that the administration did nothing for the good Persians who were rising up. You simply cannot predict what this man will stand for other than his own self-interest.
          We are a nation of normal people too and he seems to have little interest in saving our businesses with reference to ACA, economic policy, and explosion of regulations. Or our lives with reference to abortion, again the ACA, and abuse of power. So I ask you this: who want’s Iran to have the bomb?

          1. None of this describes a solution or even a less bad approach. There may not be one. Yes, everything Obama did made it worse–everything he always does makes everything worse.

          2. WRT describing a solution, what ever happened to plain declarative language like: I support freedom and all efforts to promote and save freedom not only for today, but for future generations.
            Nod to Cincycinco below, the current leaders of the Democrat Party are not good people. Good people simply do not act this way. No excuses, no moral equivalency, no blaming. Many years ago when contemplating a military career, I thought long and hard about ordering men to their deaths and notion of personally taking a life in war. I came to the question: who am I to be in a situation where my only option remaining to take the life of another? (I did not serve BTW but also apply this to abortion.) Not meaning to digress as my point is this: like an addict, one must recognize and accept the problem before starting to develop a solution. There are not enough of us yet who agree these people are evil by their words and their actions, their failure to protect life and promote freedom. And that exact summary is the problem and why a clear solution will remain elusive.

          3. “Once Iran has the bomb, it won’t be the cold war all over again. There will be no Détente.”

            You’re right. The mad mullahs are not believers in MAD.

  9. “American Jews overwhelmingly voted for President Obama. I hope one of their concerns isn’t Israel.” – Keith Koffler

    Well, they’re not the ONLY faith-based interest group to vote for this Svengali against their own self-interests. American Catholics did so, too (get that Executive Order yet, Bart Stupak?), as did most self-identified “Black” churches regardless of denomination, and, of course, the Ummah came out strong for him as well. Of these groups, only Islamist are coming out ahead on the deal, through the weakening of the United States opening the way for the spread of radical Islam (although Shi’ite Muslims seem rather more subject to illegal drone strikes from Sunni Obama that his Sunni bretheren are not); other than that, well, hope you don’t hold your Bible beliefs too dearly, because Obama’s got legislation that will violate them for ya…

    The primary damage is obvious. Jewish believers get acendant Muslim neighbors to the Promised Land to enjoy, complete with nuclear weapons en suite; Catholics get to pay for birth control; everyone gets to pay for abortions.

    The most troubling is the apparent abandonment of faith in favor of skin color on the part of historically Black churches and ministires. This is particuarly puzzling, considering that the taxpayer-supported abortions will kill far more Black babies than White.
    “Black abortions are now at an epidemic rate and a lot of God’s children are being snuffed out without a chance of life. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that in 2010 Blacks comprised of 12.6 percent of our national population. However, we account for 35.4 percent of all abortions during that year. In sum, since the court decision Black women have removed from their bodies 15 million babies. This year alone they will account for over 400,000 Black abortions. Minorities kill babies at more than three times the rate of White children.”

    Sound like something to support with your coerced giving to your Government? Eh, a conscious is overrated anyway…

    This doesn’t even touch OTHER Bibilcal issues such as Obama forcing churches to support the “gay” agenda, willing or not; his threats to military chaplains over just about anything he disagrees with and denying their congregants Sacrements for political reasons during the shut down; IRS demands to know “the contents of prayers”; and NOT enforcing tax-exempt IRS laws on churches that align with him and promote him from the pulpit…

    This is just the PRIMARY damage. Collateral damage includes division within congregations, further divisions between denominations, and horrid displays from people who should know better, such as the Reverend Lowery of the Southern Baptist Leadership Council – which he co-founded with Reverend Martin Luther King – saying things like ““I don’t know what kind of ni**er wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” and that White people are going to He!!, apparently for the unforgivable sin of being White.
    Odd comments from a man who intimately knew the man who suggested we judge people by the content of their character instead of skin color, nicht wahr?

    The ultimate effect of all this is just what Obama’s ultimate effect ALWAYS is. It weakens and divides peoples who SHOULD be united – NOT against HIM, but against the POLICIES that are destroying – sometimes literally – US ALL.

    Perhaps Tolkien sums it up best.

    “‘Indeed in nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.”

    Yeah, I know, “DARK LORD! RACIST! DOG WHISTLE!” Whatever. the quote fits, whatever Tolkien calls his antagonist; and I’m comparing Obama to Sauron for his evil, NOT his apparent hue. I don’t oppose Obama because he’s Black; I oppose him because of the damage he’s done to my Country, its Constitution, it’s economy, world secuity – and most of all, the division he’s done to us. I suspect he will have to answer for that more than anything else, when he goes to face the judgement none of us are exempt from, and Harry Reid won’t be able to prevent it (Harry may have issues of his OWN to deal with under such circumstances, but that’s between him and G_d…).

    And his attacks on faith will continue. Faith in G_d is antithetical to statism. They can’t co-exist. If anyone doubts that, just look at Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist (or current) China… We can stand together or fall separately. All those folks that voted Obama when it was clear that he was opposed to their Biblical teachings? They will taste bitter herbs with us all.

    G_d is no respecter of persons. Neither is Obama. He will pull YOUR house down, too. Thanks for voting for change, folks. We sure got it…

    1. Oops, didn’t cite the Tolkien reference;

      —Tolkien, J. R. R., The Fellowship of the Ring, 2012 edition, p 339

      it’s a good read, and hauntingly contemporary.

      Come to think of it, doesn’t Obama have a mysterious golden ring with writing on it?

      Just sayin’… Now, WHEN’S his next vacation somewhere near a volcano?…

        1. “Christmas?” – Mandy Manners

          Not “Christmas”, remember this is Obama we’re talking about…Ashura’s comin’ up soon, though, maybe he and “wifey” will stretch THAT into December? Separately, of course…

          Now, who’s going to get his ring and cast it into Mauna Loa? Or maybe Mt. Bromo would be closer to the ancesteral forge of his evil power…

        1. Yes, yes, Tolkien, dark lord, whatever–we have been over and over this–but I always wonder…now what? I guess the ans on this site is violence and untold collateral damage. The sanctions should have been tightened, not loosened!

          1. We don’t disagree.. The sanctions SHOULD be tightened. We should also have credible military power, a President the world believes may acutally use it in the national interests of HIS Country, and – as long as we’re dreaming anyway – a President that spends more time thinking about how to strengthen his country internationally, like the Constitution says he should, rather than one that worries about how to persecute his countrymen while selling worthless insurance.

            Unfortunately, the powers that be don’t listen to little Cincycinco. I have little influnence on how our supine Congress, lickspittle media, and entranced LIVs enable The Arrogant One. We are only powerful in union, and this is the subtext in pretty much everything I say, including the entry above.

            I do like Tolkien, and I like how he can help make my point. It also helps lighten the thing up a little bit. This, like everything else here, is pretty much a matter of taste, which is something we tend to NOT agree on. I’m afraid I can’t please everyone; I’d be President myself and you all would be blogging about ME if I could; all I can do is please myself and hope others get my drift – and get together against the evil of our time.

            You’re right about something else, too; we HAVE been over and over this. Unfortunately, it remains appropriate to the subject at hand, and wishing won’t make it so. Until then, I suspect we will be over it yet again, until such time as it is no longer apt. It is valuable, however, to remember that our efforts and comments SHOULD be directed against the author of our misery, and not each other. This is what I try to do, with a little humor now and again to try to keep it sane. Although that, again, is a matter of taste, and for that I apologize…

            I pray for my Nation, my family, my freinds, my fellow bloggers, and even the President, that he may yet come to a saving grace. For THAT, I do NOT apologize. Whether you like me or not, even if ESPECIALLY not, I would ask you do the same for me. At the end of the blog, what else can we do?

  10. Today’s comments are some of the best I’ve read, no LIV’s here.
    Discovered this site by accident, now my first read of the day.
    Thanks everyone, and you too Mr. Koffler.

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  12. sad the president of the United States is not on the ball .even the casual observer can see what Iran is doing. how many chances do we need to give them to quit there bomb program. the world knows it is a bad deal to let them proceed.

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