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Hiring Pace Appears to Quicken in October

Defying projections that the shutdown would harm hiring, the economy added 204,000 jobs in October, while estimates for previous months were revised upward in a sign that the employment picture is improving, at least for now.

The White House immediately pounced:

“America’s resilient businesses have added jobs for 44 consecutive months, with private sector employment increasing by a total of 7.8 million over that period,” wrote Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Jason Furman.

Resilience they have needed in the Obama economy, yes.

But many workers last month could only obtain part time jobs, and a separate employment measure including discouraged workers and those working part time but hoping for full time jobs increased from 13.6 percent to 13.8 percent.

The unemployment rate rose from 7.2 percent to 7.3 percent, but the number was essentially meaningless because temporarily furloughed government workers were classified as unemployed.

Even the jobs number may be “fluky,” according to the Wall Street Journal, which noted that it may be artificially high because government surveys were kept open longer because of the shutdown.

Still, with September hiring revised upward to 163,000 from an initial estimate of 148,000 and the August number now at 238,000 instead of 193,000, the data suggest positive movement in the employment arena.

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  1. 200,000+ jobs added doesn’t even account for the number of illegal aliens sneaking over our border or the number of children born in that period.
    200K jobs in one state would be a tremendous plus, but when compared to the population of 315million over 50 states that figure is nothing more than a rounding percentage of the unemployed.

    Things apparently look rosy and busy in the DC bubble, but out here in fly-over country, it’s bleak and stagnant.

      • Maybe you are just a realist.
        Maybe it is time we all started speaking “truth to power” as stated by Valerie Jarrett.
        Maybe it is time to realize that “if you don’t take a stand for something you will fall for anything” somebody wlse said that – not me.
        Besides I have never been able to tolerate creative accounting.
        Just call me Debbie 2 today.

        • Some days I feel like such a scold and buzzkill…the profanity stuff, the repetitive comments, and of course, the same laments about this mediocre admin. I welcome an ally. Today I am also duking it out with a guy who does weedeating. Why did I take German!??

          • I felt like duking it out with a woman “over here” today, too…can’t be any more specific than that. And that is when I get Mad at all of us, WE let this happen to our country because WE did not stand for our American traditions and history and morals. Have you ever heard anyone call themselves “African-British?” or “African-Middle East?” Yet we allowed American Citizens to call themselves “African-American” and “Mexican-American.” What do we believe as Americans? We better decide – and we better take a stand for those ideals and principals…whatever our ethnicity.

  2. Doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the economic picture. Many analysts expect numbers to be revised down in November. Leisure and hospitality and retail account for the bulk, and these are temp.

    Unemployment numbers are seriously miscalculated.

    I no longer believe any government numbers. We are so far down the path of crony capitalism and corruption. Pretty much we are living in a bubble — and it is leaking air.

  3. Businesses are hiring part-time employees for the holidays and spreading out shifts to 4 to 6 hours up to 3, or more, days a week.

    Businesses are not assigning any ‘perceived/projected’ additional hours to their already ‘un-salaried’ workers are already working the maximum ‘minimum-wage’ hours.

    Corporate offices of major retailers and specialty stores are projecting over-all lower profit margins with the offering of deep discounts to move and delete inventory between Nov and Jan.

    Some economists believe that many Americans will spend only part of what they believe is their limit of their ‘disposable income’ as consumers become much more aware of the impact 2014 tax laws will have on their employers abilities to sustain jobs and services.

    If ONLY the reverse were true about 2014: ‘Tax cuts across the board will spur job creators to expand, to upgrade equipment (that expands demand for all related industries), to hire/train more employees..on and on to a healthy American economy with unemployment across the spectrum falling to 5% which is consider full employment.’

    I am just an American who is TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY – remember the ‘slogan’? My disposable income is non-existent, because every penny is spent on the basic necessities, just like every other young, middle-age, older ‘struggling’ American. Any ‘good news’ anywhere?? jb

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