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Uh Oh. Obamacare Website Keeps Looking Sicker

Looks like the geeks operating on keep finding more tumors as surgery progresses.

From The Hill:

The agency tasked with implementing the president’s healthcare law said Thursday it had uncovered “new stresses further downstream in the system” that revealed the need for a fresh look at the back-end capacity needs of the online healthcare portal.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spokeswoman Julie Bataille  . . .  said that as additional “volume is exposed to the system, we are identifying new issues and adding them to the punch list.”

The slow response times are an improvement after weeks of the website crashing or producing error messages for potential consumers. But the barrage of new items added to the CMS “punch list” remains a concern.

“This is something that’s a continuous process and we are constantly identifying new issues … putting them on the punch list, and working through them one by one,” Bataille said.

Bataille still claims the website will “work for the bast majority of users” by the end of November.

But my question is, since they don’t know the extent of the illness is, how are they able to offer a prognosis?

25 thoughts on “Uh Oh. Obamacare Website Keeps Looking Sicker”

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  1. How do they know if it’ll work or not? They don’t but if they’e wrong there’s no consequences, so at this point, What difference does it make if it works or not?

  2. I wonder if Democrats facing re-election next year will pressure Obama to delay the personal mandate for a year. The Republicans then would be pressured into going along and made out to be the meanies as they were in the government shutdown if they didn’t. No matter that brave conservative souls in the House and Senate proposed this weeks ago. They were painted as villains.

    I am of two minds because I am sure many people who have lost their insurance or who are going to did not vote for Obama, and I don’t want them to suffer more, but I sure would love to see the Democrats reap what they have sowed.

    1. I’ve pondered the very same dilemma but. Elections have consequences. They broke it, now make them buy it. It serves no purpose for the R’s to help the Dems with Humpty Dumpty and future failures and fallouts will be blamed on both parties.

      1. How about the insurers who have decided to pull out of the individual market? They make those plans months ahead; can they turn on a dime and say, looks like we’re staying after all?

    2. It’s too late for remedial legislative action to save dropped policies. Insurers are required by law to file plans for sale well in advance with the Government, have already reconfigured their OWN computer systems to the new reality, and have exited some markets altogether. This isn’t something with a switch that can just be turned back OFF, it would take a year or more to reverse – if the insurance companies WANTED to reverse, that is…

  3. All of this raises the question again; what the heck did we get for $350million dollars? We should get our money back.
    IT specialists have predicted that it would take months, maybe a year to make this website do what the government wants done. Most of them say it’s easier and more efficient to scrap the existing website and start over.

    MrObama, on NBC tonight, apologizes for not being “clear” about the way Obamacare was going to affect individuals. CLEAR? he couldn’t have been more clear, over and over saying the same thing, the same way.

    1. He did a great job stammering through the so called apology. He did a great job looking away from the camera as well. I guess sincerity and honesty was not taught in his Muslim grade school in Indonesia.

      1. He’s the 2 year old who crapped in his pants and got caught because it stunk. So he tells Mom how sorry he is, and he won’t do it again…but he knows that he will.

        Only this is no 2 year old. Its’s the president of the US.

        1. Yup. He is only sorry he got caught in the lies, and the layering of the lies. He is not contrite he is only impatient that he has to go on television and appear as though he is sorry.

    2. Unfortunately, just like all the “green” initiative money he jumped feet first into, passing it out to start-ups who never should have gotten a dime from the Fed Govt, we will not see any of it being turned back to the Treasury. Although according to Ms HHS they have not closed out payments to CGI for final delivery, I am sure they did pay out a big % of the funding. It’s long gone and I am willing to bet the contract does not have a penalty clause in it.

      And now we rehire them to fix what they messed up in the first place??

  4. Congress has ceded and lost their duty to make law. The Executive now amends as it sees fit. Unless this changes, nothing can be done. On deck now is to amend or exempt self insured plans like those of many of the unions. The Employer Mandate is delayed for a year. The Individual Mandate is not. 1000s of exemptions have been made by fiat. Common ordinary citizens have no power because their representatives have given up their proper role in the the order of checks and balances. So now you have Obama and Holder and oh yeah, John Roberts.

    For my money, Congress neutered itself.

    1. This is where I get lost………..I don’t understand why this not being challenged in the courts. The law is the law. The Executive Branch can’t pick and choose which laws or portions thereof they will enforce. Yet, it is happening. If the Executive is not being challenged by the Congress or Citizens it will only get worse with this President and his predecessors.

      1. Hear, hear. I’ve thought about that much myself. Why isn’t anyone challenging Obama in the courts on his arbitrary changes to the law without approval from Congress?

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