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Obama a Veteran at Causing Listeners to Pass Out

Apparently, the woman who recently fainted in the Rose Garden while Obama was discussing Obamacare is in good and prolific company.

Obama, known at times for his Vulcan-like delivery, has in fact been causing people to pass out for years!

Here’s a video that takes us through some of the history of fainting spells at Obama events.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe for a second that any of this is staged to make Obama look like a hero. I’m not even sure the narrator, who makes this claim, believes it either. I just thought the video was amusing and that it was remarkable how often Obama has caused people to tip over.

30 thoughts on “Obama a Veteran at Causing Listeners to Pass Out”

  1. Maybe fewer scorching summer speeches outside and long waits when he is not on time? This could cut the theatrics. I dunno–if people flock over to see him, it’s on them.

  2. The two do tend to go hand in hand: Barack “Not on my watch” Obama showing up late — and people passing out from exhaustion.

    Maybe there’s a subliminal message here beyond the “I feel your pain” image: “I’ll carry your water if you’ll carry mine.”

    Can we get a CBO study on how many of these fainters would have remained upright if POTUS hadn’t kept them standing around for so long waiting for our late president to get his “buenos tardies” on stage?

    Once again, Obama gets to cause a problem, distance himself from any responsibility for said problem, but swoop in heroically to save the day. Oh the humanity….

  3. There aren’t any reports of people fainting in their homes as their TV’s shows MrO approaching his podium, but there are plenty of anecdotes of people suffering finger sprains as they desperately pound their TV remotes to change the channel.
    Does that count?

    1. Great catch, Owen! The friend on the pregnant woman’s right was definitely taking cues from someone in the audience. Wonder if it was the husband – the computer guy.

      1. Notice that the woman on the right (holding the pregnant woman’s hand, with an arm around her back) never looks over at her, never registers any concern at all. Instead, she’s got a sly grin, which she seems to be trying to bite down. Afterward, she smiles and laughs. Zero concern about the “fainting” woman whose hand she was holding.

        In addition, how did Obama know that someone standing directly behind him was starting to sway? Because it was in the script, of course.

        You’d think the geniuses at the White House could stage a more convincing fainting spell

  4. I never really thought about the fainting spells that seem to occur when Mr. O speakers. I will add one:

    I saw Mr. Obama early in 2008 in Greenville, NC, during a campaign stop at East Carolina University. Someone fainted when he first came out and, of course, he had to come to the rescue.

  5. Women have been overcome for years, starting with Frank Sinatra,… Elvis,….. to the Beatles.
    The difference was that they were not standing behind ‘the performer’.

      1. Ssssshhhh . . . Only talk in code!

        Here’s a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: “the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall”, “john has a long mustache, john has a long mustache”.

  6. That was a great video. In my opinion, those fainting events were most assuredly staged. Not surprised the astute creator of this video noticed the similar tactics used by America’s two most famous Alinskyites. Hillary’s was downright laughable. Any questions about social security benefits, queue the fainters fast!

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