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Obama Schedule || Friday, November 8, 2013

9:05 am || Departs White House
10:45 am CT || Arrives New Orleans
11:15 am CT || Tours Port of New Orleans
12:10 pm CT || Makes remarks; Port of New Orleans
1:10 pm CT || Departs New Orleans
3:45 pm || Arrives Miami
4:25 pm || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Coral Gables, Florida
6:20 pm || Delivers remarks at an event for Congressional Democrats; private residence, Miami
7:45 pm || Delivers remarks at an event for Congressional Democrats; private residence, Miami

All times Eastern except as noted

34 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, November 8, 2013”

      1. Maybe he’s trying to make her feel better because she likely is embarassed over the abomination.

        Sen. Mary Landrieu (D., La.) took to the Senate floor Monday night to introduce her “Keeping the Promise Act”, a measure that seeks to redefine the “grandfather clause” found in Obamacare to prevent American citizens from receiving cancellation notices of their health insurance policies.

        Landrieu read a letter addressed to one of her constituents that stated her policy had been canceled due to the new restrictions included in Obama’s health law, saying that such letters “never should have gone out” because of the promise that the President and Democratic lawmakers repeatedly made in trying to pass the bill:

        MARY LANDRIEU: So this is a letter that thousands of people are getting and this letter never should have gone out because we said to people if you had insurance that you like, you could keep it. We didn’t say if you had insurance that you like that didn’t meet the minimum standards or met the minimum standards, you could keep it. We just said and the president said over and over if you have insurance and you like the insurance you have, you can keep it. That is what my bill — that’s the single focus of my bill.


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  1. No schedule for a flight home?
    Hmm is he staying down south in order to get a warm game of golf going on Saturday. Is Tiger woods mentoring again?

  2. Hard at work to return American citizens back to work and to ensure that the website is on track to be fixed before the end of this month!

  3. Nice to know his back-breaking day is being paid for by me!! Enjoy the caviar and Beignets at Naw-lins you bum!!! Don’t worry! Only 3 short years and you can retire and FINALLY relax and do whatever you want! Enjoy the cabbage sloppy joe’s! I know Reggie won’t appreciate them!! ;-)

  4. My darling daughter was in New Orleans last week, enjoying the city’s Hallowe’en events. So glad she left before Barry contaminates the area with his presence.

  5. He’s just going to New Orleans for the same reason he goes anywhere else; divisiveness. It’s a not-so-subtle opportunity to say “see, I go to the city that racist hater George Bush abandoned because it was “chocolate” and he only likes vanilla”. He can go here and there, probably say some stuff about Katrina and tell some lies about how much better things are since HE became Prezzy, then jet out again, leaving his base so re-energized with their love of his “Blackness” that they’ll AGAIN forget little things like the fact that no one wants their health insurance even if they CAN get it from the Gummit (which no one, seemingly, can).

    Obama is a divider. Period. It’s how he got every “job” he ever had, how he maintains his power, and what he wants to do to this Country anyway. Everthing he does makes sense, when viewed through that lens…

    1. Do you really think he wants to spend time with Mooch. Remember when he was in the Senate and lived in D.C. while she lived far away in Chicago.

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