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Video || Obama Tries to Comfort Americans Who Believed Him

President Obama Thursday sought to comfort Americans who bought his claim that they could keep their health insurance under Obamacare if they wanted. White House Dossier has obtained exclusive footage.

H/T to Mike Lester.

11 Responses to Video || Obama Tries to Comfort Americans Who Believed Him

  1. Your humor is duly noted. Now might be a good time to revisit

    The “five rules of survival in Socialism” are instructional. “1. Do not think. 2. If you must think, do not speak. 3. If you think and speak, refrain from writing. 4. If you must think, speak and write, then do not sign charters. 5. In case you think, speak up, write and sign, then do not be surprised by what happens to you.

    And perhaps this — on humor during “our times”.

    • A few years ago I’d just left a Mets game, it was raining, ducked into a neighborhood NYC bar and sat down next to a guy I recognized as “D-Day” -Bruce McGill. Helluva nice nice guy.

  2. I see, so your sorry. And now that he’s said he’s sorry, all will be forgiven, the sun will shine again, and he will give the Union’s everything they asked for concerning DontBlameMeCare tax breaks & exemptions just to show what a warm hearted kinda guy he is.


    I see the Traveler in Chief is gearing up for another trip. Must be boring in DC.