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Video || White House Tours Resume; Obamas on Exhibit

Well, the friendly Obamas greeted visitors as the White House tours resumed Tuesday. Apparently they found some money somewhere to stop the White House from continuing to get beaten over the head for closing the gates to the public.

Now that it’s become clear that closing up the White House failed as a measure to help prompt a mass uprising against the GOP and the sequester, the People’s House is open again.

27 thoughts on “Video || White House Tours Resume; Obamas on Exhibit”

  1. Who are they kidding? Those aren’t typical tourists walking through those doors. It’s a crummy, faux, photo op. Again.
    Is there no end to their mendacity, have they no shame whatsoever?

    1. “White House tours” = Obama photo-op/propaganda.

      Want to bet the “citizens” on these tours are carefully pre-screened Obama sycophants…?

    1. I had the word sarcasm in brackets, but it didn’t show up…
      I try really, really hard not to be a conspiratorist, but when all those people were passing out during his campaign days, I was sure they were spraying some kind of make-me-happy, Jim Jones Kool-Aid mist somewhere.

      1. We know you aren’t an Obot, Artcat. In my opinion, it’s a cult, and he’s the “Cult of Personality” for the true believers. Hard to believe Living Colour didn’t write their song about Preezy Revenge. They’ve got him pegged – from the Nobel Prize reference to the phrase “when a mirror speaks [aka TOTUS] the reflection lies”.

  2. I find it humerus as to how they continually try to divert our attention from the debacle that is underway to destroy this Country.
    The stupidity of whatever base they have left are paying rapt attention.
    All the while, Obama is destroying our military.
    Remember, Carter gave us Reagan but Carter only served one term.
    The damage that he caused to the Country was never near the damage that this president has accomplished to date.
    3 more years is a long time to endure the present administration.

    1. We’re facing the lying press too. CNN is claiming that the GOP lost Virginia because independents don’t want to vote for ‘right wing idealogues’. Cuccinelli crushed McAuliffe among independents.

  3. He has effectively eliminated Congress. He is exempting, delaying, and waiving at whim all the elements of the ACA and not being challenged. Now they are getting ready to waive the $63 Health Insurance Fee for some plans.

    Hello? Congress? Are you there?

    Why doesn’t the House just take the waivers away, or provide their own waivers where they see fit. It laws don’t matter, then they shouldn’t matter for anyone.

    1. LOL!!!!!! My screen is not currently showing the toe fungus. It is showing ads for furniture. Maybe they are refurnishing the White House. Didn’t the Clintons steal some stuff when they left. The great O’s are already making their plans I’m sure!

  4. Well, the Obamas have nothing on the De Blasios. I just saw the NYC Sandinista Socialist Mayor and his family do a ridiculous “smack down” thing at the victory acceptance. Libs, Lefties and Leninists everywhere are going to love this guy.

    Good luck NYC. Unfortunately this will affect America as well.

    1. You’re darn tootin’! NYC will become thoroughly radicalized, but they will be receiving money from the feds for their programs, money from you and me, taxpayers.

    2. Michelle Lavaughn and Blasio’s wife should hit it off quite well. Their Marxist husbands both hate to get out of bed in the AM. Condolences to NYC!

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