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Nine Reasons Virginia DOESN’T Mean the Tea Party is Dead

Yes, the establishment Democrats and Republicans are tut tutting the Tea Party, knowingly proclaiming that the defeat of conservative Ken Cuccinelli means Republicans have to start nominating Rockefeller Republican RINOs or face Death at the Polls.

Virginia is going from purple to blue, and nothing can help unless the Republicans come to their senses.

This is exactly false. The establishment predicted a big victory for McAuliffe that would prove its theory that conservatism is a loser. But that’s not what happened. Now, they want to use the cover of McAuliffe’s squeaker victory to try to prove they knew what they were talking about.

Cuccinelli ALMOST WON. And that points to Tea Party strength, because he should have lost by a lot. He came within two and a half points of McAulliffe, even though . . .

1. McAuliffe raised $15 million more than Cuccinelli, using the money to destroy him via the airwaves.

2. An independent Libertarian, funded in part by one of President Obama’s rainmakers, grabbed 6.5 percent of the vote, much of it presumably from Cuccinelli.

3. Cuccinelli could never match the firepower of the Democratic VIPs that campaigned for McAuliffe, including President Obama, Vice President Biden, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. Republicans simply don’t have such rock stars to offer up.

4. The RNC spent $6 million less on this year’s Virginia governors race than it did during the last in 2009.

5. Liberal interest groups poured extra money into the race promoting issues favorable to McAuliffe.

6. Cuccinelli is about a charismatic as a salt shaker.

7. Cuccinelli made some dumb remark that seemed to compare families of rats to families of Hispanics, bringing the Latino vote out to sink him.

8. The government shutdown was particularly antagonizing to Northern Virginia voters, since plenty of them work for the federal government. Republicans were blamed more than Obama for the shutdown.

9. Cuccinelli was hampered using his ace in the hole – the sleaze issue – against McAulliffe, since the sitting Republican governor has his own ethics problems, creating a glass houses effect.

The Virginia election actually proved that a conservative can win in Virginia, not the reverse. It’s a big victory for the Tea Party.

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  1. It’s interesting — opposition to Obamacare brought in the conservatives for the win in the R party in 2010 and opposition to Obamacare (Ted Cruz — most loudly and most criticized) aided by the President’s lie closed the gap in VA . And still, the TP gets bashed over and over again — .

  2. Someone need to kick the GOP in its collective ass. That is closest to what passes for brains, if the GOP hasn’t already passed what passes for brains. TEA Party will survive and play abbreviated Taps at the hole in the dirt in which the GOP is digging itself. TEA Party will even have the decency to fill the hole to prevent democrat ghouls from desecrating a grave when they pour parts of late term abortion infants into adjacent, unmarked graves.

  3. Tea Party is a marginalizing moniker. We, who share the philosophy, were the majority of all Americans from the Greatest Generation until Clinton. The deconstructionists of knowledge, linguistics, history began way before Clinton. We are now seeing the rest of the iceberg that began to service at least 50 years ago, but in reality much before that in academia. It is time to reconstruct the principles and the way of life to which we were committed. The Tea Party was a good start and thank God for its supporters and creators. They gave us a sense of sanity and a recollection of historical information we knew to be true and foundational to our republic.. It is time to reorganize with a new designation and name. They have made Tea Party into a cartoon.

  4. How about reporting on George Soros’ funding ofg the libertarian in Va. to beat the “Tea Party ” candidate? How about Soros funding companies, foundations CMS for Common Core dumbed down academic standards and CGS for its role in nObamacare?

  5. Cuccinelli lost because of one reason – the GOP establishment abandoned him. They wouldn’t lift a finger to help Ken Cuccinelli because they hate conservatives as much as the Democrat Socialists do. Shame on those cowardly backstabbing frauds who scheme and plot against conservatives. Now they’re anointing Crispy Creme Christie as the Republican party’s next “most electable” 2016 presidential candidate?

    Mark Levin’s opening monologue tonight pretty much speaks for me…

  6. The tea party is just a movement endorsed by millions of Americans who think the Federal government is too big, too unwieldy, and intrusive into their lives.
    There’s no one in charge of our government, no one is responsible for anything that happens or is caused to happen by one of the hundred different bureaucracies that issue thousands of regulations every year

    If the President gives millions to a private company for the purpose of developing an alternate energy and that company is mismanaged to the end that results in bankrupty, no one is held responsible. Our money is gone, and no one is held accountable. Money flows in a million directions, and no one knows where it all went.
    That kind of irresponsible spending has to stop, and those who seem to think they are doing the right thing or feeling like JD Rockerfeller with our money have to be eliminated.

    Of course the federal employees hate the tea party; it’s their jobs that are on the line.
    The establishment politicians like things the way they are and don’t want to make any changes to how things are done..
    The mere thought of a smaller government, and less money to play with, sends them shuddering to the nearest TV camera where they proclaim that the tea-party mentality is racist, anti-government, and a form of domestic terrorism.

    We might be paddling upstream, or shouting into the wind, but we won’t go away. The future of our country depends on sensible governing.

      1. But I still see the TP as part of the Republican Party–a part. Others who oppose dictatorial, centralized “rule” may not wrap everyting in the Red White and Blue every day of the week. But that does not make them wrong or deserving of being disdained by others opposing such rule. As I have said many times, we better come up with someone who can win, red/white/and blue, purple, lavender, or red-blooded. Someone!

    1. The left keeps winning because:
      1. The are masters of the sound bite and staying on message
      2. With nothing but “the end justifies the means” guiding the moral compass there is no limit to what lie or obfuscation can be said
      3. 40 years of educational, societal and cultural submersion in 1 and 2 has created a base of millions that is so devoid of truth and so apathetic regarding the search for it there is no longer a need for Obama, Reid, Pelosi or any other hard core “progressive” to compromise on anything.

      1. Very interesting letter. Thanks for sharing, Grace.

        As a Certified Project manager I could see this was a cluster a mile away. A bunch of incompetent individuals running the show as a result of rewarding loyalty. However, as evidenced in this letter they have no experience or expertise in the huge task that lie before them.

  7. Fairfax County alone gave McAulife over a 66k margin of victory. Cuccinelli lost the entire state by less.

    According to the 2012 Census survey of the 20 counties in the nation with the highest median incomes, 10 are in Virginia and Maryland and 3 of the top 5 are………drum roll please………..wait for it………..yep, you guessed it, right across the Potomac in Northern Virginia. Fairfax, Arlington and Loudan counties alone gave McAuliffe a margin of over 103,000 votes.

    How low we have come. The Commonwealth of Virginia, the home of Jefferson, Washington and Madison reduced today to being controlled by an enclave of rich political elite who just want their parasitical gravy train to keep on rolling.

    And one last little tidbit for any libs ready to pounce with the “Cuccinelli was against women” meme: He WON married women. It was the single, younger, easily manipulated with the 30 second soundbyte woman that overwhelmingly went for McAuliffe.

    “Where apathy reigns, tyranny rules” rings throughout the Commonwealth today.

    1. As I said yesterday or the day before (prob both), the hate women theme is getting lodged in there…I see it among women I know. We need to tag the other side with shorthand memes–liars may catch on.

      1. Is: “what good is free contraception coverage if you don’t have a job and are too broke to go to the bar to get picked up to get laid in the first place”
        A. Too long
        B. Too politically incorrect
        C. Both A & B
        D. Completely politically incorrect but just about right

        (A message from my lawyer, my publicist, my editor, my wife, my sister, my mother and every woman I’ve ever known, now know or will ever know and any transgender or questioning souls that just aren’t quite sure yet: the above was meant as a J.O.K.E.)

  8. The RINO’s who control the Republican Party will make certain the party dies. I don’t think they really believe in any of the principles and values of conservatism, free markets, capitalism, or in particular, limited government.

    1. I guess I think if we right-thinkers let the Dems slide in again, it is not the fault of establishment Republicans, if that is the label du jour. We need ALL Republicans to fight these people.

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