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The Obama Morning News || November 6, 2013

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  1. I superstitiously kept quite yesterday with my fingers crossed that Cuccinelli would pull it off. Certainly the libertarian could have drawn votes away from him, but I wonder how many establishment Republicans stayed at home in this opening salvo against the conservatives. I’ll be watching, and if I see the RINOs consistenly out to destroy the conservatives, I’ll tell them right now I will not vote for them even if they threaten me with Hillary Clinton. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils because it’s only a small degree of difference between the two parties. Period, as President Obama so inconveniently said.

    BTW, I noticed an exit poll from New Jersey which pitted their now two time governor Christie against Madame Secretary, and Hillary won by six points.

    1. We can thank the GOP RINOs, their business cronies, and Karl Rove for the Democrats winning Virginia. Cuccinelli wouldn’t play their corporatist payola game, so they gave him zip, zero, nada support. The “libertarian” candidate was anything but. He was bankrolled by one of Preezy’s billionaire Texas bundlers.

      I’m very disappointed in the people of Virginia for not paying attention to who and what they are voting for. Hope they enjoy the boot of authoritarianism on their neck, because that is what they just voted for.

      1. I also read this morning, Susan, on Breitbart I think, that a former chief of staff for Eric Cantor worked for the McAuliffe campaign.

        If you gave Cuccinelli the points the libertarian took from him, his victory over McAuliffe would have been 53 to 47. I can’t believe how misled they allowed themselves to be to fall for that.

      2. Finally, you’ve probably already seen the story how Bobby Jindal who is in charge of electing GOP governors gave money to Christie but not to Cuccinelli.

        1. Saw that too, Julie. Hard to believe the establishment GOP cares more about defeating their own base of voters than they do about winning elections.

          1. If the keep it up they won’t have a base of any kind. Then
            there won’t be anything for them especially votes when they run. Shame the continue to think we don’t pay attention but
            we do and we remember.

          2. Two thumbs up! I plan to donate to a couple of good guys next year who will be challenged by the establishment: Mike Lee in Utah and Steve King in Iowa. And I will contribute to Mitch McConnell’s and Miss Lindsey’s primary opponents.

          3. I already donated to Matt Bevin, McConnell’s primary opponent, through the Senate Conservatives Fund. I’ll give directly to conservative candidates and the SCF, but the NRSC and the GOP will not see one red cent from our family.

        2. I have always considered McAuliffe a beltway hack. But I bet even some educated women in Virginia voted against Cuccinelli bec of abortion issues–these seem to resonate these days. Republicans, beware.

          1. The abortion issue is a wedge issue…If I were a Republican I would not push it as an issue–I have several very hip women friends who still buy the Republican war on women–and this meme has even cost me other friends. The single women went 60% for McAuliffe based on abortion–and he had no business getting them because he is like everyone’s first husband or dumped boyfriend–a glib blabbermouth with no core.

        3. I called the RGA and told them that I would be looking at them differently now in light of their lack of support for Cuccinelli. For what it’s worth. They are just like any other Rep. org. — could care less.

    2. Christie got rid of Booker and he cleared the field for this run by lots of accommodation. Christie works for NJ. In a run against Clinton, Christie will lose. All his democrat and independent fan boys and the Republican conservatives will leave him eating donuts with McCain and recalling the glory days.

      1. An exit poll in NJ showed the now twice elected governor of the state losing to Hillary Clinton by 6 points. I also read on Breitbart that Christie refused to campaign for Cuccinelli.

  2. So not only will the IRS be enforcing ObamaCare, we now have the FBI involved. Just wonderful. So we can expect SWAT teams to swarm our homes whether we buy it or not.

    1. This totally new to me. How about you? I guess it’s just another of all those gazillion things in Obamacare we wouldn’t have learned about until after it was passed. Sca-ree.

      1. This was the first time I heard about this. Maybe it’s one of the “The HHS Secretary Shall…” things. There’s so much more garbage that we are going to find out about this bill, I’m hoping the stink can’t be contained.

    2. If the FBI wants to search out and hunt down frauds cheating the government, they only need to turn around and look at other Federal agencies where fraud is rampant.
      They don’t have to go after Joe or Susie Nobody in fly-over country, just hop over to the IRS or the DOD, for instance.
      Lots of fraud right there under their noses.
      Check out the WhiteHouse, too.

    3. Fine by me. If someone commits fraud against the federal government, they should be investigated by the FBI, and face the appropriate consequences.

      What grinds my gear is how open the system is, how there is NO verification of the need for that tax credit.

      1. There is a fair amount of “swatting” going on in America. SWAT teams arrive on false information and innuendo. And I for one trust the FBI about as much as I trust the IRS and NSA right about now when it comes to following the law.

        1. I didn’t see anything in the article about the proposed use of SWAT teams. The article is about the insanity of letting people claim the tax credit with no proof.

          1. My overall sentiment is that law enforcement should not be used in healthcare. And moreover, our police and law enforcement have become “over militarized”. I see nothing good coming out of that.

            And, of course, people should not be able to claim a tax credit or get a subsidy with no proof. But it is the Obama
            way. I also suspect there is no way to verify legal status either — there are a lot of people out there living off the government and receiving all kinds of rights with a social security card and other documents that can be had more easily than a joint in a schoolyard.

  3. Christie is just another RINO. Remember how he sucked up to Nobama after the hurricane had passed through? It makes my rear end want to take a dip of snuff.

    Semper Fi

  4. I find the NYT headline, Christie Vaults to the Republican Front for 2016, mildly amusing. Vaults? Vaults? Can’t you just picture that?

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