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Quote of the Day || November 6, 2013

“I’m not a RINO! Please!

“I’m a Hippo.”

– New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

41 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || November 6, 2013”

  1. A fat joke.
    Why is it when every group or subset of a group is protected by the over-reaching PC police, those who weigh more than the “should” are considered fair game to be ridiculed?

    1. I don’t think you are going to find any PC police here. But one thing that sets overweight people apart is that its possible for them to do something behaviorally that will change their condition.

      Just saying . . .

      1. He did that–with the surgery. Those operations only make people lose about 70% of the amt they were overweight–they don’t whittle to skinny as a rule. And there is excess skin. The man scarmbled his innards with heaven knows how may adhesions and “side effects”–and you write it off as someone who just refuses to do some easy thing to become acceptable to you?

        1. –and you write it off as someone who just refuses to do some easy thing to become acceptable to you?

          Uh, no. I was simply pointing out why some people treat behavioral problems (obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, etc.) separately from unchangeable conditions (i.e. height, skin color, deformities, paralysis, missing limbs, etc.)

          At this point, I wish I had never commented on how skinny Ann Coulter is.

    2. Oh I so agree with you. Just look at Owens automatic remark. It’s always their own fault, so it’s okay to bully them. And it comes from the top, Mrs. O is the bullier-in-chief.

      As an addiction, eating disorders (and overeating can be a true addiction just like bulimia) are the hardest to control. If you are an alcoholic you can live your life without drinking. Try giving up food.

        1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. It was the comment that “it’s possible to do something behaviorally” that I was referring to. I’m a bit sensitive to this issue, I have a sister who has overeating issues and it’s not something she can just change easily. She’s 55 and she’s finally getting a handle on it. And yes, as a last resort she had stomach surgery. There are a lot of complications to it, it’s not pleasant.

          1. Sorry to hear that. You have my apologies. Earlier in life, I had my own struggle with a particular OCD that affects 1 in 10. I basically had to surrender and let G-d do for me what I could not do for myself. I pray your sister is able to allow G-d to mold and shape her into the creation He destined her to be from the beginning.

    3. I confess that when someone I like writes a piece, especially a good one, I gloss over any spelling or grammar mistakes I spot. In the opposite situation, I can be ruthless. Same with fat people. Christie I don’t happen to like so I have no problem picturing him in the chorus line of hippos from Walt Disney’s Fantasia. (BTW, I’m a little chunky myself.)

      1. This thread does point up one thing–if Christie were the nominee, this fat prejudice will be a constant theme. Just check out the NYT health cols some day–it’s OK to say the most heinous mean things imaginable about people of size. Sure, have at it! They are fat pigs eating doughnuts all day. The lardos. They are stupid. They eat all their meals at McDonald’s. Even the most refined college profs get into the act. Schools send home notes–your kid is a fat loser. It’s such fun!

        1. The Republican establishment didn’t help either. You’d better face that. Bobby Jindal who was in charge of the money for the governors races gave money to Christie but not to Cuccinelli. Former Eric Cantor chief of staff worked for McAuliffe, and ‘consultants’ like Rove when asked about the race, ho-hummed that they expected McAuliffe to win. I’m a non-affiliated conservative, but I hope the Tea Party doesn’t forget this.

      1. Virginia is now dead to me. The Commonwealth that gave us George Washington, James Madison, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson has now elected a corrupt scumbag like Terry “Global Crossing” McAuliffe as its governor. The place where I grew up has betrayed the ideals of liberty and opportunity. And the man who launched the very first attack against ObamaCare has been sent packing.

  2. I lost all respect for Christie when he slobbered all over Obama after Sandy and just before the election. Nauseating emotionally driven minor intellect.

        1. I refuse to believe that all hippos are fat.


          For the record, I happen to be a bit on the heavy side myself. But I refuse to allow emotion to override reason, especially on this fine Koffler forum. So flame away. I’m a big boy. I can take it. Just don’t bring up anything about my skin color because there’s not a damn thing I can do about that.

          1. Are ‘Big’ jokes OK? I want to make sure I follow all the new PC rules around here. Would it be OK to say something like . . .

            Owen . . . Owen . . . your mama is so big that when she falls out of the bed, she falls out on BOTH sides!

          2. No problem, Owen–it reflects on you not the person. Your call. By the way, does anyone play the dozens anymore? I think it’s just straight-up demeaning now.

          3. Someone who never heard of the dozens. Hmmm. Smack-talk back and forth usually involving a relative? Here is one I laughed at in spite of myself:

            Your mama’s so FAT she’s not on a diet she’s on a triet. What y’all eating? I’ll try it.
            Rebuttal: Your mama’s so skinny, I gave her a piece of popcorn and she went into a coma.

          4. I know of the “Yo Mama” jokes, but I never heard them referred to as ‘the dozens’. Oh, the things you learn on White House Dossier.

            I admit I got a bit care-free yesterday. In the future, I will make an effort to keep my rambunctious lack of maturity in check. My apologies to hippos, giraffes, sloths, ferrets, dolphins, and ravens of every two-legged sort everywhere. Thanks for putting up with me.

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