As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || November 5, 2013

Obama: My last campaign is Obamacare . . . Examiner
Website to keep crashing for now . . . Examiner
Holder: Trayvon charges still possible . . . The Hill
Obama may push for $9 minimum wage . . . The Hill
Priebus: Obama created “culture of hatred” . . . Politico
Rand Paul facing more plagirism charges . . . Politico
How Bush learned to quit Cheney . . . Washington Post
Sequester or no, Biden collects rent . . . Washington Times
Michelle nixed McConnell Camp David visit . . . The Hill
Sebelius given “Websites for Dummies” . . . National Journal

15 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 5, 2013

  1. “Holder: Trayvon charges still possible . . . The Hill”

    “Priebus: Obama created “culture of hatred” . . . Politico”

    The first kinda demonstrates the last. There’s no reason to have the criminal Eric Holder (found in contempt of Congress, in case no one remembers) bring that divisive local issue up again unless he wants to change the subject, split Americans against each other (again), and deflect from his boss’ crashing failures and illegal activites.

    And Obama does enjoy keeping the hate going for its OWN sake anyway. He got every “job” he ever had, including the current one, by being a divisive A-hole. His wife made a very comfy living by keeping the hate alive. he learned all about keeping the hate alive in “Reverend” Wright’s “church”. Why NOT do something that re-energizes his base and further damages the country he hates, even though it has NOTHING to do with the current issue? It’s a win/win for him, Go, Eric, GO!

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  2. “Sebelius given “Websites for Dummies” . . . National Journal”

    She won’t read it. She’s not a “dummy”, she’s an arrogant martinet. They don’t make “Websites for…” books for THAT group, seeing as how someone has to ADMIT they made a mistake before they will seek help for it, even in book form…

    I was a subject of her dad once, the late, unlameneted John J. Gilligan, when he was Governor of Ohio (the previous Governor, a Republican, had been term-limited out, or this guy wouldn’t have got in…). He has no interest in “Governing” and no aptitude for it, either. He did give us our State income tax (didn’t have one to that point), inflicted us with the Ohio EPA, closed the State Parks to force the legislature to his side (maybe giving Kathy the idea to recommend to Obama later?), and at the Ohio State Fair, told a reporter in a rare monemt of candor; ” I shear taxpayers, not sheep.”.

    This is the knee where our dear Katy learned her love ot taxpayers, many of whom she said HERSELF she doesn’t work for.

    Maybe, though, there IS a way to get her to open it, at least. Put it in a “Das Kapital” cover, perhaps? Worth a shot…

    Here’s a short video explaining the mentality of our erstwhile HHS secretary. This may go a LONG way to helping you understand why she is how she is…

  3. In “Double Down”, the Mr Halperin and Heilemann relate MrsObama’s veto of a CampDavid summit because she didn’t want to spend a weekend with the Repubs.
    Without printing it out, the authors have revealed that MrsO has a greater input in the operations and decisions made in the WhiteHouse. They also infer that no one was able to override her decision, so no summit on the mountain.

    IMO, it wasn’t the Repub leadership she wanted to avoid, it was the thought of having to hostess their wives for a weekend.
    She would have been forced to sit and chat with middle-aged White women who were most likely better educated and more wealthy than she ever dreamed to be. MrObama seems to be friendly with and associate with White men of all stripes, but MrsO has no White friends, nor does she ever appear willingly with them.
    IMO. of course.

    • A few weeks ago Obama was caught on an open mic at the UN discussing smoking with the head of one of the African countries. “Are you still smoking”? His reply – ‘No, I’m afraid of my wife’. I think that was the first time he ever told the truth, lol.
      Michelle Lauvaughn rules the roost! No whites allowed!

  4. Ugh. the minimum wage battle again. We’re voting here in NJ today on whether to include an automatic minimum wage increase in our state constitution. Not only is it not appropriate as part of a constitution, it’ll kill whatever small growth in jobs we’ve seen.

    • All the minimum wage endorsers have to do is to take a look at what happened in the Dakotas. They have more jobs than people , so companies had to pay more or higher wages.
      Simple economics

      If VA or any state has illegal aliens willing to work for any amount, the wages will drop, or at best, stagnate.
      Simple economics again.