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Carney and Jonathan Karl Bare Their Teeth

A nice, testy exchange here between White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

Karl is suggesting that Obama misled people by letting them think they were getting something different by signing up for Obamacare over the phone, when in fact the call handlers have to use the website themselves. Carney says Obama was merely telling people they could apply more quickly and then the handlers would take it from there.

I’m not sure Carney is wrong on this one. Here’s what Obama said:

Once you get on the phone with a trained representative, it usually takes about 25 minutes for an individual to apply for coverage, about 45 minutes for a family.  Once you apply for coverage, you will be contacted by email or postal mail about your coverage status.

Anyway, quite entertaining as they get under each other’s skin. Things start to get heated at around 2:15.

Carney clearly loses his cool here. But I don’t think he’s attacking the press or being inordinately disrespectful, as I’ve seen suggested. He saves that for private conversations.

12 Responses to Carney and Jonathan Karl Bare Their Teeth

  1. The caveat is, as I understand it, the “person” who takes the information has to feed it to the very same “disaster site” as the applicant. Six of one – half dozen of the other. The entire debacle demands a “hazmat” suit.

  2. On the phone you are giving an unknown person your SS and particulars. Of course, Mike Rogers says this info can go any old place if given online, too. As for these two, I try not to think about that whippersnapper. Let him curl that lip until it stays that way!

  3. Looks like someone just got crossed off the WhiteHouse invitation list. Probably had one of the legs shortened on his desk chair, too.

    Serious now.
    The lie, the BIG lie, must have been a step too far for the MSM. When the big lie is added to the disasterous Obamacare rollout, and the millions of people are kicked off of their treasured health insurance, it’s hard for the liberal press to keep avoiding what most of America knows.
    Carney the Magician can only have so many diversions in his bag of tricks and so the Obama adminstration is revealed to be a fraud. He can’t spin that, nor can he admit it.

    The liberal press has cornered themselves with the blind eye they used to focus on this administration. There is no spin, no fantasy explanations to cover what has really happened.
    They risk losing all credibility to continue to cover up for MrObama.

  4. Wonder what Carney’s reaction would be if Mr. Karl asked him a really hardball question: “To your knowledge, has Mr. Obama retained, or is he expected to retain, outside legal counsel?”
    This scandal has all the makings of something called ‘ObamaGate’

  5. …the more Carney opens his trap and spews propaganda for this “regime”, the more I want to b#tch-slap him.

    …And the “WH press corps” just sits there and lets Carney spew this propanda/b#ll-sh%t

  6. The US government was ill suited to take on something like the ACA given their track record with wellfare, foodstamps and a host of other programs run amok. With Obummer and his team of pollsters and hacks it was bound to be a disaster. I hope the website folly is just the beginning of a nighmare including personal information leaks, higher costs, doctors bailing out, hospitals bailing out and insurers taking to the airwaves about how bad it will get. I think only when no one can ignore what a horrible idea this was can we turn the tide and send Obummer, the hacks who supported him and this crappy legislation packing.

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  8. I love you Keith, but you’re wrong on this one. Obama sure did try to mislead people. he gave the clear impression that you could sign up on the site OR via the phone, and that is not the case. (in fact, until recently, they weren’t even helping with applications on the phone; people were just directed back to the website.)

    this is borne out by the WH email revealed the other day that admitted that the mail-in application was designed to make people “feel like they were making progress.”

    you’re being too kind to this bunch of liars.