As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Koffler on the WH Silencing of Insurers

Here’s some video of yours truly appearing Friday on the One America News network’s Rick Amato Show, arguing that the White House effort to silence health care industry officials critical of Obamacare is profoundly disturbing stuff.

As I had noted in a piece the day before, suppression of speech by the White House is a frightening but perfectly natural outgrowth of the ever-increasing role of government in our lives, which has received an historic boost with Obamacare.

In answer to a question from Rick, I say toward the end that I am pessimistic about the chances for seriously rolling back government’s intrusion into our private lives. I am. It ain’t easy to take away people’s free stuff and retrain them in the ways of hard work and self sufficiency.

But I am not without hope either.

Below is my interview with Amato. And here is a link to an appearance I did later in the show debating a liberal guest during the roundtable segment.

20 Responses to Video || Koffler on the WH Silencing of Insurers

  1. Allan Bloom was so desperate to throw out a Republican’s name just so he could say, “Oh yeah? Well Republicans do it too!” Except the only Republican he could come up with was ‘Richard Nixon’. ROFLMAO!!!

    So Obama is just like Richard Nixon. O . . . Kay . . .

  2. Keith:

    Nice to see you “in the flesh”. When to we get you a chair on Meet The Press?

    P.S. Maybe you can use your picture here and we can have the appropriate cartoon of TOTUS POTUS .

  3. “It ain’t easy to take away people’s free stuff and retrain them in the ways of hard work and self sufficiency.”

    How many people today are the descendants of families that have inter-generational welfare dependency?

  4. Keith, thanks for this. It is nice to see you “in action”. What I thought was important to me was that both the right and the left here agree on freedom of speech — at least at this venue. And transparency. It’s even possible that the right and the left will coalesce on both freedom of speech and the anti NSA right to privacy.

    But more importantly you here moved the discussion away from the website. And the more that can be done by yourself and others, including some in the MSM, the better. Because it is not the website — it is the fundamental change of the relationship between government and the individual. Our rights are being taken away. The more it is focused on the website, the more Obama can blame away.

    Good job Keith. Thanks.

    And I have no problems with linking the intimidation of the Obama WH with the Nixon WH if that’s what it takes. I do draw the line at the corruption and illegal acts of the Obama Administration however. Many of these people should be in jail.

    • All the press does not seem able to break away from the intimidation of this WH I hope that some Insurance Exec somewhere finally finds the courage to speak up and out.

  5. It’s interesting when I hear the Dems and the WH, especially people like David Plouffe, basically try to force Obamacare down the throats of the American people. They literally rammed it through Congress on a one party twisted vote, and now they seem to actually believe that they “rule”, that they cannot be challenged. And the pitch gets higher and higher.

    If you stand back, it’s pretty darned frightening — this absolute denial of fact and storming through the voices of the American people.

  6. Good to see you in front of the camera, Keith.

    My ears perked up when Mr. Bloom spoke out about the intimidation rising to the level of the Nixon White House. I could be wrong, but I believe he was referring to it in terms of impeachable offenses. He could have, of course, referred to the DEM who was impeached, but the charge was lying under oath.

    IMO, Obama’s BIG LIE (you can keep your ins., etc) is the impeachable offense. It changed the course of history as far as the 2012 election is concerned, and it will undoubtedly take away our freedom of choice regarding our own health and well being. Obama H/C Insurance is all about control – not health care.

  7. Thanks for linking that video. Very interesting.

    p.s. I checked to see where this program is aired and, sadly, it’s not on any of the 5, 766 channels that DirecTV offers. Yet.
    Direct TV offers al Jazeera and HSN, neither of which have as many viewers as you have readers on this blog.
    It would be so nice to have an alternate to FOX.

    • I agree, srdem. Glenn Beck has been trying to get The Blaze added to cable and satellite without much success. Liberal media does everything it can to silence the conservative viewpoint.

      Great job, Keith. Loved how you labeled Obamacare a “scheme”. You are way too generous though. I call it a scam.

  8. Keith,

    Great interview!

    One thing that I think the MSM, and others really need to pickup on more and push more is not only the intimidation of private citizens within industry, but all the abuses that are going on regarding journalists.

    The raid on Audrey Hudson’s home, Sharyl Attkisson’s computer being hacked (and yes I do believe this was done at the behest of the WH), the continued attacks on FOX, WND, and other conservative media outlets, along with the dismissive attitude on the part of Carney and other WH operatives shows a total disregard, and lack of respect for the media.

    The idea of media intimidation is not new in the world, it is the tool used by authoritarian governments to prevent the free flow of ideas, and to stop any divisive thought. We are heading that way quickly, and it is indeed frightening. The next step will be sudden “accidents,” mysterious heart attacks or strokes, arrests for publishing information that the WH thinks is protected, the possibilities are endless.

    Truthfully, if I was a reporter in this day and age I would be arming myself, using varied routes to and from work to detect surveillance, I would have my home and work swept for listening and camera devices, and do everything I can to protect myself and my family from possible harm. These days we live in are rapidly becoming similar to the days that followed the Russia Revolution, and the rise of National Socialist Party in Germany.

    God save the Republic!

  9. I love to see ‘yours truly’ get these good spots. In the WH briefings I wish you were up in that front row instead of some of the others.

    One doesn’t have to get violent in protest, but we need greater numbers participating. I just read over the weekend that 30,000 Frenchmen protested the socialist government’s taxes. The problem here is that the media markets happen to be in the corridor between DC and Boston where approval for Obama is concentrated. The rest of the country could outnumber them but we are scattered all over. It’s hard to get us all together to show the Democrats and the establishment our real numbers.