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Romney: Obama Guilty of “Fundamental Dishonesty”

From Mitt Romney’s appearance on Meet the Press:

Perhaps the most important lesson the president failed to learn was, you have to tell the American people the truth. And when he told the American people that you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period – he said that time and again – he wasn’t telling the truth.

Obama repeated the lie during the campaign. I don’t really remember Romney making much of an effort to call him on it.

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      • I agree a bit with Mike and Star here. I adore Romney and I think he would have been a fabulous president, but very much like the RNC Mayberry ad, Romney doesn’t know how to get down and mean. He’s just too nice a guy and you know what they say – nice guys finish last. And he proved the adage right. Sadly.

          • After reading an article yesterday about the vetting of Chris Christie for VP – I said to my husband – the problem with Gov. Romney and Paul Ryan – they were too nice, but that’s who they are and you know what – I’m glad for that. Unfortunately, the American Public wants raunch. On Thanksgiving last year, my husband’s uncle who was a very successful small businessman merely said – “I think he would have been a great President–we will never know”. I really believe things would be different now – certainly not perfect, but having adults in the White House would have been a huge plus for this country.

    • The stupid Republican establishment backs the one person who could not make ObamaCare an issue in the 2012 race. And now a year later, they are telling us that only moderates (like Romney) have a chance of winning? Yeah, right.

      • Romney did talk some about Obamacare just not enough. The mainstream media didn’t cover it when he did. Has everyone forgot the town hall meetings where people were called rabid if they questioned the plan?

        • He was a little defensive bec he had done Romneycare–he could have brought out the differences–smaller pop, incrementally implemented, tweaked as they went along–and now TOO COSTLY–but that was iffy territory for him.

    • If I may, @CiscoKid.
      If we translate what MrRomney (a devout Mormon) said into, say, a drunken dockworker’s comment, it would sound like this:

      “That no-good, @###!!!, $$@((*!! just out and out %^^&@! lied through his !!@#$## teeth.”

    • It’s not ‘fundamental’ dishonesty. It is ‘institutional’ dishonesty. Obama and his minions have lied for so long that they are now incapable of telling the truth. They are as institutionalized as someone who has spend the last 50 years in prison.

        • The last three comments entered were made on Oct 30, 2013 – only five days ago – which means that the comments section had remained open this entire time. In the five days since those Oct 30th comments were made, someone at the WaPo took it upon themselves to disable the comments section to prevent others from pointing out on their own website what a bunch of lying hypocrites they really are, especially on a forum they use as the voice of fact-checking truth. They should be giving themselves four Pinocchios for their own coverup of Obama’s lies.

  1. Sorry, but it’s not fair to point out that MrRomney didn’t make much of MrObama’s repeated lies about keeping one’s insurance during the 2012 campaign..
    How was MrRomney to know what only the gatekeepers at the WhiteHouse and HHS knew, and did their best to keep secret?
    His point was that MrObama knew, absolutely knew, that he was lying to the public.
    Not only was MrObama making baldfaced lies about the provision to keep one’s health insurance, he believed that the boot-licking press would cover for him, or just ignore that he lied.

    As it unfolded, the MrObama’s lies couldn’t be ignored by the press. While some of the liberal media did their best to blame the Repubs for the failure of the website, or the lack of cooperation in rolling out what the Dems think is a marvelous thing, they couldn’t overcome the public’s outrage at a President lying about something that will affect everyone in the US.

    Richard Nixon was forced to resign over lying about using Federal agencies to harm his enemies, and about spying on his opponents.
    The parallels betweent the two Presidents is startling. MrObama’s adminsitration is guilty of the same outrages, butt, unlike MrNixon, the boot-licking press protects this shambles of a presidency.

  2. I guess I need hardly pt out that the NYT says Obama only misspoke on the insurance keeping issue…Yeah, misspoke about 100 times. When you know better and still say the wrong thing, it’s a lie. He can’t skate on this one!

  3. Romney lied in a sense by not calling out Barack Obama’s numerous lies.

    I, too, think Mitt’s a terrific guy, but he just didn’t have the rock hard spine and killer instinct necessary to win. Slower moving tyranny is always superior to full-blown in-your-face Marxism.

    • So true, Jeff. The establishment Republicans are cowards hiding behind conservative ideals. We’ll still end up at the same destination as we would under the Democrats; the establishment Republicans just get us there at a slower pace.

  4. The biggest lie in Presidential history cost the Repubicans tthe 2012 election. If 93M voters knew that they would be dropped from their employee health plan, lose their doctor, and be forced to go on gov’t exchanges that cost more and offer less….would they have voted for Obama? Democrats were equally swindled by the liar-in-chief.

    Obama lied about Benghazi to cover up the fact that he was MIA, and 4 honorable men died. Obama lied for 4 years about the cornerstone of Obamacare – maintaining your own plan and your own doctor if you so desire.

    Obama’s character flaws are deeply embedded; his lies are pathological. IMO, the deliberate mis-representation of Obamacare is a criminal act. It has changed the fabric of this country. We need to cut our losses – impeach him or force him to resign before he does more damage with immigration and climate control. We are at a crossroad – a point of no return.

      • And no lobbyists in his Administration. And waiting five days before signing any legislation so that the American people could have time to review it. And not setting a red line on Syria. And the Sequester was not something he proposed. And that he has done more for Israel’s security than any other President. And that the fence between the US and Mexico is practically complete. And that the ObamaCare fee is not a new tax. And that he inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. And that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. And that we got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system. And that the health care bill would pay for itself. . . .

        The truth simply isn’t in him.

  5. This so called half-a>>ed president is, as I’ve always maintained, nothing more than a narcissitic, pathological, liar with a capitol L. He wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him square in his skinny a>>.
    He maintains that he deserves respect. What he fails to understand is that respect is NEVER given, it is EARNED.

    Semper Fi

  6. Fundamental dishonesty? Really Mitt? That’s the best you can do? How about outright lying? No wonder people didn’t trust you enough to elect you over Obama.