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RNC Video: Barack Obama, Bystander-in-Chief

The RNC has a pretty effective ad out hammering down on President Obama’s habit of disappearing when it’s time to apportion responsibility. Have a look.

15 Responses to RNC Video: Barack Obama, Bystander-in-Chief

  1. Cute but cute doesn’t get Cuccinelli elected in Virginia. Scumball tactics are used by the Dems and the R’s just don’t want to go there.

    The background music of this RNC video is very Andy Griffith Show, like Whistling Dixie. Meanwhile Dixie is getting lost to dems. The R’s need something a little more solid than Bystander in Chief. Sorry.

  2. Republican ads just don’t resonate with people in a positive way. I’m thinking of the anti-Obamacare ad (Rove) directed at millennials, for example, which portrayed all the young people who voted for him as dumb idiots. Well, they were, of course. But if you want them to see the flaws in Obama and Obamacare and make them come over to your side, you can savage Obama and his policies, but you shouldn’t insult the people you want to win over.

    Now this ad. To whom would it actually appeal? I’m almost 71 and I find that music about as dorky as it comes. All the substance in the ad is big-time serious but the treatment is so lightweight. They must really be afraid of going after Obama because they don’t want to be called racist. Wake up, GOP, you’re wasting a ton of money and it’s all for naught.

  3. Obama wants to ‘put the fear of God in all of us’, and the GOP is whistling past the graveyard. Agree with my fellow WHD posters. If this is the best the Rovian GOP can come up with, they’ll lose.

  4. Considering the RNC could’ve done MUCH more to fight ObamaCare, could’ve done MUCH more to ensure it wasn’t funded, and folds like laundry on every friggin’ liberal policy that comes before them, I don’t believe an ad exists that can erase their spineless, cowardly, anti-American record.