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Quote of the Day || November 5, 2013

“Mr. President, I’m afraid those six people who we thought signed up the first day – well, the website didn’t work quite right. It turns out they ended up ordering a set of Ginsu knives.”

– HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Medical authorities are investigating a number of apparently unrelated suicides.
    Investigators have six cases connected only by the use of Ginsu knives.

  2. On another humorous note, was doing the interactive voting on the panel on Special Report. One of the conservative panelists was talking, and pretty much everyone was agreeing. Then around 6:44 ET they put on a clip of Obama talking, and pretty much EVERYONE disagreed strongly. EVEN THE DEMOCRATS. I’d post a screen grab if I could. It went down about 85 points, possibly more, in the space of 22 seconds, across all parties.

    It was one of the best “Yes!” moments I’ve had while fully clothed…but that’s another story.

    • Last week Juan Williams was on Special Report with the interactive voting.
      Everytime Juan opened his mouth defending ObamaCare the voting crashed.

        • Our little Juan–I wonder what is up with him. I quit watching Spec Report when they did that graph thingie underneath. It was too trendy for the likes of me. And distracting. Maybe I will start again if you guys like it.

  3. Obama; “Kathy, do you love me?”

    Gilligan-Sillypus: “You know I do, my Emperor!”

    Obama; “Then call a press conference. Expose this to be your fault. Tell them you misinformed me. Then throw yourself onto that Ginsu.”

    Sourpus; “You know I would die gladly for you, my Emperor, but there are those that love me! If I were to do so, they may rebel against YOU! I cannot expose you to that danger!”


    Moochie; “My Emperor, there IS another group we can blame this on. A group that has opposed your reign from the beginning. I group that prophesized your program would fail. A group that shut down your very government. Blame THEM, my Lord!”

    Obama; “WHO IS THIS GROUP?”

    Michelle Antonette; “They call themselves The Tea Party. Too long they have stood in your way. Blame them as traitors, and turn your people’s wrath upon them!”

    Obama; “Hmm, Tea Party, eh? I may blame them, it’s the right thing to do. And maybe George Bush?”

    Carney; “The blaming of the Bush has become tiresome, my Lord. It is better you turned your venom on so foul an opponent, whose apostles dare question ME in your very HOME, as I attempt to illuminate their worthless lives with YOUR good words. BURN THEM, my Lord!”

    Obama; “Yes, I’m glad I had that idea. I will write an Executive Order at once…”

    (Apologies to Quo Vadis)

  4. LOL.. Well, they can use the knives to do emergency personal surgery if it comes to that, no? That’s a better option than waiting a year for hip surgery under ObamaCare.