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The Obama Morning News || November 4, 2013

Backlash over health costs intensifies . . . Washington Post
Obama tries to change the debate . . . Wall Street Journal
Expert: 129 million can’t keep plans . . . Daily Caller
WH: prepare for lousy enrollment numbers . . . ABC News
Romney: Obama presidency “rotting away” . . . The Hill
Bolton: Obama will never strike Iran . . . WND
Pelosi: Obama a president of “great vision” . . . The Hill
Obama stumps for McAuliffe . . . Washington Post
Obama approval drops to 40 percent . . . Gallup

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 4, 2013

  1. The WashPost observation of a “backlash” over insurance costs either reveals their amazement that millions of ordinary citizens resent being forced to pay extra for something they didn’t ask for, or that they assumed that the Obamacare mandates and penalties were beloved by the citizenry.

    The governor’s race in VA has sent high-ranking Dem officials to that state, including the POTUS, to aid a candidate that all polls show has a commanding lead. says the Repub candidate is fighting the “stench of doom” that they feel will settle on him when he loses the election. As the opinion writers tell the tale of a losing candidate, they allow that if the Dem loses, it will be the result of voter repression.

    Not listed in the headlines here are those insulting and obtuse claims by some of the liberal media that “only” 5% will be hurt by the Obamacare law.
    The question arises as to why anyone should be hurt by a law meant to help people, or why 5% of the population, or @2 million citizens don’t count to them or to the Obama administration.
    Not mentioned, of course, is that those @2,000,000 people now being punished are the very same “middle-class” that MrObama has vowed to protect and “grow”.

    Until the Obamacare controversy started in 2010, most of us had never heard of or knew who NancyPelosi was, nor did we know she was the Speaker of the House.
    Now that she puts herself in front of the cameras and mics at every opportunity, the question arises of how this addled woman was able to convince Congressional Dems to commit political suicide with their Yes votes for a law that none of them had read, much less understood.

    • Well said, srdem. Drudge is linking to an article about a radio interview with comedian Jackie Mason. Not only does Mr. Mason really lay it on Preezy Revenge for his serial lying, he brings up the latest leftist meme that only 5% of the American people will be hurt by Obamacare. Mr. Mason’s response was spot on: “Since when do you destroy people and it doesn’t count because it’s too small a percentage?”

      • Jackie Mason was brilliant, especially at the end when he drew the analogy between someone murdering another and just because that was only one killed out of 300 million plus people we should just let the murderer go. It kind of goes along with the Jewish saying that if you save one person’s life, you save mankind.

  2. When Pelosi says he has “great vision,” I guess she means he doesn’t need reading glasses at 51.

    Today’s report from Morning Joe. I am stumped–Mika wanted to talk about how the (spurious) only 5% really represented millions suffering–a complete reversal from her usual defense of the bill–and Joe wanted to change the subject. Who got what orders–I am confused. Even Gibbsy looked unhappier about the law than Joe. Even Barnicle did! The fix is in someplace–I guess you guys will just shout RINO again, but I think it’s more than that. We all know that many in employer plans will also be dumped, ditto for retirees of big cos–it will be WAY more than 5%.

    • The Democrats and their liberal supporters are going along with Joseph Stalin’s dictum: the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic. You can ignore what’s happening to real people if you just turn them into numbers.

      • That statement was made by Walter Duranty, disgraced New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning journolisto and Uncle Joe Stalin apologist. He made the statement in reference to the Ukrainian famine where an estimated 10 million people died from starvation and associated illnesses. Just like our modern-day journolistos, Duranty wrote glowing articles about the malignant dictator so he could retain access to the Soviet Union bigwigs.