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Live Stream || White House Briefing – November 4, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. A brunette has replaced the leg-crosssing blonde who prefered really short skirts, and if it’s the same woman in the front row, she’s wearing black shoes–instead of white shoes–with black tights.

  2. Carney is such a worthless hack. He will be explaining the serious problems of Ocare because they will never be ironed out. As soon as the website is fixed, people will start to realize major sticker shock. When the business mandate is in play, we will see how many people lose that coverage. I suspect they only delayed it because they understood the horrible problems caused by millions losing coverage in the individual and business markets.

  3. Now that the Obama administration has firmly entrenched themselves in the answer that people would not lose their plans if they were grandfathered, then why did they give exemptions to all the “grandfathered” mini-med plans?

    Answer: because there were still minimum requirements on deductibles and lifetime maximums and other coverage elements that even many plans in place before the law (so called “grandfathered” plans) could not meet.

    And what about all the small group plans in Vermont that had to be cancelled because small group coverage could only be purchased off the exchange.

    These reporters are close, but they are not doing effective research to put the nail in this Ocoffin.

  4. Granted, I cannot watch more than a few minutes before I have to hit Mute.. But I swear I unmuted long enough to hear Carney speaking about “cancellation” notices, then correcting himself to say “transition” notices. Is this a new talking point term I have missed, transition notices? Give me a break. People “transitioning” right out of being covered are not going to be amused.

      • Sorry folks, the article, Chicago -based Arab group faces fresh terrorism scrutiny, written by Charles C. Johnson is found under the US section of the dailycaller.

      • Yeah, well right now it sucks to be Obama’s old BFF Morsi, apparently now thrown under the Obama bus and on trial in Egypt. Here is a para. from FP — hardly conservative.

        “In Cairo on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry urged Egypt’s generals to stick to the roadmap for restoring democracy in the country, but there was little indication that the United States is trying to distance itself from the country’s military government. “There are questions we have here and there about one thing or another,” Kerry said in a news conference with his Egyptian counterpart. “I think it’s important for all of us, until proven otherwise, to accept that this is the track Egypt is on and to work to help it to be able to achieve that.” According to State Department officials who spoke with the New York Times, while Kerry urged the Egyptian government not to carry out politically motivated arrests, he did not mention Morsy in his meetings with Egyptian officials, which included the powerful defense minister, Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi. “