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Quote of the Day || November 4, 2013

“Okay, you can’t keep your insurance, and you can’t your doctor, but you can keep your pharmacist. What’s that? I see. Okay, you can’t keep your pharmacist either.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. I’ve been wondering about what if FCMABBHO decided some medications are too expensive and tried to take over the pharmaceutical industry.

          • I’m glad to say that R&D is not down in our pharma company. We are hitting it hard and heavy. We specialize in hematology and oncology drugs and have just now broke into the immunology and inflammation area. Lots of sick people out there who need these therapies.

            Course, I can’t say how long that will last given the track record of stifling regulations and taxation (fines). I pray things turn around for the better quickly before the consequences are even bigger.

  2. I’ve been watching clips of Ezekiel Emanuel on Fox this weekend. He apparently thinks making a profit is a bad thing, that the insurance companies are evil for doing what they can to keep their money.

    • Dentists were lucky in that dentistry will not be covered by Obamacare. Is it covered by Medicaid because I know it’s not covered by Medicare? Of course, people will have less disposable income and may not visit the dentist.

    • Contents on PowerPoint slides from “What the Government Now Allows”

      What you can’t keep:

      Your insurance
      Your doctor
      Your pharmacist
      Your medical records
      Your private conversations via email or phone
      Your privacy via browsing the web
      Your paycheck
      Your food choices at school
      Your religion (if it’s Christian)
      Your constitutional rights
      Your confidence of a fair election
      Your opinion
      Your marriage
      Your children (they belong to the village)
      Your job

      What you can keep:

      Your silence
      Acceptance of all things we deem good and necessary

      Disclaimer: “This is a draft and not yet circulated.” And could also be plausible.

  3. If it’s anything like Medicare “D”, Obamacare will not approve Brand name’ drugs if there is a generic available. In cases where only outrageously expensive Brand names are available to treat cancer and other deady diseases, they will be ‘unavailable’.
    Might as well take your generic prescriptions to COSTCO – they’re cheaper in many cases. Many Americans living in the NE travel to Canadian pharmacies for the best prices. They’re probably all going to be banned.

  4. Another quote that’s true. We’re experiencing many changes with our insurance and one thing is no longer being able to buy 90 day quantities at our local drug store. We’ll have to mail order them instead.