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Obama Playing Golf

President Obama headed out to Fort Belvoir today for a round of golf, the 149th time he has played as president and his 38th outing of the year.

Obama has golfed more times this year than any of his presidency.

He’s playing with a couple of college friends and a White House aide.

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  1. If it’s Saturday, Obama is on the golf course. Wonder why he doesn’t stay home with his single Mom wife and daughters? They rarely do anything together as a family except photo ops when needed.

    1. IMO, the husband is sick of the wife carping that he can’t do anything right, the wife is disgusted with the husband who trapped her in situation where she can’t do what she wants, and the two teenage girls (like teenagers everywhere) don’t want to do anything with their embarassing parents.

      Except for them being the First Family, multi-milionaires, and world famous, they’re the same as families everywhere.

          1. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m rubbed the wrong way when a child is attacked without proof. Even then, I’ll give the child a break because, well, she’s a child. Kids are naturally narcisistic because that’s how they get their needs met. Normal people grow out of that phase somewhere in their 20s.

        1. I think this whole faux family was just for appearance they
          look uncomfortable together. I think if things had been
          different in 2008 they’d have divorced. There were rumors
          about that while they still in Chicago.

  2. It is really windy in the DC area – hope it kills his handicap – his golf handicap, can’t do much more to increase his idiocy handicap.

  3. …soon enough the ground will be frozen and covered with snow and/or ice. And IIRC he only parts the water and occasionally walks on it. God and Mother Nature — in charge of the rest.

  4. The weather in DC today is on the cool side, windy, and overcast. And Sir Puttsalot is STILL out there golfing.

    We’re past addiction at this point. The man has a golf DEPENDENCE.

    1. ‘Man’? AH…HAHAHAHAHA!
      He was (s)elected to be the Obamacare salesman, period. Nobody would have bought into Hillarycare. So they gave him his own airplane, a big house, a set of golf clubs, and let him do pretty much anything he likes besides govern. Unfortunately for the left, his hubris has become a liability. IMHO, the Clinton Machine will bring him down the more irrelevant he becomes and people sen him as nothing more than a lying community agitator.

  5. Jeez. Things must be going waaaay better than I thought if he has time for golf….

    It’s actually shocking that he’s doing this. I own a business and anytime I run into a problem, that is the agenda for that day. Period. No golf, no other fun stuff until things are in order. Wouldn’t it be great if Presbo had the same approach?

    1. You don’t have such privilege. He has his employees do all that stuff. Then when problems arise, these folks take the blame n state Obama didn’t know about it.

  6. Hope he rode a bicycle to the course and is carrying his clubs. Gotta stop global warming, doncha know! All those security escorts contribute to his carbon boot on our necks print and those funny, little carts don’t charge themselves/

    1. Good point. Now that he’s taken over the Gorebal Warming blah, blah, blah, does he pay attention to his own carbon footprint ?

      He could bike to the Army-Navy Country Club :) Wonder why he’s never played there ?

      1. The way he’s purging the military, they don’t want him either.
        I wonder if it occurs to any of those amateurs in the (formerly – you remember, Spike Lee, that great patriot, pronounced that with the o, it was now the “Black” House) White House- anyway, I wonder if it occurs to any of them the number of jobs lost when purging the military: jobs lost, careers stopped, enlistments/recruiting down. Enlisting/joining the Military used to be a career move for AfAms, a slot in which to advance, get a skill, acquire an education, especially in the South, where so many of the bases are.
        Did ANY of these parvenues EVER serve?

        1. Get rid of the military first. That may be the only line between Americans and the increasingly armed government agencies such as TSA, ICE, etc.
          Then:”Would socialized medicine lead to socialization of other phases of life? Lenin thought so. He declared socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.”

          1945 AMA Pamphlet Warning

          That is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, aka Nikolai Ulyanov.

        2. “Enlisting/joining the Military used to be a career move for AfAms, a slot in which to advance, get a skill, acquire an education, especially in the South, where so many of the bases are.”

          I don’t know what the location of military bases has to do with anything. Once you’re through with basic, you’re shipped wherever the military needs you.

          1. But most bases have non-military personnel that work there, at support facilities and whatnot. Think post exchanges, rec facilities, maybe a fast food spot or two. Some of the physicians at military hospitals are civilians, as well. Not everyone on post wears a uniform. That probably wasn’t the OP’s intended point, but it’s a good one.

            Military bases ARE good for the community they’re in. Look what happened to upstate Maine after they got rid of Loring Air Force Base. It accounted for almost 20% of the local economy.

        3. Another word used for what he is doing to the military (Fox Nation) is “emasculating.” This was said by a retired, decorated general.
          I thought I knew what it meant but was not sure so I looked it up…I was right….Disgraceful to think that this is happening to our great military by Obama….Painful to even think about.

    1. 1 hole with a couple of different tee off areas. Not enough sand traps for him. Plus no publicity. He could make it fun and have the motorcade drive around the service drive for 30 min.

  7. Finally, ONE thing he knows… how to tee up

    He admits that he has no knowledge of:
    – the Benghazi attack and murder of our Ambassador & 3 americans
    – NSA spying on journalists, american citizens, and world leaders
    – Fast & Furious
    – the IRS targeting fiscal conservatives and Christian non-profits
    – the Design, testing & implementation failure of the website… his signature health care bill.

    Toss in Obama’s failed stimulus programs such as Cash for Clunkers, “shovel ready” job investments, Obamaphones and the GM bailout and we have a man who is utterly incompetent in office.

    And, the media remains silent.

  8. College friends? Must be distinguished lecturers. Otherwise, by implication, is this the first proof that he actually attended courses?

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