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Hillary’s Sly New Charity

Ultimately, the Clintons are all about the Clintons. The always have been. That’s why they took the country through a year of the impeachment saga and spoke of a “vast right wing conspiracy” instead of just bowing their heads in shame and slinking out of Washington after disgracing the White House. No harm done if Al Gore was running things instead.

I get that they have a global do-good foundation, but my feeling is it’s as much a monument to themselves as anything else. Meanwhile, by staying in the public eye, the Clintons have enriched themselves to the tune of more than $100 million.

So it is without apparent irony that Hillary is launching, under the auspices of the Clinton Foundation, something called “No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project.” It about helping women and girls and blah blah blah. Here’s what the website says:

No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project is an effort led by Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Clinton Foundation to bring together partner organizations to evaluate and share the progress women and girls have made in the 20 years since the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. This new effort will help chart the path forward to accelerate full participation for women and girls in the 21st century. The full participation of women and girls is critical to global progress, development, and security.

You see, what draws a suspicious glance here is that “no ceilings” could also be the Hillary Clinton campaign theme. Why, here’s what she said at the 2008 convention, where she was forced to witness the coronation of Barack Obama:

Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it. And the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time.

So no ceilings, folks!

To “Help accelerate progress for women and girls around the world” you have to submit your email address. What happens to your email address? It doesn’t say. Wouldn’t it be natural to end up on Hillary’s presidential campaign list, given that her presidency will also be designed to help accelerate progress for women and girls around the world.

I think Hillary’s prospects are overrated, as I’ve written. I think people get the Clintons. I don’t think people want another eight years of their mishegas.

But she’ll do everything, including creating self-serving charitable campaigns, to win.

92 Responses to Hillary’s Sly New Charity

  1. I can’t see where anything Hillary does will make a difference. She will never rid herself of the Obama albatross hanging around her neck. Hillary lost 2016 with “What difference does it make now?”

    • Spot on. It’s not just Benghazi and the disastrous Arab Spring policy which both Obama and Clinton pursued, upsetting any stability there was in the ME, but she is also stuck with the legacy of Obamacare. She was for socialized medicine before he was and in the 2008 primary she even said that people would be penalized for not participating by having their wages attached.

    • While I personally agree with you that Hillary has lost 2016, don’t forget that most voters are sheep, ewes more aptly, who will follow another ewe, even to slaughter. Hillary’s female fans are amazingly stupid in my estimation and don’t discount that sheep multiply quickly. Hillary is counting on the female vote to carry her across the finish line, as Obama rallied the blacks in both his coronations. It can happen.

      • Sadly those same sad souls who inflicted Obama on us will most
        likely do the same for Hillary. As for the embarrassing childlike
        ‘Reset’ button ‘ and even the vile ‘at this point what difference foes it make’ will be ignored. Hillary needs to put herself in the same
        shoes of those mothers who’s 4 sons died in vain what if it had been your child? As for the ‘Flucking ceiling’ I don’t need it I’ve
        lived long enough to shrink to 4ft 9in!

      • If I were a betting person I would bet that Hillary will win the presidency in 2016. There isn’t a single Republican who can take her on and we all know it.

        • At this point what difference does it make. That was said about four brave Americans she refused to try and save.
          It will follow her forever. Presidential material I think not.
          We’ve still got time and Obama’s got a lot of dirty laundry
          flying around and Obamacare.

          • I am not a betting person, either, but HRC has never stopped running for Prez! As AFVet has said, they hate history, but they will ‘rewrite’ their history and destroy ‘damaging documents’ much like the ‘too soon forgotten missing/stole’ document fiasco from the Nat’l Archives.

            Also, I am warning all of us who are criticizing HRC, that we all could soon be in ‘deep do-do’, because I commented on her ‘new hairstyle’ photo/article at Yahoo News site about 6 weeks ago, and within hours, the ENTIRE article disappeared, plus my computer crashed!
            No kidding!

            Unless the Conservatives, Independents, and Republicans who ‘still are’ true to the ‘TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY’ (TEA message) unite to seriously support a viable candidate, the dems/HRC will prevail and nothing will stop the ‘socialist agenda’ of the LEFT! jb
            ps not in very good mood, today, so sorry to be such a ‘downer’!

    • What possible platform would she run on ?
      Repeal Obamacare ?
      The subject that the Clintons hate the most is history, and their history is undeniably horrendous.
      Hillary running in 2016 would be pure arrogance, although, I would love to see Ted Cruz debate her.

      • It would not be beyond her to pull tears in a debate–with anyone. Remember when she was losing NH to Obama she pulled tears. She wants the best of both worlds–to be a shark but also when necessary to act as a poor defenseless woman being picked on.

        • ‘poor defenseless woman’,…HAH!!!
          She is a Harpy of the first degree.
          I understand what you meant Julie.
          “What difference does it make now ?”

      • “Hillary running in 2016 would be pure arrogance…” – AFVet

        ANOTHER example of pure arrogance, you mean? We’ve been treated to SO many in the last five years, I don’t think one more would stand out…

        ” … although, I would love to see Ted Cruz debate her.” – Also AFVet

        As would I, but you know…we’d have to have the debate at a freindly network, with a handpicked moderator, special lighting makeup, and maybe a deal with Satan to make a more youthful appearance for Her Nibs, Halloween makeup for Mr. Cruz, maybe backlight him to make him look bulkier, kind of a “hulking man” thing to set against sweet little Hilz…you know the drill. It wouldn’t be an exchange of ideas or series of arguments, it would be Hillary allowed to bloviate endlessly on the perdify of the woman-hating Republicans DARING to set a MAAAAN against her in an obvious example of their endless “war on women”…After all, has Mr. Cruz ever known what it’s like to carry a child in his womb, to feel a life grow in him, and what it’s like to always be smaller and weaker than hateful, rapey MEN?! Oh, and he’s racist and homophobic too…

        See what I mean? No debate, certainly no “facts”, just a forum in a controlled setting with softball questions to allow St. Hillary the Onest to use Ted Cruz as a punching bag, where every attempt to defend himself would be blown up into an agressive act. There would be no debate; it would just be a commercial for the New Yahk carpetbagger. It might even be BETTER for her than the bioptic would have been…

          • I think that Sarah could debate her effectively, but depending on the forum, she would probably again be dismissed as a rube.
            If Hillary does run, she needs to be confronted by the likes of a Ted Cruz in an arena that is fair.

        • “hand picked moderator”.
          Who would you choose ?
          I would choose Rush Limbaugh except for the fact that he can’t hear.
          FOX would be a good choice to host the debate with maybe a female conservative type,…. Megan Kelley perhaps ?

          I doubt whether Cruz would ever allow Hillary to use him as a punching bag.

          Just once I would like to see a debate where the conservative responds with a video of the lies that are on record.

    • Oh, I hope you are right – but, don’t discount those “low-information” voters out there. Some of them don’t even know what Obamacare means??? Where were they? Hiding under a rock? But, they will vote for Hitlary…..

  2. Money laundering ? She’ll travel all over the world tax free now, she never really helped women in other countries when she was SOS ? We still have the problems Malala brought to our attention.

    I’m so tired of Democrats, I’ll never go back. Being an Independent is much more fun, I can whine about both parties :D

  3. She started out here and after Arkansas became no longer needed they went on to New York.
    Those Clintons, like Obama, are users any old way they can and any folks that they can use…there is a trail left behind everywhere they have been….not a pretty trail.
    Charities? LOL

      • I did not live in Arkansas when Lowe was active in politics, was abroad, in Chicago and Massachusetts.
        One of the persons who defeated Lowe (for Congress) was David Pryor, father of our current US Senator Mark Pryor. I went to high school with David in Camden and absolutely adored him…everyone did. My dad who was a civil engineer with the highway department worked with David often when he was a congressman and governor and respected him so much.
        He was supposedly a good congressman and governor. Then after the Clintons came along and went to Washington David got in with them…some say big time…a huge disappointment to many of us. It seems like bad things just seem to “rub off” from them.
        Mark is fighting hard for re-election but we will not support him. He has supported Obama and Harry Reid for far too long and it is too late for him to cleanse himself!!! We also really do like Tom Cotton. My friends in Camden (we live in the Ozarks now) feel the same as we do…disappointment in David and do not plan to support Mark.
        I send Mark e-mails all the time and he (or his campaign) responds with canned letters.
        We need our country back!!!!

    • I’m surprised they didn’t go back to Arkansas too. She could have easily become the governor which would have given her more ammo against Obama in 2008, rather than a carpetbagging NY Senator. Executive experience too.

      The Clintons weren’t the wealthiest First Couple we’ve ever had, but they sure got that way quick after relocating to the NE.

      At least the Carters went home, and despite his tepid Presidency, he did give more back to the world than he took. Habitat for Humanity is making a difference here and abroad.

      • I lived in Massachusetts while they were in Arkansas but my friends and family here kept us updated…not good…she did a lot of damage to my profession (high school teacher) while he was in office here.
        I was living in upstate New York when he was elected president and did not vote for him of course.
        We retired here and have been blown away by some of the stories of the things that went occurred…bad, bad things.
        It is sickening to think that they may get Terry McCaullife elected governor of Virginia to continue their corruption. He is as bad as the two of them combined.

  4. That’s certainly a noble project for the former, well everything.
    I recommend that she start with female youth of America by trying to convince them that twerking, sexting, and slut walks aren’t the best path to corporate headquarters or high political office.

    She could also take on the popular rap artists, or any modern entertainers, by insisting that they stop calling women “hos” or just generally denigrating women as mere sexual objects to be used by men.

    Goodness, if she’s elected POTUS, the FirstBubba could start a program similar to MrsObama’s, butt call his program FatGirlsBehinds and hold events at the WhiteHouse that young women to join him in vigorous physical activities.

    • I suspect Hilz HERSELF would “twerk”, if’n she thought there’d be campaign dollars in it. She threw the whole concept of “values” over the side waaay back in her college days (which, to be fair, we know more about than Obamas), and cares about ANYTHING only in as much as it gives her power in the moment.

      Although, truth be told, her “twerking” might actually HELP her. If she threatened to do so if we DON’T elect her Kinda like when Madonna threatened to strip naked if Hopey didn’t get back in (which at least gives us one – maybe the ONLY – reason to be happy that he DID). Perverse incentive from a pervert’s “wife”, if you will…

  5. Sounds more like Mommy and Daddy are setting up a career/slush fund for the neer-do-well Princess Chelsea. She appeared on Piers Morgan a few weeks ago with a gaggle of young girls from around the world promoting this ’empowerment’ thing….and, honestly, she was worse than a potted plant. No personality – a total blank. Her smarmy father has been pushing her into the public arena as if she is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    NBC execs have a different opinion:

  6. She rode on Bill’s coattails (maybe she invented him, but so what). Then on Obama’s. The woman is a leech. Dead to me, as I have said. Can you imagine four, much less eight years, of the pantsuits and trilling fake laff? Shudder. Oh, what difference does it make?

  7. The Clinton Foundation is more than a “monument to themselves” it’s also a convoluted money laundering scheme that mixes so-called charity with politics. As evidenced by Preezy’s OFA, it is not a rare commodity in America’s corrupt ruling class. The NYT investigation of the foundation warned that Hillary was going to be using it as a stepping stone for her White House aspirations, and here it is. Surprise. Surprise.

  8. Both Clintons are corrupt and skilled liars.

    That said I could see her score some votes with a no ceilings type campaign and Chelsea pimps for her. That said it is a tough sell when your career has been made riding the coat tails of two men Billy Jeff and BarryO.

    To say nothing of her catastrophic party girl Sec of State stint culminating in the deaths of four Americans alone and undefended on American “soil” in a foreign land.

  9. How quick did she get her tax exemption? I wonder if Obama’s agenda includes a Hilz Presidency? Doubt it!

    Of course, if it DOES, she’ll get approved faster than Hopey’s half-brother’s illegal charity did…

    ““Since one of the Obama Foundation’s founders and directors, Mr. Alton R. Baysden, stated publicly in May 2011 that the foundation had not even applied for tax-exempt status, it is inconceivable that the IRS can now claim that the status was granted in June 2011, retroactive to 2008,” Ken Boehm, the head of the National Legal and Policy Center, told WND.”

    Yep, no partisanship here…move along, move along…

  10. Hopefully HRH Hillary will slam her head directly into the ceiling of Benghazi. It’s up to the Independents, Conservatives and Republicans to help her do so.

  11. Like the Kennedys, the Clintons will be a bane upon us forever. As will the Obamas. We will never get rid of these self promoting, agonizingly arrogant, self-appointed kings and queens. The greater the celebrity idolizing, which the ignorant young care about more passionately than their freedom and any future of it for them, the next family of aristocratic imbeciles is in the making.

  12. I hope you are right about the Clintons. I do hope we don’t have her as the President. Never liked her and never will and that feeling started when she was First Lady and acted as if she was Co-President. She comes across to me as a very cold power-crazy women these days.


  14. She should stay retired and slink away. Our country isn’t important to her except to finish destroying it. She is a liar and an egotist. We cannot trust her with our country ever. She should be sitting with Obama in a federal prison for treason and at least 4 counts of murder.

  15. I have always thought the Hillary was unbeatable, and the republicans can’t beat her or anyone if they run another northeast moderate, in other words, a RINO, but I am thinking now that someone like a Corey Booker could come along and beat her. They got so much leverage out of a black man, they may just try it again, who knows? God help us, though, if we get stuck with eight more years of progressives. I think Rand Paul is our best shot to get the young dunderheads. Or maybe someone who’s just plain honest, how refreshing, like Ben Carson….

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