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Carney Refuses to Say GOP Opposition Based on Race

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Thursday commendably refused to play the race card, declining to agree that Republican opposition to two African Americans President Obama wanted for senior posts was about race and saying it was politics instead.

Carney, who spoke during the White House briefing, indicated that neither current opposition to Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency nor opposition earlier this year to Obama’s potential nomination of Susan Rice to be Secretary of State was based on race.

Photo by Keith Koffler
Photo by Keith Koffler

Republicans Thursday blocked Watt’s nomination to head the agency, which regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The suggestion that opposition to Obama and his policies and appointments is racist has been one of the most egregious tactics of Democrats – including no less than Vice President Biden, who said Republicans wanted to put blacks back in “chains.”

There’s no doubt some who dislike the president are animated by racism. But there’s no evidence that the principled and political opposition to Obama in Congress has a serious racist component to it.

Conservatives vigorously oppose Obama’s policies, and would similarly try to block a white president. In fact, they impeached one a few years ago.

And notably, there has been fervent support within the GOP base for conservative black leaders like former Rep. Alan West (R-Fla.),  2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, and conservative physician and activist Ben Carson.

Veteran White House reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks asked Carney whether opposition to Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency was based on race as, according to her, civil rights leaders believe.

Q    Does this White House agree with civil rights leaders who have cited prior examples to include this President that many people thought was not qualified for this position?  He had the pedigree like anyone else except his race.  Then you had Susan Rice — that she was held up, she was qualified.  Many thought that she was qualified for Secretary of State.  That didn’t go through.  Do you think this is another issue along those same lines where race is a factor?

MR. CARNEY:  April, I think that this is about politics, and the situation that you described in the aftermath of Benghazi was most definitely about politics.

Q    So am I correct in saying that the White House is saying to these civil rights leaders, look, it’s about politics, it’s not necessarily the race?

MR. CARNEY:  April, I think it is about politics, and I think we’ve seen this kind of obstruction far too often.  For individual motivations, you need to ask the individuals.  But this is an enormously qualified candidate, and we certainly are disappointed by today’s vote.

In fact, numerous justifications for rejecting Watt have been cited, including that Republicans prefer the current director, who has at times been a thorn in the side of the administration.

A Wall Street Journal editorial Thursday argued that Watt had been associated himself the lax underwriting standards that got Fannie and Freddie in trouble in the first place. The column questioned his readiness for the job, noting his own admission as recently as December 2011 that he didn’t know much if anything about derivatives.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Obama’s election as president is that it demonstrated how far the nation has come on racial issues. What other majority white nation has elected a person of color its leader? What a crushing shame, then, that the awful charge of racism is used against Obama’s opponents, without evidence.

Carney should have directly rebutted the argument by explicitly saying the opposition was not about race. But at least he indicated clearly the White House disagrees, and he deserves credit for not making a race issue out of policy and political differences.

21 thoughts on “Carney Refuses to Say GOP Opposition Based on Race”

  1. The only people left playing the racist game are the loud-mouth race hustlers and some LIVs who can’t think of anything else to defend MrObama.
    It’s over, the card is frayed and faded.
    If anything, it’s tipped over into real racism against the Black hoodlums, the corrupt Black politicans, and the constant drone of the gimmees who never have enough.

    1. The liberals, the only true racists, know they cannot win unless they keep the wars going-the war against whites, the war against capitalism, the war against Christianity, the war against the producers and takers, the war against women and children, and the war against our Constitutional republic.

  2. Every American who believes this country should remain a Constitutional Republic ought to be against anyone Obama nominates for any position of any kind.

    1. My inner bitch doesn’t like Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, either. Or Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Rahmbo Emanuel, Jerry Brown, or a whole host of left-wingers who are bringing this once great country right down to her knees.

  3. It is the ideology, not the skin color, or the race.
    Who cares what you look like ?
    You had no input as to what you look like, only your parents did.
    Your ideology is a different matter.
    The level of education that you have may allow you to ask questions outside of a repressive environment, and you should be encouraged to do so.
    The leftist propaganda is poison, and it will continue.
    It has been accepted by enough people until now to allow a Marxist to sit in the White House and dictate to the the American People that they must have health care.

    That is a blatant disregard of the principles of the Constitution.

    1. Yes.
      Every now and then, someone brings up JusticeRobert’s name and his weird ruling that the ACA was a tax and therefore, legal.
      Even though our constitution only allows Congress, not the US Senate, to introduce tax bills, and an unprecedented mandate to all people to BUY something was as wrong as anything in the law, he chose to declare it constitutional.

      Some said he was coerced by the threat of some past indiscretion being made public, or he just didn’t understand what he was doing,. Either way, he allowed this mess to go forward.
      Was it his hidden goal to force the new tax bill/law back to Congress for a yay/nay vote before it could be lawful?

      1. You raise a good point about the House being the body to set taxes, not the Senate. Roberts should still have declared Obamacare unconstitutional as it was a ‘tax’ imposed by the Senate and President.

      2. I don’t think he was threatened and/or if he was threatened, I don’t think that was the reason he changed it to a tax. Whatever the reason, it was wrong of him to do that, and he should always know that he helped to hurt millions of people with forced healthcare and a terrible penalty that changed us forever. In the end people will always remember Roberts for doing something shady we will always wonder why he crossed his country and citizens with a massive lie.

  4. Didn’t the Democrats pull the same race card when Clinton appointed that crook Franklin Delano Raines to oversee Fannie Mae back in the 90’s? Of course the race card worked for Clinton – our first real black president – back then, so no doubt it will work with the current crop of cowardly RINOs in the Senate.

  5. “A Wall Street Journal editorial Thursday argued that Watt had been associated himself the lax underwriting standards that got Fannie and Freddie in trouble in the first place.”

    Worked out just fine for Franklin Raines and his $90 million dollar swag bag when he exited.

  6. First, I am as opposed to Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Schumer, Kerry, Shultz, Biden and the rest as I am to Obama. Seems like a pretty equal-opportunity list to me. And besides, I don’t like the white American half of Obama any better than I like the African half.

    1. Playing with the race card must be helping though — Obama never seems to get in trouble with anything he does or does not do. Everyone like the media, including the Republicans, treat him with kid gloves even now as the whole country is so worried about the new government get rich quick scheme of OBAMACARE —

  7. ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’. Obama could have, would have …SHOULD have ushered in a positively transformational, predominately post-racial era for America and cleaned the glass on our beacon-light of freedom for the world. But free will matters. He chose to be the most negatively transformational so-called “leader” in our history. He’s been the most racially divisive. In fact, he’s the most divisive in every possible way.

    At least–this one time–Carney didn’t throw down the race card. Yet. But saying “it’s political” is as disingenuous as saying it’s racist. They know it’s that he possesses inadequate ACTUAL qualifications. Real [capitalist] world qualifications. But he possesses the best Obamite ones–he’s a member in good standing of the Progressive Leftist Party, a fire-and-forget statist who will carry out his duties with the far left’s political goals always first. Just as the old USSR used to have their “political officers” everywhere–just to make sure everyone toed the Party line.

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