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The Obama Morning News || November 1, 2013

Obama aides mulled dumping Biden for Clinton . . . Washington Post
Former chief of staff: It wasn’t serious . . . Associated Press
Obamacare troubles have Democrats nervous . . . New York Times
Six Obamacare signups the morning of first day . . . Fox News
Google, Red Hat and Oracle to the rescue . . . Fox News
Poll: Obamacare support low, but not declining . . . The Hill
Obamacare marketing push on hold . . . Politico
President Obama, off the record . . . Politico
Obama hopes to split GOP with immigration . . . Examiner
Openness WH takes its own photos of Obama . . . Daily Caller
Why Obama lied: He learned from Hillarycare . . . Matt Lewis
Death doesn’t always end your Medicare benefits . . . Fox News

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          • One would think bad credit folks would be a target market for subsidies but……..This is the same system that does NOT mandate maternity coverage for people 30 and under so……….

          • Yes, someone said on here a while ago that you had to have 650, then someone else said that was some “navigator” in FL saying that and she was wrong, and now the WH is blaming Experian for not hooking to the website or something, so what is true? I have never seen this raised on Fox–has anyone?

    • Heard someone from HHS on the car radio yesterday who said they use Experian to check identities, but not for credit checks. I thought that was what SS numbers were supposed to do – verify identities. Then again, if you don’t have an SS#, you could possibly be here illegally, lol….in which case you would not have either – SS or credit score. Or, you could have a stolen or fake SS#. I give up….

      • I believe zip, zero, nada coming out of any of the alphabet agencies run by this regime. Sure they’re not checking our credit while they are gathering and storing every detail of our personal lives.

  1. Combine the article about him inviting the opinion journalists to private meetings with the article about staged photos and you have the makings of a first class banana republic.

  2. Three puppies were rescued from the Muslim Brotherhood before they were used as “puppy bombs” at a protest in Tahrir Square two weeks ago. The group planned to dip the dogs in gasoline and set them on fire and using them against their opponents.

    Robyn Urman, a pet rescuer in New Jersey with Pet ResQ Inc, was contacted by Mervat Said, an animal rescuer in Egypt, about puppies Cleopatra, Cairo, and Egypt. This is not the first time this has happened, and not all the dogs were rescued.


    I wonder what Mohammed Elbiary thinks about this.

    • Elbiary is just another glaring example of what a farce DHS is in protecting America. The man should be removed. So should Eric Holder, but that will never happen.

  3. What is up with the site? I logged off the Internet for a few minutes. When I got back to this site, about eight posts were missing from this thread. The front page shows this thread was started at 7:53 a.m., yet the time inside the thread shows it started at 10:53. On the front page, the lead story is the one about FCMABBHO’s aunt.

  4. With Google in on the fix, your personal information is beyond your control forever. Not that it wouldn’t be anyway, but Google will insure that it goes places you never thought you could go.