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Sebelius Grilled on Why Men Must Purchase Maternity Coverage

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) had a simple question for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during Wednesday’s House hearing: “To the best of your knowledge, has a man ever delivered a baby?”

Such one-size-fits all Obamacare mandated coverage – including maternity coverage for young single men – is what’s driving premiums up, Ellmers argued.

Ellmers: As far as the essential health benefits, correct me if I’m wrong, do men not have to buy maternity coverage?

Sebelius: Policies will cover maternity coverage for the young and healthy. Under-30-year-olds will have a choice also of a catastrophic plan which has no maternity coverage

Ellmers: The catastrophic – but the men are required purchase maternity coverage.

Sebelius: An insurance policy has a series of benefits whether you use them or not, and one of the benefits will be –

Ellmers: And that is why the health care premiums are increasing this high, because we’re forcing them to buy things that they will never need.

Sebelius: The individual policies cover families, men often do need maternity coverage for their spouses and their families, yes.

Ellmers: Single male age 32 does not need maternity coverage. To the best of your knowledge, has a man ever delivered a baby?

Take a look. This is priceless.

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  1. When the Dems drew up the regulations for Obamacare, they had no choice but to put medical issues that only pertain to women in every policy. I get it. They wanted to make the plans as one-size-fits all, and didn’t want to discriminate by gender. Life has to be fair.
    The whole point of all the regulations is fairness, not reality.

    MrsSillybus couldn’t express that fact, because they’re still trying to spin this mess as something that people wanted.

    1. Correct! Why let the inginuity and hard work of the free market determine the type, cost and demographic group the plans are marketed to? Noooo lets just divvy up the population into 3 plans, crappy, less crappy, and expensive. Didn’t the Russians try that with cars?

      1. “Didn’t the Russians try that with cars?”

        I remember reading about the tallest 18-wheeler in the world, made by the Soviets. The problem was, it was too tall to fit under any overpasses.

        Gotta’ love central planning!

      1. Except it’s only in America that the birthing process has been made so expensive.
        The biggest failure of Obamacare is that it doesn’t do a thing to control costs and it’s long term effect will be to actually constrict the access O and the dems said they wanted to increase.
        Prohibition was bad law, got it changed.
        Jim Crow was bad law, got it changed.
        Obamacare IS bad law, got it shoved down our throats.

  2. I wrote this in a post yesterday:

    I would have taken this a step further.
    A better question would have been, “2 gay men, married, why do they need to buy maternity coverage?” They can’t bequeath maternity coverage on a woman even if she’s a surrogate for their baby. They are only allowed to cover their own family and partners/spouses. So isn’t the gov’t discriminating against gays?

    1. PLEASE, quiet it down. Sebelius may see your post and ad another “essential benefit” to everyone: adoption cost for any gay couple desiring it. But only gays, since hetero’s can take advantage of “nature” it is not “essential” for them.
      Yes, it’s stupid but we ARE talking about Obamacare, Obama, and Sebelius.

  3. Sillybus (I like that) must be thinking, “What part of ‘redistribute the wealth’ don’t you understand, Miss Ellmers?”

    I thought everyone realized that redistribute the wealth entailed some people paying more to subsidize others, and buying coverage you don’t need is just one of the ways. What rock is Miss Ellmers, and all the people who are complaining about higher rates, living under? Just wondering.

      1. I meant they have to pay for prostate exams for themselves, just like men have to pay for maternity benefits for themselves – not for their spouses.

  4. I’m confused.

    1. Doesn’t everybody have to buy health insurance — how can a family be covered if one spouse hasn’t bought their insurance? What happens if a couple divorces — does the insurance split in two is one spouse shafted?

    2. Given under-30s a choice between comprehensive health coverage that includes expensive options that they’ll never use — and catastrophic health insurance — is not an equivalent choice. What about those men who want comprehensive coverage without maternity benefits?

      1. Also–speaking of questions–Medicare and Medicare Advtg is sort of separate–do those Advtg plans have to contain the 10 requirements? Or do older people get a pass on some of the more extreme things Americans “need” payment for? The law seemed to say everyone must buy health insurance–but for older people–can it be a diff kind? Or are they getting to us with their nanny stuff? I know we already get nagging calls–did you take the pill you were prescribed? Did you ever go to that specialist? Have you had your death talk? Have you had your colon snaked?

        1. Medicare and Medicare Advantage not affected by Obamacare as per benefits and regs. Only affected by the $700 billion and counting Obama took from those programs to PAY for Ocare.

          Medicare Advantage was supposed to start being cut October of LAST year but HHS took money from a “demonstration” fund to prop it up another year so the cancellation and price increases didn’t arrive in Seniors mailboxes a month before Dear Leader’s re-election date.

          When the history books are written it won’t be so much Obama that the historians blame but the media for not reporting on the lies and malfeasance the ignorance of the populace that fell for it all.

  5. If rates are sex distinct (which may vary with state laws – I’m an actuary, but not a healthcare actuary), insurance companies will be able to list maternity coverage on everyone’s policy, but will not need to actually add any cost for it for males. Likewise, maternity coverage will be very inexpensive for those over 50 or under 12, male or female.

    Sebelius should have known this and said so. There is plenty of other stuff in the law that does create significantly higher costs, but this one may not be as bad as it might look at first glance.

    1. BB – my father ran a couple of life insurance companies and introduced me to several actuaries over time.

      When I first asked him what an actuary was, he quipped “An actuary is someone who wanted to be an accountant, but didn’t have the personality for it”.

      Loved it! Although I did meet one actuary who actually did have a personality of a clean comedian.

    2. See, that’s the problem. They don’t really understand how it all works so they have a hard time trying to explain it. As far as I know, ObamaCare reduced the differential between all the policies so that rates for females were not that much higher than males. It wasn’t faaaaiiiiirrrrr! So in effect, the men have picked up the cost of some of the maternity coverage.

  6. Obamacare reflects the federal employee/retiree health insurance contracts which have, for years, expanded coverage of those things that used to be considered “not medically necessary”, which was the standard practice before the the medical establishment and in turn, the insurance companies caved into the leftwing ideology that health care is a right.

      1. With the media telling us there are millions who are confused about which sex they are and that confusion is to be exploited to confiscate more money for redistribution and add another victim category to the oppressed, you can be assured that in the future your sex change operation will be paid for by the taxpayer.

  7. Sebellius wants to make double sure (men) that babies won’t be born. This woman could not believe in God, guaranteed her religion is Liberalism! which is the Democrats new thing, no God, only Liberalism, otherwise why so against human life? God will get Sebellius for what she is, she is a real horror like Frankenstein.

    1. Sebellius must know that women taking too much birth control could get cancer, she must know this– but her and Obama still push it day and night, night and day telling women to take the poison pills. There is research out there abuot this that some birth control causes breast cancer and other cancers, Sebellius knows this, this is her field, she must know this, shows ya what kind of woman she is and Obama is so dumb, he probably isn’t aware of what some birth control can cause, like cancers. Sebellius knows it and she doesn’t care about the American people either, it is so obvious.

      1. It isn’t about health, health care or women! It’s about money, power and control.

        When you are as adamant about murdering the unborn and supporting killers like George Tiller who had no problem taking the scissors to the brains of almost born babies like Sebelius and Obama are, do you think they care one iota about women getting cancer?

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