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Quote of the Day || November 1, 2013

“It’s come to my attention that some Americans have low quality, bad apple cars. Well, you’ll be happy to hear I’m issuing a new regulation requiring you to get rid of those cars and purchase a Mercedes.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. What about all the Volts that are gathering dust somewhere in an undisclosed location? Funnily enough, I saw a Volt on the street the other day – first time. How many years has it been? And L.A. is the car capitol of the country. Obama’s Edsel!

    • Volts don’t sell well, or do what they are supposed to do, and are overpriced even WITH subsidies. This is OK because this is much like Obamacare, another Presidential favorite. Of course, Volts have a tendency to burst into flames after crashing, causing needless injuries to the person who’s trying to do what the Gubmint wants them to do. Also like Obamacare…

      An ugly, underpriced, inefficient train wreck that would NEVER survive in the free market, subsidized by the Government with YOUR tax dollars to further the President’s own agenda. Seeing a pattern here…

  2. A good one, Keith. Yes, little Barry might be so out of touch with reality.
    Are his servants beginning to be rebellious ? Have they had enough ? I read an interesting story in Daily Caller by Robby Soave. The editors of AP condemns the White House refusal to let photojournalists have real access to Barry. Instead the White House release press release style pictures by his own paid photographers ( including that one with foot on desk , hand like a pistol ). Clintons former press secretary Mike McCurry was quoted saying that Barry exercises a level of control over the media far beyond previous Presidents.
    I remember what actor Jon Voight said during the campaign : This guy is just an actor. He saw it, a lot of us saw it and now maybe, maybe….

      • Well, among all of Stalins less pleasant habits was that he from group photos effaced, rubbed out the faces of people he had shot or shipped away to GULAG. That was his way of manipulating reality. Otherwise I can not imagine Stalin allowing a photographer to direct him. One shot, that´s it and then out. For some reason he looked like a nice grandfather on the pictures that circulated in the west. Was it maybe that moustache ? Didn´t you call him Uncle Joe in the American media ?

        • That wasn’t because anyone here perceived him to be grandfatherly or the nice old uncle. We had Uncle Sam, and the Soviets had Uncle Joe.

          • Julie, they had indeed a very evil and malevolent Uncle. I don´t think the Russians have yet really “dealt” with that dark part of history. I hope that man will never ever be rehabilitated.

    • All the world’s a stage to boy who would be King. Valjar is the Stage Mom who shares her duties with the Single Mom. And Pete Souza is the most overworked, underpaid member of the stage crew.

      • No you don’t! We know what car is best for you, and the planet. By the way since you have a little more change in your pocket than other “folks” we will be requiring you to pay a little more for yours to subsidize other “folks”.

    • We don’t. Our favorite, a midsize SUV Chevy Trailblazer< model was discontinued by GM because it didn't fit mpg "bailout" regulations, but it was one of their best sellers. Now being built overseas and a bestseller there.

      So, yeah, we liked our car and couldn't keep it. (We have a 2003, she can't run forever, but the best car we've ever owned). However, GM still makes the big guzzling SUVs, Tahoes and Denalis.

  3. Socialist don’t WANT you to “drive”! It’s too much freedom!

    Socialism only works – even in theory – if the pieces stay where the Government puts them. If too many doctors move out or a neighborhood becomes “too White”, it just messes up their social engineering. That’s why they always love trains, streetcars, and busses so much, and vastly prefer walking populations. This produces an ignorant, provincial population that doesn’t know anything of the world beyond their eyes except what the State tells them.

    The EPA’s been about this for years. And does anyone remember “energy secretary” Stephen Chu saying high gas prices are desirable, since they don’t want people using oil anyway? Or Obama himself saying he doesn’t want gas prices to go up “too quickly”, but NOT saying he doesn’t want them to go up EVENTUALLY? Sure, you can go electric, except it’s going to be expensive to charge what with Obama all but outlawing coal plants and setting his sights on natural gas as well. The only thing the Feds like cars for is that they use highway money stolen from the States to force them to back the Federals on just about anything if they want any back…

    No, Obama doesn’t want you in a Mercedes. He wants you on your feet. Although, like Obamacare, the “Mercedes Mandate” would be destined to fail, so perhaps he backs into his goal that way? YOUR car gets crushed, and you get a promise that you will get a Mercedes “someday”, after they get Wascelly Wepublicans out of the way? Hmm, you might be on to something, Mr. Koffler! Well played!

  4. Maybe Obama’s just trying to fulfill Peggy Joseph’s dream? You know, the one about “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him, he’s gonna help me.”\

    Sure, dear, if he steals someone ELSE’S property, he can do that! Doesn’t matter to you, though, as long as you’re on the receiving end, eh? What’s a little pillage between friends, you know, since you helped him and all…

  5. Yeah, Detroit, he said “Mercedes”. As in, you guys are getting boned by him TOO. Still happy you supported him so vigorously?

    Don’t worry, he’s just lying to you like he does to everyone else. It’s his way. Enjoy losing your Union membership as jobs get “part timed” or eliminated altogether thanks to your guy’s stinky policies that the REST of us tried to warn you about, “folks”!

  6. That quote is too close to the truth. Here’s another one, and it is real…

    “Some people like to drive a Ford not a Ferrari, and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup, not a crystal stem…” Rep Marsha Blackburn to Ms. Sillybus.

    No doubt since Benedict Roberts has granted the leviathan the legal authority to force us to buy whatever the beltway bureaucrats tell us to buy, red solo cups and our Ford F-350 pick-em-up truck will soon be things of the past.

  7. I posted something similar the other day about the Affordable Car Act.

    The president said that this would enable citizens to drive better cars for less money.

    • If all four “metals” of plans have these things in them, how do they differ? Bronze is the cheapest–but what is left out–or is it just skyhigh deductibles (which docs may want to scarf up in total in advance)?