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Obama: Republicans Should Have Cooperated After Tragedies

President Obama Wednesday suggested Republicans had reacted inappropriately to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Boston bombings, asserting during a Boston fundraiser for congressional Democrats that his opponents should have displayed a “new spirit” of cooperation.

This has been a challenging year since my reelection . . . We would have hoped that coming out of those two tragedies that we would see a new spirit in Congress of people pulling together and rolling up sleeves and working on the things a broad spectrum of Americans agree on, but that’s not what we got.

Instead we got more obstruction and more resistance to getting anything done, most recently culminating in a shutdown that was entirely unnecessary.

Obama said he experiences “enormous frustration sometimes” and offered up a dose of self-pity:

Sometimes people ask me, “Man, how do you stay optimistic, because it just seems like a bunch of problems piling up on your desk and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting a lot of help from the other side?”

The event included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, whom Obama hopes to install as Speaker by seizing the House back from the GOP. He praised her lavishly.

(Pelosi) constantly surprises me by how good, how tough, how visionary and committed she is . . . What I also know is that the interests of the American people will be better served if I’ve got Nancy Pelosi standing by my side and we get the agenda done. That’s why we’re here.

Obama also offered a shout out to former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who was also on hand for the event, calling him “someone who’s looking slim, and cheerful, and good humored, has a glow on his cheeks,” and joking, “this is what I guess getting out of Congress looks like!”

Ticket prices ranged from $16,200 per person to $64,800 per couple for the event, which was held at the home of Alan Solomont, the former U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra.

27 Responses to Obama: Republicans Should Have Cooperated After Tragedies

    • this is exactly what I thought. the only way to “come together” after a mass shooting is to support Obamacare? that doesn’t even make sense.

    • O’ idiot, I love it! I laughed out loud when I read it, hits the nail right on the head. I just don’t understand how he gets away with his idiot speeches? Anyone else would have been impeached long ago, guess its his color.that saves him, the first black president!

  1. He doesn’t seem to understand that calling a whole segment of America the worst names, accusing them of horrible deeds, or never offering them a friendly gesture won’t bring a spirit of cooperation from those who oppose his agenda.

    The thirty or so supporters to whom he gave this pathetic excuse for his failures must have been dismayed at hearing, in person, what many have pointed out about MrO; he doesn’t know how to govern.
    These supporters are most likely captains of industry, or leaders of some high-faluting enterprises who deal with opponents or adverstiy every day.

    OT: MrsPelosi AND MrFrank? A not so subtle reminder that he supports women and gays. geez.

    • I’m getting pretty tired of being called names having my intelligence questioned and made to feel like something Obama
      would like to scrape of the bottom of his shoe. Boy Sean Penn
      really thinks we are not only stupid but have mental problems
      because we aren’t in awe of the great Obama transformed America.

        • and don’t stay home because the Republican candidate is “not conservative enough.” remember, RINOs vote with Republicans sometimes, but Democrats vote with Republicans never.

        • Just vote against them! We gotta get them out of there, unless we let them make communist/socialists out of us. Who cares if the Republican running is not conservative enough? We have to save our country from these idiots.

  2. In a representative republic, the loyal opposition in the legislature is SUPPOSED to stick to its guns. The closest form of government to ours in which the opposition party is supposed to just roll over and play dead for the head of state, is a constitutional monarchy.

    He really DOES think he’s king, doesn’t he?

    • I’ve always believed that this so called president isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. In my humble opinion, he’s merely a puppet being manipulated by an oz-like entity.

      Semper Fi

  3. Wow…I don’t know what is worse…the words spoken or the words heard. Our nation is in dire danger of losing truth as a virtue. This post is sobering and a wake up call to our dear republic.

  4. Oh my gosh….just noticed this was a fundraiser… of sorts. $16,000 to listen to this drivel??? Hope they all changed their voter registration on their way out the door.

    • I wonder about the ‘guest list’. Who would sign up and pay for a cruise on the Costa Concordia after it hits the rocks and sinks?

      There’s more at play here with the fundraisers. No way even devout believers are parting with big checks without expecting a kickback. At his juncture, the money is probably going directly to the DNC for HRC. The progressives are fully entrenched into plotting out the next presidential election. Obama is the shiny object, at the point. There’s not a damn thing anyone can do about Obama while Reid is in the Senate. Watch and track which R’s are dressed in sheep’s clothing. If anyone had a brain, they’d be reminding the masses that it was Hillary that tried and failed in the 90’s to push for a federal health care program. We can stop calling it Obamacare and start saying now: IT WAS ALL HILLARY’S IDEA.

  5. Poor Barry. Those mean old Republicans aren’t being as cooperative as they should be in helping him destroy America as founded. Of course those rich liberals (aka useful idiots) who attend these functions are standing by with their checkbooks, ready to soothe the little tyrant’s ego and make it all better for Barry.

  6. Well Obama start at home why wasn’t the First Lady around for any of these tragedies she’s been AWOL for all of them can’t be bothered not up to her pay grade I guess a real downer. Saw pictures of her today showing Elmo her big guns. Disgusting display by a a First Lady we don’t have one.

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