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Biden: Obama Told Website “All Ready to Go”

President Obama was told “by the pros” that the website was “all ready to go” before it began operating October 1, according to Vice President Biden.

Given that the website had failed in the limited testing that was done, Biden’s contention amounts to a claim that Obama was misinformed by his staff or contractors about the health of The website crashed almost immediately after going live.

Biden went on to try to further exculpate himself and Obama saying, “Neither he and I are technology geeks.”

Biden said:

We were under the impression that it was ready to go. We had – the president to his credit, almost seven weeks out, was saying, “Are we ready?” And he’d be told by the pros, yeah, this looks like it’s all ready to go, all online. Neither he and I are technology geeks and we assumed that it was up and ready to run.

The vice president added that while Obama tried to use the website, he didn’t even bother because it was clear it wasn’t going to work.

47 thoughts on “Biden: Obama Told Website “All Ready to Go””

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  2. So we have a narcissistic leader that nobody is willing tell the truth to, or a liar that knows how bad it is but still plows through with it and blames their staff. Neither is good.

  3. Here’s whats about to happen: remember Michael Vick? For a news period he was the most hated man in America. He was that rare example of something about which EVERYBODY could agree. He was vilified, did time, rehab and after a while….

    people started to feel sorry for him.

    Get ready. The Pity Presidency is about to begin.

    1. That is the tack Obama’s team will take. Probably the Democrats as well. But a big difference between Michael Vick and Obama is that Michael Vick had no personal effect on your life or mine. Obama is having a very negative effect on all American lives, and when push comes to shove, most of us start thinking of numero uno first. If I were losing my insurance or if the government started imposing so many financial burdens on me that I couldn’t handle them, I would not be feeling pity for Obama in the least.

    2. I have never and will never feel sorry for Michael Vick.
      Anyone who ever felt sorry for this individual is hopelessly lost.
      I have never pitied a President and I will never pity a President.
      …just so we understand one another.

      1. I don’t think Mike Lester is implying that he pitied Michael Vick. I certainly don’t, but I think Lester is correct that many of the low information public were herded into that position. We have to face the ugly truth of what we’re up against, but I don’t think it will work for Obama even though he has 100 times the public relations power that Vick and the sports networks have.

      1. Reuters had him at 39% a few weeks ago. My guess is that it is in the thirties considering a 3 or 4 point margin of error. NBC/WSJ gave him the benefit of doubt.

    3. I never felt a scintilla of pity or empathy for some idiot who dashed healthy dogs to the ground with all his might to break their backs. Nor do I for the BFL we have in office. But you may be right–I am just one person. Still, I think of that woman in the pink suit standing behind him yesterday clapping her hands off and I just about barf.

  4. “We were under the impression that it was ready to go. We had – the president to his credit, almost seven weeks out, was saying, “Are we ready?”

    To his credit? The One gets praise for asking less than two months before the Big Launch if the program is ready to go?

    I guess they have to find something to praise him about.

  5. Biden must have skipped grammar classes: He actually said “Neither he and I are technology geeks.”???

    Should be: Neither he nor I is a technology geek.

    Not that anyone noticed or cared but the English teacher in me had to say something. I feel better now. Thanks.

  6. Wasn’t it Obama who was so tied to his Backberry when he got into office he refused to give it up so they had to make him a secured one? Seems he has a working enough knowledge of technology to me to understand when a web site works and when it doesn’t.

    1. He had a “Reggie” who handled his Blackberry. Alas Reggie is gone (as far as we know), to his credit maybe he was the “techno” geek?

  7. IMO:
    Somewhere among the “55” contractors who were charged with building this site, is a conservative faction that monkeyed with the code. There has to be at least one geek who was appalled at what they were supposed to produce in the name of health-care.
    Sabotage or patriotism, anger at the government or self-interest?

    It’s hard to imagine that experienced coders couldn’t come up with a functioning website in three years lead time. This wasn’t new science being invented, it was using proven methods that have produced some of the most complicated websites.

    If the WhiteHouse knew the site didn’t work as planned, but made the questionable decision to go ahead with the rollout, they must have had some mysterious purpose that isn’t visible. If they didn’t know it doesn’t work, but were let to believe it did, then heads should roll.
    You don’t have to be a “geek’ to know if something works or not.

    1. In defense of contractors we don’t know what kind of conflicting and nebulous specifications were mandated into the design work. Which is why gvmt rarely accomplishes much.

      1. I agree; the whoevers kept changing what they wanted done and how they wanted the clients to see what was available.
        No engineer of anything could produce a product when the specs keep changing week to week.

        My point is that among the 100’s or even 1,000’s of coders or support staff there is bound to be some hackers who honed their skills by infiltrating some government site or other.
        It only takes a short time to insert a line of code that diverts traffic or installs a back door to future hackers.
        Who was overseeing the coders, who was checking the code every day for errors; no one it seems.
        The whole enterprise was typical government cluster-bust.

        1. I hope someone will sabotoge it forever! The American government is not supposed to force its citizens to buy what they want us to buy? This is insanity and it its sabotage, keep it going forever — I can’t believe i feel this way but i do, enough of this idiot in the White House — someone has to stand up to this liar and criminal.

      2. A gov contractor called Rush the other day explaining that most contracts with the government fail and there’s a reason for that. Wish I remembered exactly what he said. No Bid contracts are the most corrupt which was another point he brought up.

          1. Also, what’s her name said there was no penalty clause–those are pretty standard. She intimated that they might not make the last progress payments–but it was vague.

        1. Third world countries use a lot of no bid contracts. If you see a no bid contract that is won by a Buddy Love (the Nutty Professor’s alter ego) you’ll know we have become as dumb as the third tier countries. Don’t laugh, this is really happening right now in America.

  8. I’m not sure but doesn’t that contradict what Baghdad Jay said earlier that Barry wasn’t even remotely aware of anything about the web site before go-live?

  9. That would be all fine and dandy except for the fact that Obama has touted his technology prowess from the very beginning. His blackberry, Ipad, etc all he used to show America how “smart” and “savy” this new “clean cut, articulate” President would be.

  10. We had a chance to elect Carol Mosely Braun as President and the ride would have been so much better. She would tell you something like our job is to reward of friends and punish our enemies and that would be it. Instead we get a mainstream center right President that wants to make everyone happy and preside over the greatest post recession boom in modern history. Wow i keep having that dream with Carol in the White House. She along with general Sheila Jackson Lee are national treasures and role models for what Obama can emulate in the next three years.

    1. too funny! I was going to start writing up my nightmare Cabinet (it was going to include Alan “The Republicans want you to die” Grayson) but then I realized the one we have right now is worse than anything I could make up. Holder, Sebelius, Big Sis (how we’ll miss her), and the rest of the gang, all led by ValJar? ick.

  11. Oh my. Don’t be alarmed, this kind of thing happens to the best of us.
    Find some reruns of the “Three Stooges” to enjoy, and a generous dollop of JD in a soothing cup of tea will dispell these ideas.
    We got your back, @Dlw.

  12. “was told “by the pros”

    Wouldn’t that have been Pinch-faced Sillybus? Didn’t she say she received progress reports (or whatever you want to call them)? This would be a fine indication that she should be fired for inability to keep her superiors apprised. I know…..wishful thinking.

    “The website crashed almost immediately after going live.”

    Come on, Keith. Surely you caught the testimony. The system has never crashed. It just transitioned to error mode.

  13. It is a standard of socialism that all is ok, as long as it does not affect me. This is true whether it is healthcare or your choice of cars. It’s the old, at first they came for the Jews…

    It’s personal now.

    1. He used the right language but he said it wrong. They are both geeks, liberal geeks, the worst kind there is. May they rot in hell for what they are doing to the American people and they will.

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