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Sebelius Apologizes for Website Rollout

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today apologized for the disastrous performance of the Obamacare website, telling a House panel that America “deserves better” than what it got.

You deserve better. I apologize. I’m accountable to you for fixing these problems and I’m committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site.

Sebelius said the problems with the site are “fixable.”

Here’s her opening statement, in which she apologizes.

37 thoughts on “Sebelius Apologizes for Website Rollout”

    1. No–no fall, at least not in my opinion. I watched a few minutes–still the woebegone face, the other dude defense, the hands flapping around, the evasions (maybe some people did sign up, I won’t know for weeks).

      1. Exactly – the website is not the real problem. We probably shouldn’t even focus on it becuase once it is fixed (which will happen eventually), we really don’t want it celebrated as a victory. It’s just a tool is a completely illogical healthcare design.

        1. Not only illogical but also a fraud perpetrated on the public. More and more Democrats are now admitting that they never wanted private insurance to be an option but were intent on single payer.

          1. Yes, unapologetically rejoice in the failure of the website, but more importently, rejoice and help bring about the failure of ObamaCare as a whole.

          2. If it completely flops–what about those who are in cancer treatment, facing an operation, disabled kids requiring constant care–already dropped. Or retirees dropped. Or people who will be herded into the exchanges next yr under the employer mandate (those without Obama hall passes). Or just people who want insurance to sleep at night? The system, juryrigged as it was, is already squashed and frankly I don’t think these people have the smarts to fix what they did.

          3. It needs to completely flop as in massively flopping. Repealed, squashed, smashed. The whole thing is an insult to America. Rather than the government (read Obama in this case), running yet another portion of our lives, the only thing Congress needs to do is make sure that tort reform is passed and that insurers can compete from state to state for people’s business. We already have Medicare and Medicaid for the elderly and those who are low income. If the income thresholds for Medicaid need to be raised to accommodate a tier of people that currently do not meet those thresholds and yet still could not afford insurance, then they can look at that.

          4. What people are you referring to?
            If Medicare services the elderly, and Medicaid services the poor, and tort reform and interstate healthcare purchasing is permitted so people can buy affordable coverage for themselves, and there are still a portion of employer sponsored plans, what people are you referring to?

          5. What people–the millions who have already gotten the letter, the retirees who have gotten the letter (may not be Medi age), the millions who get the letter when the employer mandate cuts in and way before the Congress will repeal this and put in tort and state line and that stuff, which won’t even solve all this….

  1. “You deserve better” –

    Same old manipulative language employed by aka Obama. The good news is that their playbook has been exhausted, and we know what’s in it.

    As for “earning’ back our confidence, right. Since when did she ever have it?

  2. Sibelius has brought a good strategy to the hearings. Very courteous, deferential, and non-combative. She hasn’t really said much of substance. Where Republicans have scored points, the Dems Obamacare commercials have overshadowed that.

    Nothing that’s really a big story, except perhaps her refusal to provide enrollment figures, but with a new excuse (“reliability”).

      1. I agree. She took a little grief , but on the whole it was more another campaign spot for the glorious Obamacare.
        They never touched her. Either she’s that slippery, or the Repubs have given up.

        The bad guys here are the Repubs who did everything they could to ruin this marvelous takeover, from defunding to shutting down the government. NO Repub laid anything on their fellow Dems for pushing this hated program down the throats of Americans, not one finger pointed at any Dem.

        I really think they’re all in cahoots with each other and the R or D mean absolutely nothing in DC.

  3. “If you speak out, if you are quoted, you’re gonna’ get a call from the White House, pressure to be quiet.”

    They’re being told to shut up about the “clarifications” to Obamacare made after FCMABBHO signed the bill, “clarifications” that are now resulting in millions of people being kicked off their insurance plans. Insurance executives warned FCMABBHO about the fall out but the administration ignored them. Why are they shutting up? Because last year, the federal government backed 48 per cent of private plans, and the number will keep growing.

  4. America deserves better than what they got with the election of Barack Obama. You cannot apologize for that Sebelius.
    America got stiffed, got the sh!t end of the stick, got conned, got duped, most likely has a terminal illness now b/c of The Liar-in-Chief

  5. Anyone hear the hot mike moment when Sebelius said,”Don’t do this to me”? It was after she said it would be illegal for her to join an exchange because she is already covered by her employer. I’m guessing one of her aides clued her in she was wrong.

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  7. How is she accountable? She won’t get fired, nothing will happen to her that will make her accountable? She won’t even have to have Obamacare. Just saying accountable with no accountability. An Obama puppet who likes to kill babies and old people (death panels, remember? that she created). She should go to hell with her love of abortion and death.

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