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Obama Video || If you Like Your Insurance, Keep It!

A little trip down memory lane. Note the certainty, the confidence, the lack of ambiguity.

You like? You keep! This doesn’t affect you. ‘Nuff said.

26 thoughts on “Obama Video || If you Like Your Insurance, Keep It!”

  1. BHO is a highly developed narcissist and, typically, a sociopath. He was raised in an unstructured way with little, if any, emphasis on personal responsibility, but strong emphasis on being a victim.
    He has risen without a trace, achieving nothing by his own effort. If so, he should produce his academic records and personal history.
    There was a movie in the late ’50s or early ’60s titled “The Man Who Never Was.” It was a probable fictional account of a cypher created chiefly by British intelligence to mislead Axis intelligence. One cannot help but wonder whether BHO is a physical manifestation of a similarly fabricated persona.

    1. He is something, that’s for sure. He stood in front of the camera and a crowd of people in Boston today then lied, just flat-out lied.
      He didn’t fudge the truth, or spin the story, he lied.
      He had to know he was lying.

      Drudge has linked to a piece on that examines why MrO’s polls have dropped lower than ever.
      If we ever think we’re alone, that no one else sees what we see, then the comments (1,500 when I logged off) will change everyone’s mind.

      1. I just got off that website on Politico and the comments are close to 3000 now. SRDEM65 is correct about not being alone. My mother always told me that you can tell when a person is lying by looking into his eyes. There is no question in this case; his body language is telling.

    1. “If you speak out, if you are quoted, you’re gonna’ get a call from the White House, pressure to be quiet.”

      They’re being told to shut up about the “clarifications” to Obamacare made after FCMABBHO signed the bill, “clarifications” that are now resulting in millions of people being kicked off their insurance plans. Insurance executives warned FCMABBHO about the fall out but the administration ignored them. Why are they shutting up? Because last year, the federal government backed 48 per cent of private plans, and the number will keep growing.

    2. Yes Denise, the insurance CEO he just met with on the 23rd were just thrown under the bus. But like I said on another thread here, their all just “bumps in the road”. Or in Boston, we called the “potholes” (and man there is always allot of them!)

  2. The President unveiled his Affordable Car Act today.

    Consumers will no longer be allowed to purchase Fords because they are crap. Instead they will be required to purchase Lincolns.

    Consumers will no longer be allowed to purchase Cheverolets because they are crap. Instead they will be required to purchase Cadillacs. GMC in a simultaneousl announcement said they were introducing the Caddilac Thunder Bolt for the hordes of people looking for totally electric cars.

    When asked about cars manufactured by Chrysler, Honda and Toyota, the President said they were all banned because they are crap, manufactured by foreign owned companys.

    The President said, the Affordable Car Act will insure that all Americans will be able to drive better cars at lower prices.

  3. I have to admit. I have had a smile on my face the past few weeks while this so called Affordable Care Act implodes into the abyss. I love this video…….PERIOD!

    Hannity just played video from Featuring Linda Douglas who was WH Director of Health Reform. Here is a link to Politico of them attacking Drudge for falsely repoting that Obamacare will eliminate Private Health Insurance Plans. Boy, Drudge was right again! Linda Douglas was a former ABC Correspondent. Another person who was supposed to be objective working for the Administration.

    When are the Republicans going to subpoena Michelle’s Roomate from Princeton along with the Vacuous Cipher’s daughter and SIL. CSPAN could become pay per view and reduce the deficit!

    1. All day I’ve been hearing the liberal spin that the only policies being canceled or replaced are “substandard” plans. Total BS! I had a great plan which has been replaced by garbage.

  4. President Clinton’s lies, threw himself, under’The Desk”! Which took him through impeachment proceedings.. President BO’s lies, throws his Cabinet Members, Former Presidents, Murdered Ambassadors and The American Taxpayers under “The I’m Not Responsible Bus”. Impeachment Anyone?Anyone?????

    1. Not while his loyal subjects control the Senate. Heck you can’t even get a jobs bill across Harry Reid’s desk. No way is impeachment going anywhere until there is a majority of Republicans.

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