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The Obama Morning News || October 30, 2013

Sorry this is up late. I’ve already posted several articles this morning below.

Obama expressed annoyance to Sebelius . . . The Hill
Why Obama won’t fire her, though . . . National Journal
Obama’s insurance claim patently false
. . . Washington Post
Dems concede Obama oversold promise . . . Examiner
Obama to stress Obamacare’s success . . . New York Times
Rand Paul reveals Obama’s “biggest whopper” . . . Politico
Paul to block Yellen nomination . . . Poltico
Bad behavior at wasteful VA conference . . . Examiner
No hope for big budget bargain . . . Christian Science Monitor
Michelle’s initiatives tied to big business . . . Politico

20 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || October 30, 2013”

  1. May I add another teensy headline? Quinnipiac poll has McAuliffe down to only 4 point lead. (WaPo has it at 12. Lies, lies, all around.)

    1. I’m right behind you, Julie, with another teensy headline:

      Social Security’s COLA increase will be a paltry 1.5% this year. Once again, Obama give the bird to seniors, disabled vets, and the walkiing wounded.

      “Since 1975, annual Social Security raises have averaged 4.1 percent. Only six times have they been less than 2 percent, including three of the past five years. This year’s increase was 1.7 percent. There was no COLA in 2010 or 2011 because inflation was too low.”

        1. I’m being anecdotal, but I am a retiree and my gas bills are going to hike 12% in January as well as my supplemental insurance going up 30%. How much will Medicare go up in January? 1.5% doesn’t begin to cover it.

          1. It’s ridiculous. Food and energy prices are not included in the CPI (Consumer’s Price Index). Heard something yesterday about $16 gallons of milk on the East coast. Of course, it’s being subsidized by taxpayers.

            As for Medicare – I read that there will be no increases next year.

          2. The Medicare deductible will remain at $147. but the hospital deductible will rise – I think I read to $32.

            COLA absolutely doesn’t reflect reality. Here’s my handy dandy inflation calculator. Inflation 2012-13 is 2% not 1.5%. Then there’s that difference between Cost of Living and Cost of Existing Index.


          3. You were right the first time. However, the first person pronoun goes second when it’s the subject, such as “My friends and I….”

          4. A friend just told me her grocery bill has increased 27% over this past year. She kept all her old receipts and compared prices for the same foods she always buys. That’s a significant increase IMHO.

    2. Very remarkable that Cuccinelli is so close since the RINO establishment is giving him zip, zero, nada support in fighting all the big money leftists like Nanny Bloomberg and Planned Parenthood (aka Abortion Central). I sent what little I could to the Cuccinelli campaign, but it all depends on Virginians now. If they are happy being serfs to the leviathan they will vote accordingly.

      1. There are 5% still undecided and 9% voting Libertarian. Cuccinelli has already taken 1% away from the Libertarian. A few more points from both categories could do it. I won’t blame all of VA if he loses because you can see it’s pretty close to an even split. Half of the state is on the right side.

        I really hate to see the Libertarians and the conservatives split. Their differences are small compared to their differences with the RINOs.

  2. If you speak out, if you are quoted, you’re gonna’ get a call from the White House, pressure to be quiet.”

    They’re being told to shut up about the “clarifications” to Obamacare made after FCMABBHO signed the bill, “clarifications” that are now resulting in millions of people being kicked off their insurance plans. Insurance executives warned FCMABBHO about the fall out but the administration ignored them. Why are they shutting up? Because last year, the federal government backed 48 per cent of private plans, and the number will keep growing.

  3. “Obama expressed annoyance to Sebelius . . . The Hill
    Why Obama won’t fire her, though . . . National Journal”

    This has always been pretty simple. At SOME point, if all the underlings are incompetent, it would seem to suggest that the guy doing the hiring is MORE incompetent…

    Firing Ms. Gilligan or any other underling would be tatamount to an admission that he is less than perfect. Can’t have that, can we?

    Besides, there’s a fine Democrat tradition of hirelings “taking responsibility” with no apparent consequences, a trick that Obama may have learned from Bill Clinton’s handling of mass murderer Janet Reno…

    Also, these folks obviously know where the bodies are buried. The only way to keep them from talking if they become butt-hurt by him suggesting that THEY actually have, you know, responsibilities and stuff, would be by either kicking them upstairs or having them murdered. While he’s a big fan of illegal drone strikes (not ME calling them that, ask Amnesty International, it might make the REST of the palace guard nervous if his minions started getting bad cases of spontaneous combustion; and he can’t arrage a Benghazi-style attack for EVERYONE, so it’s just easier to let it go and blame George Bush, Racism, Teas, und so weiter…

    Anyway, she’s just doing his bidding. If the objective was to make a workable health insurance system, it obviously failed.

    I don’t believe that was ever the purpose.

    It’s SUPPOSED to fail. Then, the problem is SO huge and the LIVs are SO scared, they call upon the GOVERNMENT THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE to fix it…by giving them MORE power!

    Governments throught history have had concern for their “residents” well-being. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, though…

    “The Nazi regime used nationalist arguments, with the mandatory Hitler Youth program having slogans such as “it is your duty to be in good health” and “your body belongs to the Nation”, “you belong to the Fuhrer”. The Nazis used these arguments in the first ever propaganda campaign against smoking tobacco.”

    Sounds a little familiar, nicht wahr?

    It’s NEVER been about “Health”. It’s about power.

    And in terms of securing THAT for her boss “By Any Means Necessary”, K. Sillypus Gilligan is right in the center of her Boss’ will.

    I’d say her job’s pretty safe – or at least as safe as The Angry Caliph’s job is, anyway…

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