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Obama Has “Complete Confidence” in Sebelius

President Obama is sticking with besieged HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, despite the massive Obamacare website fail she oversaw.

According to Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

The President has complete confidence in Secretary Sebelius. She has been responsible, as she pointed out, for the broader implementation of the Affordable Care Act . . . She took responsibility for many of the problems that are evident with the website, but she also deserves credit for the other aspects of the Affordable Care Act implementation that have gone well.

Earnest spoke to reporters aboard Air Force One on its way to Boston, where Obama will deliver remarks on Obamacare and attend a fundraiser.

44 thoughts on “Obama Has “Complete Confidence” in Sebelius”

  1. Sebelius will be fine. It was all theater, again, today. She was well coached, didn’t lose it, make any major mistakes, we’ll forget about this like we have the others, right?

        1. Wouldn’t they have to pass a different law? Naw, not those characters. Obama is already making changes without Congressional votes.

    1. Although I’m a silent dissenter of this legislation, you’re argument doesn’t work considering that Gay men routinely now can adopt a child and as such can be afforded maternity rights.

      1. Yes the argument does work.
        The fact that gay men can adopt a child is an abomination.
        It is the result of a society that has fallen from the tenets that we were supposed to adhere to.
        The LGBT effort to ruin the morality of this Country has got to be stopped.
        They are ruining the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, the Churches, and the military.
        And it is condoned and promoted by the White House.
        Abortion is permitted and recommended.
        The destruction of this Country is underway, and we are watching it unfold before our eyes.

      2. why would 2 married men need maternity insurance?
        neither can have a baby.
        They can adopt a child but that’s child medical insurance.
        They can’t even provide insurance to a mother who is their surrogate because they can only be married to one person

        A single woman of 65 doesn’t need maternity insurance.

  2. Romney tried over and over to contact the WH to advise them of the pit-falls of RomneyCare. His calls went unanswered. Now, the coward-in-chief is going to use Romney just like he used Steve Jobs. Wonder when this trip to MA was staged, er…planned….

  3. It never ends. Just turned on the TV – Fox. Obama. Obamacare. Adoring smiling groupies. My sound is off. My tv will be off in a minute.

    We are becoming another socialist/fascist country — call it what you will . It is not America. It is not the a free Republic.

    1. He just said the “marketplace is open now”. And they cheered, and clapped…they’re so happy!

      Then he qualifies it by saying it’s not working right, so apply by mail or phone. good grief.

      1. I left too soon.
        He claims that young people can get this comprehensive insurance for “less than $50 bucks per month, others for about $100 bucks”.
        He’s spouting percentages of how many people are now covered in some states…how does he know that?
        More clapping, happy shouts.
        He’s now claiming that this works because “we” all will pay more in taxes, $250,000 will pay a “little more”.
        Yay, the crowd is happy!

        OMG, he’s going to explain why people are losing their current insurance…”cut rate plans” “bad apple insurers” “jacked-up premiums” “substandard plans” Butt…..”we said you have to replace them with ……he’s lying through his teeth, he’s lost his mind.
        Changing the channel, can’t take no more.

          1. Maybe the best thing to do is just provide him with more and more opportunities to speak and just spin himself into a whirling dervish of indefensible lies.

            Under pressure he becomes so enamored with it all that he just spews nonsense rhetoric. That’s what agitators do. The truth, facts etc. are irrelevant. And unless the media and the public and reality call him on it it will continue.

            But worse than this man is every single politician and believer who either know or do not care that this is unsustainable.

          2. Just more thoughts on MrO’s weird speech today;
            Does he really believe what he’s telling the public, does he believe that all they have to do is go buy new insurance and all will be well?
            He told the crowd out and out lies, lies that not 3hours earlier had been exposed by MrsSillybus herself.
            He claimed to know how much someone will pay for this magic healthcare insurance and there is no one out there who can prove it’s true by their own enrollment.
            There’s something wrong with this guy, something more than the usual politician’s happy talk.

        1. the sad thing is that all of us could debate him better than the Republicans (with some exceptions) could.

          So he’s the hero, coming in with the best insurance plans for everyone…making everything better.
          better cars.
          better health
          better homes
          better skies
          better clothes
          better toilet paper
          better energy power
          better magazine subscriptions
          better pancakes
          better pencils
          better computers
          better everything
          for less money. all we have to do is bow down before him and the rest of the political tyrants.

        2. hmm interesting, he just had a meeting with insurers on Oct 23rd, and he makes a statement – ”cut rate plans” “bad apple insurers” “jacked-up premiums” “substandard plans” .. wow, talking about throwing the insurance CEO’s under a bus. Oh wait, I’m sorry, it was just a “bump in the road”.

  4. The beltway barnacles need to pull their heads out of the sand and see the totalitarian regime facing US.

    “Everybody’s caught up in whether Obama knows the details of this or not, and I’m just gonna tell you: He doesn’t care. These guys have a different agenda. The chaos is what’s crucial here, and with every new day of chaos they’re closer to what they really want, which is single payer. And if the Republicans don’t understand that, they can nail Sebelius all day long and they’re not gonna accomplish anything.” -Rush

    1. sadly, because of all the chaos, everyone has lost focus on all the other “phony” crisis still flopping around out there. But remember, BO & MO’s Magical Christmas tour is fast approaching, budget and debt ceiling be dammed.

    1. Wow, from WaPo too. I still say Sebelius is safe, she was a good little soldier today playing theater with the evil Republicans. Other than flag officers, who else in this administration has actually been fired ?

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