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Obama Boston Visit Presents Security Nightmare

President Obama’s visit to Boston today presents the city with a security nightmare, with thousands of police officers required from 40 communities to handle Obama’s late afternoon fundraiser and then his departure from the city – as well as the World Series game that starts soon after.

Obama will be in Boston today for a speech on Obamacare and a fundraiser for Congressional Democrats. It’s the fundraiser, which doesn’t start until 5:35 pm, that presents the biggest headache. That, along with his scheduled departure from Logan Airport at 6:50 pm, puts him right in the middle of rush hour and the mass influx of fans coming to watch the Boston Red Sox take on the St. Louis Cardinals. Game time is scheduled for 8:07 pm.

Boston officials are deeply concerned and are scrambling to get the city prepared, according to the Boston Globe.

“The message is consistent, it’s simple, it’s clear,” said city Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin. “If you’re coming into the city of Boston, we still encourage you to take public transportation. There is a lot happening in downtown Boston.”

According to the Globe, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said Obama informed him that he “hopes” to leave the city by 7 pm but warned that he may be running late. The president is not known for his promptness.

“We informed the White House that we have a baseball game coming up,” Menino joked.

But police are also preparing for the possibility that Obama might decide to make an appearance at Fenway Park. Officials are praying he doesn’t, since it would make the game “a logistical nightmare,” in the words of one law enforcement official.

Obama is often known to tie up traffic while raising money, particularly in New York City, where his frequent stops for cash in 2012 during rush hour regularly inconvenienced the city. But the presence of a fundraising president in a major city during rush hour and a World Series game is uncharted territory.

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    1. These people are obviously under the mistaken impression that Obama actually gives a damn about how his actions cause harm to others. A big bowl of narcissism with a hefty topping of sociopath to go along with it.

  1. Traffic in Boston on any day at that time is horrendous, having his dog and pony show in the middle of that, and the world series will make it total gridlock. We are just the little people though, the lowly taxpayer and he could no doubt, care less.

  2. Maybe he can stand outside Fenway and hand out insurance non renewal notices with game 6 programs. Sort of like the prize inside the Cracker Jack box.

  3. He cancelled his junket to Indonesia during the partial shutdown, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to cancel this trip.
    He has political points to gain if he makes it known that he is more concerned about the WorldSeries and Boston, or however they would choose to spin this.

  4. Real Presidents don’t schedule fundraising events in major urban centers at rush hour during World Series playoffs. Only God can do this unscathed.

  5. I really don’t know what the Red Sox were thinking. Didn’t they check Big Guy’s schedule before they scheduled these games? And they should just postpone this game, it’s only the World Series. It’s so important for the country and Boston to hear what he has to say.

    *Disclaimer* The above is totally sarcastic in case there are any trolls lurking.

  6. “Obama Boston Visit Presents Security Nightmare” – Keith Koffler

    Hmm. I’m not in any way correcting our host, but I can see a couple of other ways to mod this to start other threads.

    How about:
    “Obama …Presents Security Nightmare”

    This could be one about his associations with known terrorists; his shady background information that is contained in sealed record, if it exists at all; his apparent affinity for Sunni Islam including telegraphing American intentions, giving them firm dates that we’ll leave, and even using OUR military assets against Shi’ites on their behalf, in addition to leaks on just about everthing; or “security” in a more general sense of creating a national security vacuum between his open borders, unverifiable voting rolls, and hollowing out and demoralizing of the military at every opportunity.

    “Obama Visit Presents Nightmare”

    This could apply anywhere he goes a’camaigning, because of the traffic issues his posse causes; his shallow photo-ops with human props in whatever overe is distracting the nation from Benghazi and Obamacare; his record of speaking at factories that subsequently close because of the economy he wrecked; and just generally having someone that arrogant and full of hatred for at least half of “his” nation in YOUR neghborhood; and this doesn’t even get into the staggering costs to taxpayers of vacations for ‘Shell and the kids in foreign lands…

    Or maybe, simply,
    “Obama … Presents … Nightmare”

    This would be for ALL Americans, whatever they do or wherever they are, even his LIVs (although they will just blame it on Bush, racism, what have you…). It’s like having a bad dream where an America-hating Islamic foreigner was elected as President mainly because of his race, then goes on to weaken the nation in every way from its military to its economy, its health care systems, claiming ownership of our very bodies including the Federal Government’s “right” to decide who lives and dies, overriding religious liberties, and devastating its very founding documents while claming the right to kill people on his own say-so alone, waging war all by himself, using Federal agencies to harass his own citizens and dividing the nation at every opportunity – only to wake up and find out it’s true.

    Yup. I think the last one sums it best. Obama…presents…nightmare.

    I know, totally OT. Just can’t get myself to care about another pointless, taxpayer-funded Imperial Obama visit, and had some venting to do, so apologies to Mr. Koffler, but thanks for letting me vent…

    1. He will think they are all dying to see him anyway, it all went to his head, this whole presidency, money, power, getting even, etc., etc., the guy is useless.

  7. I’m not familiar with the logistics in Boston, but why doesn’t he helicopter from portal to portal? Doesn’t MarineOne travel with him on every jaunt? No one needs a 40 vehicle motorcade, sirens blasting, and a city that virtually shuts down as a reminder that He Won! He’s disgusting!

      1. I just read a book about Henry VIII and his court. Seems there are a few similarities between the personalities. Henry would not go anywhere without his full court and escorts, as well as half the household goods. Must have been a pretty impressive group, just like Barry’s motorcades.

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  10. I hope he gets killed. I watched a little bit of a re-run of Obomination’s speech about fake medical care today and I swear he looked stoned out of his mind, on drink? or drug? His eyes looked black and almost crossed. Maybe I’m wrong but he didn’t look right to me. I kept watch for a few minutes even though I hate his voice and after watching him, I really think he may have been stoned.

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