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Live Stream || Sebelius Testimony Before House Committee

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22 Responses to Live Stream || Sebelius Testimony Before House Committee

  1. Just reading along with those watching so I don’t have to, so did she really blame the Republicans plan for being so much worse ?

    Last I heard, the GOP wants to make insurance companies more competitive and cap malpractice awards which would help the docs with those premiums. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Amerika is in deep doo doo. She was very bold in her assertion that this was the law. The law of the land.

    But Obama — he can tweak and amend and act as he sees fit.

    And oh yeah — that penalty — it applie

  3. Pretty much the dems are running this show and beating on the Republicans. Mike Rogers went after her on security and got raked across the political coals.

    This makes it very partisan and not that helpful. There is however a real smell of desperation and hold at all costs from the Dems.

    • Yup, they do seem to be running the show. All of their questions are designed to help her look good, blame the republicans & the insurance companies for cancelling the existing plans while yawning & making it sound so simple that the folks just have to go shop around.

      I’d like to hear someone ask “If their plans were to be ‘grandfathered’ under ACA, then why aren’t they? Why are they cancelled?” Was that question answered & I missed it?

  4. If Sebilius claims she wasn’t aware, then she’s just like the POTUS. Rampant ‘plausible deniability’ issues throughout this cancer plagued executive branch.

  5. It’s funny to see the Demo-Repub party of one hearings. This appears to be a “we against them” political struggle. Actually it’s a scripted theater presentation. Very nice acting today. Great facade everyone.