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Carney Blames Insurers for False Obama Claim

In a surprising turnaround, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Tuesday jettisoned Monday’s tacit acknowledgement that President Obama had erred in promising Americans they could keep their health care plans under Obamacare, now saying Obama was correct because his claim applied only to those policies purchased before the law was signed, and that plans purchased afterward and then changed were the responsibility of insurers.

Plans in existence before Obamacare became law March 23, 2010, could be “grandfathered in” and not subject to standards required under Obamacare, according to Carney, and it was these plans Obama was referring to when he made statements like, “If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health-care plan. Period.”

But Obama repeatedly claimed that people could keep their plans without caveating that it would only apply to those who purchased them before Obamacare became law. What’s more Obama continued to make the claim well after the law was signed – including during the 2012 campaign – and using the present tense.

According to Carney, insurers bear the responsibility for disappointment with the president’s statements:

As written, the law granted a grandfather status to individuals who had insurance on the individual market before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and kept that insurance and wanted to keep it for as long as they were alive, if the insurer wanted to have them on that plan.

But if the insurer, last year or the year before or earlier this year, told — let’s say, it’s you — that guess what, your plan that you signed up for for a year, we’re changing . . . in terms of the agency here, I think the insurer is making the decision to basically cancel the plan and reissue or offer the individual a new plan with different benefits or different costs.  So the insurer makes that call, and made that call over the course of the — since the passage of the Affordable Care Act . . .

Here’s the video:

Carney’s rejiggered spin comes just a day after he basically acknowledged that the president was wrong by not contesting an assertion by Ed Henry of Fox News that “the president sold it as if you have a plan, you’ll get to keep it.  And that’s not true.” Instead, Carney Monday emphasized that people’s new plans would be better than the ones they lost.

Carney Tuesday declined to even acknowledge that Obama could have put it better, as you can see from the video below.

23 thoughts on “Carney Blames Insurers for False Obama Claim”

  1. …and the “Red Line” idea in Syria didn’t come from Obama, just like the idea for the sequester came from “somewhere else”, probably George Bush…

    Must be nice to be able to rewrite your own history any time you want. I don’t think anyone’s suprised by such defections any more, though…

    1. Even nicer to have a compliant media — many of whom came from his own ranks — ready, willing and (unfortunately for US) able to repeat his claims as the gospel.

    1. Who was that one white-hair member who leapt to his feet to scream at Republicans–I wonder if his juicy Congressional policy has anger management. (Mika looked like she wanted to date him.)

  2. Soon after Obamacare passed, our insurance (Tricare for retired military) contacted us and said we’d be paying higher premiums/copays/deductibles per the new law. We still liked it, so we kept it. We had no choice, compared to civilian plans, we’re still getting a better deal, but we were still mad about it. It had nothing to do with better coverage, but to cover the costs of the insurer to flop over to the Ocare rules.

    I still don’t understand it, but my husband fears it’s the being of the end of military coverage as we know it (and earned it after 30 years active duty). Joining Forces, eh Michelle and your fake troop support.

  3. But…but… but… didn’t the insurance companies Have to make changes to policies, due to requirements in the ACA? And once they made changes, the policies were no longer “grandfaher” eligible? Maybe I misunderstood.

    I swear… we can make cotton candy, this spin machine is going so fast.

  4. When I heard the HHS Secretary dissemble about this in her testimony my “take away” was: If you had a plan you could keep it as long as it remained in effect without a need to renew. But if the plan needed to be renewed and it did not comply with Obamacare rules (that is provide you with the services Obama wants you to have), then the plan could not legally be sold/renewed.

    1. My take is that no existing plan was in full compliance – therefore higher premiums/deductibles or….ACA.
      What a bunch of…BS.
      And to think this was all created by a small percentage of the population who needed healthcare assurance due to pre-existing conditions.
      Why oh why could we not have provided for just those people?
      Shame on this administration and all who were involved in this historic legislative piece of crap. Shame on all of you.

      1. Yes, a national high risk pool would have been effective–and with this we will still have 31 million–or more–uninsured. So what was the point? Oh–to take from those who have a $1.10 and give to those who don’t.

        1. I don’t think Obama needs a point — he’s just consumed with himself — hating the U.S. and wanting reparations for his people??? It would have been cheaper to just give healthcare to the people who couldn’t afford it? But it would be too easy and not enough drama for Obama? I just think Obama is mental — off his rocker. He’s a horror — its all coming out now — maybe he gets off on all of us being upset, he gets his jollies maybe — maybe he just likes all the attention, even bad attention — but it is costing our country our freedom and liberty to choose what we want do in a lot of areas. Nobody is doing anything to stop him? So, we will get what we voted for. Doesn’t seem that anyone is stopping Obama, Holder, this baby-killer Sebellius and the others???

  5. Plans change every yr–this or that–so they were justified I guess in dumping people–but Obama did put it present tense–If you LIKE your plan–now–Like. So that is a..what do the kids call it?–a lie. Also–some of their surrogates are saying the plans that dumped people were just tiny little barebones things such as fast food people offer their employees–and that is not true! The 10 requirements for a plan are ridiculously rich–maternity, mental, substance, dental, probably gyms, chiros, nutritionists, astrologers, etc, I don’t even know.

  6. Finally, the right thread!

    “If you speak out, if you are quoted, you’re gonna’ get a call from the White House, pressure to be quiet.”

    They’re being told to shut up about the “clarifications” to Obamacare made after FCMABBHO signed the bill, “clarifications” that are now resulting in millions of people being kicked off their insurance plans. Insurance executives warned FCMABBHO about the fall out but the administration ignored them. Why are they shutting up? Because last year, the federal government backed 48 per cent of private plans, and the number will keep growing.

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  8. Well, I was wondering whose fault this would be. Clearly is wasn’t Obama’s fault, since he’s never wrong. I was suspicious that it might be John Boehner’s fault, or Sarah Palin’s, or the Tea Party’s, or even George Bush’s fault. But knowing it’s really the insurance company’s fault for doing as the law requires really makes me feel better.

  9. Keith,

    I would like to call out this BS. One, Obama never added the caveat that some plans could be considered grandfathered and therefore not subject to some parts of ACA. Why would he be trying to promote plans to try to escape some of the ACA requirements by maintaining grandfathered status. It does not make sense.

    Two, in order for a plan on the individual market to retain grandfathered status it would need the following: it would only apply for individuals that had purchased the plan before March 23, 2010 (not for any individuals that purchased after March 23, 2010) and the plan would need to never change the cost to the individual.

    So what Carney is basically saying is that yeah, the insurer could have kept some plans grandfathered for those individuals that had purchased that health plan prior to March 23, 2010 and if the insurer never changed the cost of the plan to the individual ever! (As well as never making certain benefit changes).

    So really, this is something impossible to expect to happen and is not what the president meant when he said if you like your plan you can keep it.

    God, I am sick of this administration and I am sick of the media that takes this BS and runs with it. Let’s see how many media outlets truly look into what it would take for the insurance companies to maintain their grandfathered status in the individual market and how likely that would have happened. And let’s see if any media outlets point out how ridiculous it would be for the president to have said, “you can keep your plan if you like your plan as long as your insurer gets around ACA by retaining grandfather status”.

  10. You gotta laugh at Carney’s language about keeping your insurance and doctor. They sure rehearsed him as to what to say — Carney is a moron, a parrot just like all the other democrats in their Nazi party. They all repeat the same slogans, they are like robots playing the OBAMA deception, freaking communists, nothing but freaking communists, horrible what they are doing to our healthcare, jobs, coalminers, small businesses, persecution of the successful or rich as they call them. And now soon we will have a communist mayor in New York City, who is a dear friend of Hillary Clinton, the communist. The whole country is going to hell in a handbasket, all thanks to a low-life and con man in the White House.

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