In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew
12:55 pm || Departs White House
2:40 pm || Arrives Boston
3:55 pm || Delivers remarks on health care; Faneuil Hall, Boston
5:35 pm || Speaks at fundraiser for Congressional Democrats; private residence; Boston
6:50 pm || Departs Boston
8:45 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern
Live stream of HHS Secretary Sebelius testimony to Congress at 9:00 am

27 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, October 30, 2013”

  1. What? No golf? No opportunity to undo more than 200 years of American exceptionalism? I forgot! America is no more exceptional than any of those other countries; those countries people departed for America because they had no opportunities there!

  2. World Series in town too ? Nobody invited him to throw out a pitch or something? Are his fundraisin’ buds not Bosox fans? Looks like they’ll have time to get to their boxes, nevermind :D

    1. OT for Denise: I don’t know if you know or maybe don’t care, but Zogby has McAuliffe’s lead down to 5 points and says many are undecided yet. I usually don’t care for polls–unless they say something I want to hear. : – ))

    1. My people….

      I know that NBC news has come out and basically said I was a liar. And I will deal with them t some point…specially Lisa Myers and Tingle leg. But I want to remind you…I m here to get your money. So make sure you eat up…and drink more…and make sure you make out those checks to OFA…I mean….the DNC.

      Now sir…since I am here…where are that lobster quishe you were bragging about on the phone last week?

  3. He is supposed to start speaking at 3:55 pm….He has a party to attend at 5:35. I can imagine the traffic jam around that time and plus he is dealing with people going to game 6 of the world series. Probably going to be one hungry mother by the time he gets to the party, so his speech on Obamacare should be a rather short one.

    1. “He is supposed to start speaking at 3:55 pm….He has a party to attend at 5:35. I can imagine the traffic jam around that time and plus he is dealing with people going to game 6 of the world series.”


      He’s gonna’ screw up traiffic in Boston during the World Series?


  4. My “Kreskin” moment. This is getting as easy as playing Obama Bingo. ☺

    Sadie October 29, 2013 at 12:17 am
    Okay, I give. This looks like a full roster for him. Is he going out of town on Wednesday and doubling down on a Tuesday?

  5. He’s going to Boston on the day of the world series game? Is he insane? If those fans can’t get to the stadium they will find him and rip him to pieces! They’ve paid thousands of dollars for those tickets! Really, tell me he’s at least going to the game?

      1. I can’t wait to see this horrible woman I used to have as Gov twist
        in the wind. She can click her red shoes all she wants but she’s
        not coming back to KS! She will just lie and blame others but it
        will be a bit of schadenfreude:-)

  6. Hope the liar-in-chief is putting aside some campaign slush $$$ for an Impeachment Defense Fund (IDF). We’re in uncharted territory with a bona fide psychopath running loose on Pennsylvania Ave. The latest news via CNN tonight is that insurance company execs are being warned to ‘keep quiet’ – or else. Since they are now the greatest beneficiaries of Obamacare’s largesse, it’s up to the People to demand the cancellation of the ACA and the removal of the cancerous growth in the WH – Barack Hussein Obama. Unless, of course, the Bosox fans get to him first!

    1. I just read he plans to spend 75 billion??? next year to indoctrinate all 4 year olds. I hope it’s wrong but I doubt it. Head Start!

  7. The Dems are going to need all the money they can get because there are a lot of pissed off people who don’t like the way Obama has handled this health care debacle, or SNAFU as it regards government influence.

  8. “3:55 pm || Delivers remarks on health care; Faneuil Hall, Boston”

    Planning to profane yet ANOTHER of America’s revered sites are we, Hopey?

    Let’s look at just ONE of the events that made this place famous;

    “It was at Faneuil Hall in 1764 where American colonists first met to protest the Sugar Act, then again in 1765 with the passing of the Stamp Act, and in 1767 with the passing of the Townshend Acts. Samuel Adams wrote the following in response to the passing of the Stamp Act: “The freeholders & other inhabitants, being legally assembled in Faneuil Hall, to consider what steps are necessary for us to take at this alarming crisis, think it proper to communicate to you our united sentiments,” the townsmen are “particularly alarmed & astonished at the act, called the Stamp Act, by which a very grievous & we apprehend unconstitutional tax is to be laid upon the colony.” ”

    1. Stupid “Enter” key.

      Anyway, I rather like the part about “…a very grievous & we apprehend unconstitutional tax is to be laid upon the colony.” As apt a description of Obamacare as any I’ve ever heard, even to the point of “Justice” Roberts CALLING it a “Tax”, while conveniently forgetting that it was passed illegally if so, because it did not start in the House; but that’s a subject for another time….

      Or maybe he’s going for historical irony?

      “It was at meetings held at Faneuil Hall in 1773 that the “tea crisis” was discussed by Patriots such as Samuel Adams and ultimately culminated in the December 16, 1773 Boston Tea Party.”

      Yeah, Bammy, TEA PARTY. You DO know that’s where they got there NAME, don’t you? And for the same reason? Or is that your point, it’s a little victory dance of yours on the ground hallowed by those who oppose the very tyranny you represent…

      Either way, Zero, you’re a small candle with a short wick. This nation has overcome many things, as you may note as you disgrace that place with your occupancy, and we do have some experience with those who would dicate. You shall not stand forever.

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