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Jon Stewart Treats Obama Like a Buffoon

Et tu, Jon Stewart? Stewart’s not even talking about the website – he’s roasting and basting him for his leadership. This is the kind of thing liberal comedians like Stewart normally reserved for Bush

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  1. Tweety Bird also went on a rampage about Benghazi and why didn’t we rescue those four people. I think Obamacare must be such a disaster that comedians like Stewart and Matthews (sic) are jumping on the other scandals to distract from “Affordable” Health Care.

    1. You may be right, butt that would be a strange way to support or protect MrObama. Exposing him as a clueless, inept leader won’t make the mess of the ACA any less important.

      A strange storm cloud is hanging over DC now. It’s hard to see where it’s going to blow and who it will rain on.

      1. The situation with all these Barry “the buck doesn’t stop here” Obama policies and screwups is so pathetic what other option is there besides pleading ignorance? The truth certainly isn’t an option.

    1. Saw a piece where McCain said that after the primaries, a comprehensive immigration bill would be passed. That’s a threat on two levels. One, he may be implying that the conservatives in the House will be ousted, or, two, he may be implying that if the establishment is ousted, they will help the Democrats pass the bill in the lame duck session.

      1. And your estimate of their numbers is probably right, if not low.

        When Reagan signed that “really, really final, ever amnesty bill,” it was estimated that there were 1 million illegal interlopers in the nation — then 3 million came out of the shadows.

  2. Nice to see even Jon Stewart addressing the problem of our absentee POTUS. It looks like the “Limbaugh Theorem” has again been proven, but don’t look for him to get any credit from the MSM.

    Then again, MSNBC is talking about how the country is craving the “honesty” of the Clintons. (see Newsbusters for the article).

    1. That they’re even using the words honesty and Clinton in the same context ought to say something about how dishonest to the core Sir Golfsalot really is.

      Somewhere out there, Richard Nixon is doing a happy dance, because he’s about to lose his standing as “most dishonest president ever.”

    2. yea.. I saw that MSNBC posted the piece, and my mouse would not move to click on it. Knew it would be the same old LSM fluff piece. I see I was on target.

  3. I am trying to figure out why the comics and some of the press have turned on the President. Cannot be that they do not have some Republican faces to pick on. So why? is it that Obamacare is so bad that the turncoats (from the President’s perspective) cannot ignore the problems any more? Or have the Obamas done something insulting to the comics and press?

    1. Dana Milbank, no conservative he, said that it’s getting to the point where they know exactly how Carney Barker will answer the question of what Obama knew, and when he knew it. It’s going to be some variation on the theme of “not much, and when he saw it on the news, in that order.”

      Even the true believers in the press know they’re having their intelligence insulted at this point, and they’re starting not to like it all that much.

    2. I think the main reason they are turning is because their viewers and listeners are starting to find out more and more of how screwed we all are due to this administration.

      The AP story, Snowden, Obamcare, the hacks on world leaders phones, etc., are getting so much press, even in the MSM, that even the low info voter are starting to take notice.

      The real kicker in my mind is the jobs situation, and the laying off or reduction of hours that many people are starting to face. Job rolls, real jobs, are not available to many any longer, so people are wanting answers. The low info voter gets a lot of their info from the likes of Stewart, Letterman, et. al., and these guys want to keep up their ratings.

      1. I concur, but there was plenty of first term “stuff” everyone could have been talking about before last year’s election (Benghazi, et al)…instead we got crickets.

        1. Crickets, that’s a euphemism for being screwed, no? ; )

          Indeed, there were volumes to thrash about, but they decided to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  4. As much as Pres. Bush was unfairly treated , He NEVER claimed this
    “ignorance” plea as odumbo has … and just imagine if Mr. Bush had !!

  5. Good thing Stewart is a comedian and not a surgeon. The monologue was not a 100% clean cut on Obama. I counted two subtle swipes at the R’s, but at least, Stewart let him bleed a bit.

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