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Devastating: CMS Chief’s Defense of Obama Crushed

Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.) derails the cloying spin of CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, who was supposed to be administrating the Obamacare website rollout. Her deceptive attempts to lend legitimacy to President Obama’s false statements about the ability of patients to keep their doctors and insurance plans are cut right down by this no-nonsense former sheriff, who isn’t having any of it.

Have a look. From her testimony earlier today before the House Ways and Means Committee.

22 Responses to Devastating: CMS Chief’s Defense of Obama Crushed

  1. I wish he would have given her a bad time. He was way to nice
    and soft spoken. We need ” Sid Vicious” republicans to do these
    questions. The Dems have it right, just be mean, mean, mean.

      • “Then they killed grandpa.”

        I suppose that’s fair ’cause the evil Republicans already have shoved granny off the cliff.

        I just don’t understand why she said that when EVERYONE with two brain cells to rub together knows that this is not true.

      • Even a living grandfather clause wouldn’t help the people whose insurers pulled out of the individual market in their state because O-care made it a poor business decision to stay. And that was probably not an unexpected result.

  2. I would say the Dems are more frustrated, more angry than any of the Repubs. They bet their careers,and their reputations on this being set out in a smooth and reasonable manner.
    They were fed a bunch of lies about how the public would embrace this wonderful program, and so agreed to stand alongside the President as he proudly proclaimed that this ACA would be magical for the US; it would reduce the deficit, give all Americans the best health care, and make them all look like blessed Samaritans. . He lied.

    The decision to send out this hapless spokesperson to spin, deflect and just look stupid in front of the TV cameras outines what MrsSillybus will do tomorrow as she sits in that seat.

    • I haven’t seen a lot of sympathy from elected Dems for the people losing their insurance and/or having premiums doubled or tripled. I have heard Dems spinning the lie that those old policies were inferior and now the caring, compassionate government is giving us “better” plans — with costly “benefits” we don’t want and cannot possibly ever need.

      The nerve of the Dems to tell us it’s “better” for us to pay for things of no use to us is almost as galling as the cynical lies and the theft of our affordable insurance contracts.

      • It’s funny how policies that the Dems called “inferior” or similar have now evolved into “illegal” in some circles.

        This all supports the view, first put out by ValJar, that this is all the insurance companies’ fault.

  3. ABC is spinning it all according to the Democrat line (of course): i.e., Some Republicans say that people are losing their insurance, but here’s Jay Carney to enlighten us: “You can keep your policy forever as long as your insurer keeps offering your policy, but some insurers have decided to change your policy …”; then ABC helpfully adds: many people whose policies were cancelled will find they can now get a better deal!

    Oh really? Who are those people? What’s “better” about the deals now available to them? How odd that I’m only hearing from people who are paying more and/or getting less; or being forced to pay for things of no use to them.

    In what universe is it decent to force clean-living people to pay for other people’s drug-addiction treatment, for example?

    • Definitely not getting a “better deal” here…I’m self-employed and had a perfectly good plan (my choice) that will no longer exist as of January 1st. The recommended alternative features a higher monthly premium, higher deductible, and higher out-of-pocket expenses…plus I will no longer have my same doctor (he’s apparently opted out of this nonsense).

      If I want a policy anywhere near what I used to have, I’m looking at a 67% increase ($200 more per month).

      No way in hell did my old policy not meet Obamacare’s “minimum standards” – it was a perfectly good policy that I liked and now it’s gone.

  4. I heard a reasonable and knowledgeable Dem. Barcov (sp?) who said he had not voted for it, and called for a repeal or delay or whatever people are bandying about. He went on to discuss that there are problems beyond this.

    The leftist progressives will never come around to this position, but it was interesting to hear. I think he was a Doctor. I could be wrong.

    Big to do now. Will be curious to see where it is all heading. Me — scrap it all. Let it die and deal with the uninsured piecemeal.

    This is about control and data collection and I would be happy to see the lessening and dismantling of this statist government.

    That too unlikely the societal meme seems to be — the Republicans have no solutions, they want to crush and now the evil Insurance companies. Some of whom I might say deserve it for the deal they made with this Administration.

  5. I am a physician working in a large group in a state not choosing to have it’s own exchange (i.e. participating in the federal debacle). We have a notice on our wall warning patients that we will be out of network for exchange based insurance programs. Why did we choose not to participate? They were unable to provide us information regarding the amount of reimbursement and what services/diagnostics would be covered. As physicians trying to keep practices afloat in a world of decreasing reimbursements (for some services that we provide, medicare and medicaid reimburse us less than the cost of service these days…..), we can not afford to sign a contract and then find out what is in it. As a physician group, we will re-evaluate when, hopefully, more information will be available. As I watch the lurching roll out of the website, our intent to re-evaluate first quarter 2014 seems likely to have the same non-answer that is available now.

    The physician side of the equation seems to be out of the news. Like everything else the government has pushed on physicians, it is likely expected that physicians will roll over and provide service. In my small, rural community, none of the doctors has agreed to be in network. Shrug.