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The Obama Morning News || October 28, 2013

10 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || October 28, 2013”

  1. Obama unaware of world leader spying

    And, he was unaware of how crappy his legacy’s Web site was designed.

    The man is willfully ignorant.

    1. It’s his equivalent of the dog ate my homework. If true, heads need to roll for keeping the President in the dark. I think this is an attempt to make GWB take the blame.

  2. Obamacare headaches more than a website…

    What an understatement from the header. More like a migraine from an inoperable brain tumor. Mr.Transparency and the Transformative president has created a health care system into one on life-support. If the comment section thus far is any indication of displeasure – there’s no shortage of it.

  3. Michelle’s (Black) college group hosted PLO official:

    Why isn’t the MSM covering this bombshell CGI story? Michelle and Valjar’s fingerprints are all over this scandal:
    A no-bid contract awarded to her college classmate;
    Valjar’s son-in-law employed by CGI;
    CEO was Obama campaign bundler;

    CGI was also the IT company that Team Obama hired in 2008 to dis-engage the address verification for OFA web contributions, allowing Obama to get campaign donations from foreign factions all over the ME.

    The entire ACA system should be halted immediately pursuant to a top-level investigation. ACA is is a criminal enterprise.

    1. October 29, 2012. Tomorrow marks one year post Sandy hurricane. Take a guess as to what company is managing billions of dollars, that have yet to be paid to the victims.

      The Associated Press revealed on Tuesday that only 700 million dollars out of a total pool of 60 billion (1.2%) has been distributed to needy families. No word on how much has been paid out as corporate fees the management companies. 24,000 victims have yet to receive a single cent from the fund.

      1. Great catch, Sadie! Why was this company ever hired to begin with? They were fired by the Canadian gov’t for screwing up a simple tax-payer funded online gun registry back in 2007.
        Michelle Obama has some splainin’ to do! And Christie, as well. This may turn out to be the first Potus/Flotus tag team to leave office in handcuffs!

        1. Girly, you already covered the “whys”.

          It’s the ‘how the hell’ does all this information not get bundled into one single expose. I am damn tired of playing Hide n’ Seek – the work that should be done by paid journalists.

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