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Graham: “For God’s Sakes,” Form a Benghazi Committee

Republican leaders are very reliable. They can always be relied upon to screw up an advantage.

Take the Obamacare debacle. Where’s the great “I Told You So” campaign, to make it clear to the public that the reason the Republicans shut down the government was to delay Obamacare by a year and AVOID THE VERY FIASCO NOW ENSUING with the website?

Where’s the “Isn’t Government a Wonder to Behold?” campaign to highlight the abject failure of your government to even put together a website, let alone run your health care.

These are obvious moves that a smart political operation – like the one President Obama has – would make to capitalize on its opponents missteps.

And where is the select Congressional panel to investigate Benghazi?

Sure, Republicans would have great political fun with such a panel, which the Democrats would have convened a year ago and tasked to issue a final report the eve of Election Day, 2014.

But the Benghazi episode, as shown once again in a new report by 60 Minutes, is a deadly serious matter in which American heroes were killed and for which senior administration officials may bear responsibility. The public HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW whether top officials, including President Obama, failed our brave people on the ground in Libya.

Some of the House panels are doing a good job probing this. But only a select committee will unify the effort, eliminate inefficiencies, and generate the public interest to force a serious investigation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) today demanded that House Speaker John Boehner pull together a select committee, at least on the House side – Senate Democrats would never go along – to spearhead the probe. And he vowed to muck up the Senate until the Benghazi survivors are heard from.

He said:

For God’s sakes, let the House have a select committee where you get three or four committees together to look at this situation as one unit, rather than stove piping.

And where are the survivors? Fourteen months later . . . the people who survived the attack in Benghazi have not been  made available to the U.S. Congress for oversight purposes. So I’m going to block every appointment in the United State Senate until the survivors are being made available in Congress . . .

To Speaker Boehner, please, for God’s sakes, form a joint committee to get away from this blame game to find out exactly what happened.

And where was Hillary Clinton during all these multiple requests for security?  . . . And who the Hell told Susan Rice this story about a protest gone bad, and who told the president there was no evidence of a pre-planned terrorist attack in light of all this information?

Or who told him there was evidence?

30 thoughts on “Graham: “For God’s Sakes,” Form a Benghazi Committee”

  1. WTF…why didnt Graham “muck up the Senate” during the Kerry (Sec. of State) and Hagel (Sec. of Def.) conformation hearings…???!!!

    That would have a perfect time to demand answers from the Obama regime about Benghazi.

  2. And of course The Carnival Barker jumped all over Graham’s threat to block Senate appointments by accusing him of politicizing a very serious issue.

    Great way to change the subject, and he’ll no doubt get strong buy in from the compliant media.

    More than ever, we’re seeing that NO ONE is accountable in the Obama administration, but no one is calling him on that.

  3. AFVet reported on the other Benghazi thread this morning that he heard on AFR radio (Air Force radio?) that Boehner is not willing to appoint a select committee on Benghazi because he may be involved in the cover-up.

  4. Graham knows that Boehner is busy right now twisting arms for so called immigration reform. Please SC, vote this guy out in the primary.

  5. The Republican leadership is a bunch of pansies. Get your game on, people. This is no laughing matter. Our very country is at stake and y’all are acting like a scared preschooler with a monster in his closet.

  6. Whatever about Miss Lindsey — raised the same stink about Brennan and in the end voted to confirm him. Graham’s bar for crossing his own reclines is ridiculously low.

    That said — there should be select Comte. And after all this time I am beginning to think that Boehner and possibly others have something to hide.

    1. Has Boehner ever given a reason why he dosent want a ‘Benghazi Select Comte.’…?

      I know the answer is political blow-back (re: Investigate the Obama regime = Thats Racist!)

  7. I agree with most comments here; the moment has passed. There’s nothing to be gained, nothing to be learned that will make any difference in the way things are done.
    It’s possible to smear some mud on MrsClinton, or to show that MrO was watching reruns on TV instead of looking after our interests, butt who will listen, who would care.

    IMO, at this point in time, the best thing is to let the mystery be the converstation.
    If it’s MrsClinton they’re after, then better to question her on the campaign trail than in front of some partisan committee.
    MrO? pshaw, he hasn’t been blamed for anything since 2009 and nothing will mar his super teflon coating now.

    1. I don’t. I agree that GRAHAM’S moment has passed, but I don’t think we should ever give up on trying to get to the bottom of Benghazi.

      1. I agree, Julie. The families of the victims deserve the truth, and to see those responsible punished, and the American people deserve no less.

  8. After Benghazi our military will need to change the Soldier’s Creed and strike the part about leaving no warrior behind. Why hasn’t the nation held BO accountable for this glaring SNAFU called Benghazi. Should we hire a competent third party military like Israel to get justice for America and kill the enemy who committed the murder of our people placed in harms way? BO was literally asleep at the wheel while our people were being killed. The first Commander-in-Chief to commit treason.

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