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Quote of the Day || October 28, 2013

“The Obamacare website will be fixed by December 1, and you can take that to the bank. Just, don’t deposit it.”

– fix-it Czar Jeffrey Zients

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

15 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || October 28, 2013”

    1. Of course you can keep the insurance policy you like; you can put it in the sock drawer, or in a filing cabinet right in front of the warranty for your Royal Manual Typewriter. No one is going to insist you throw it into the fireplace or anything like that.

  1. Just read a wonderful article on Daily Caller by Ginni Thomas, ” Why a foreigner is rooting for American exceptionalism”. It´s about a young Australian, Nick Adams, travelling the US like a modern day Alexis de Toqueville, searching for and encouraging Tea Party and other civic groups. Like someone said: ” If freedom gets lost in the US there is no place else to go”.
    I am sitting here, uneasily waiting for the storm. It´s presently making havoc on the British Islands and will, according to weather reports, arrive here during the afternoon to peak in the evening. I live on a peninsula with the sea around and it can really be windy out here. Well, I am going out, looking for things to nail down or carry indoors.
    By the way, now it´s reported all over the news over here that “according to the NSA, Obama knew nothing about the monitoring of Mrs Merkel”. Well, some of us are grown-ups and don´t believe in Santa Claus either.

      1. Sadie, I got to “Political Humour” but had the message ” sorry, the page you are looking for do not exist”. I guess it´s NSA at work.
        However, I found a lot of other funny things there. Thanks.

  2. Keith: Funny quote until I read this at WaPo….

    “You can call him President Obama’s weed-wacker. But instead of trimming the front yard, Zients is tasked with removing the ineffective and irrelevant programs run by the federal government.”

      (Reuters) – A data center critical for allowing uninsured Americans to buy health coverage under President Barack Obama’s healthcare law went down on Sunday, halting online enrollment for all 50 states in the latest problem to hit the program’s troubled rollout.

      Does Mr. Zients/aka the weed-wacker know how to fix a Stuxnet worm?

    2. “the President’s weed-wacker……..And, if you call within the next 30 minutes, we’ll WAIVE one payment of $200m, costing you only THREE monthly payments of $200m……..All major credit cards, gold, body parts accepted. CALL NOW!”

      1. OMG, I hate weed wackers! The enemy! That unruly cord that springs around, the jamming, the fumes, the noise– and no weeds are wacked in the Godfather sense–just cut off temporarily. Maybe it is a good analogy. The only worse appliance is the leaf blower–it sends leaves elsewhere. That is more their speed.

  3. Oh, they’ll definitely have something out there on November 30, even if it’s a new picture of a different girl on the home page.

    That will enable Obama, the Carnival Barker, and Sibelius to say how much improved the site is since the low bar that they set in October.

    But it still will be garbage.

    1. That’s it! You’re brilliant. We need new clip art. Maybe grinning Eskimos so happy with their insurance for harpoon injuries. Or maybe my bayou guys–can finally get gator bites stitched. Of course! It’s all been a communication problem–we don’t grasp how lucky we are.

  4. The guy who is supposed to “fix” this was quoted as not even knowing who his team was–those best and brightest guys. That bodes well. What happened to talking a good game–gone, too?

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