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Obama in Church for First Time in Seven Months

President Obama today made it to church for the first time in seven months, walking with is family across Lafayette Park in front of the White House to St. John’s, the traditional church of presidents.

Obama’s last time at church was also at St. John’s, where he landed after a similar stroll on Easter Sunday, March 31.

After today’s service, Obama walked back to the White House and then sped out to an activity he engages in much more frequently, heading for a round of golf at Fort Belvoir. He’s with junior aides Joe Paulsen and Marvin Nicholson, as well as Marvin’s brother Walter.

It’s the 37th time he has played this year and the 148th outing of his presidency.

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  1. Most of the roads in DC were closed today for the Marine “Corpse” Marathon, so unless he wanted to take the helicopter to Fort Belvoir, he would have had to close down roads to go golf. At least going to church got him out of the WH since it’s such a confining place, according to MO. JMHO

  2. He might have had an epiphany that all his lies about the ACA might need some atoning or explaining.
    IMO, twice a year isn’t going to keep him from Hades. I’m not going to save him a seat by the window, either.
    He can stand with the guy who sold me his used car and told me that it was a ‘cream puff’, but was really a mechanic’s dream.

  3. POLITICO reported that both Obamas approached the altar to receive Holy Communion.

    The Episcopal Church describes Holy Communion as ” the family meal for Christians and a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. As such, all persons who have been baptized, and are therefore part of the extended family that is the Church, are welcome to receive the bread and wine, and be in communion with God and each other.”

    Evidentally, Pete Souza must have called in sick on the day of the Obama’s baptism!

  4. Well, if St. John’s had the same message as what I heard then perhaps it is no accident that Obama found his way to hear “for whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted”.

    Then again perhaps that is only the message to the masses.

    • I wish I weren’t so cynical and suspicious. I see this as an attempt to put the issue to rest before the 2016 elections.
      We’ll see.

      btw; the journalists descriptions of how the building still looks now is disturbing. Surely, someone should have been dispatched to clean up the site.

      • I watched the program. They claim it took a year to put this together. Shame on them.
        All they seemed to do was rehash what has already been revealed, and glossed over the accountability.
        If I didn’t know what happened there, if I didn’t know who should have been responsible for security, if I didn’t know that the President went to bed, his Secretary of State was (we don’t know), and our highest military looked the other way, the segment on Benghazi wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

        The take-away=security was lax and al Queda was responsible for the deaths. Period.
        I repeat, shame on 60 Minutes and CBS.

        • Ambass. Stevens was told and then notified WA. of eminent attack three months prior. That’s a long time to be in “bed” but I wouldn’t be surprise if this admin. employed the Rip Van Winkle defense.

  5. As I understand it,Muslims do not celebrate rituals of baptism and communion as Catholics. How can he receive communion with Michelle,but the daughters did not. How blasphemous! I realized,along with millions of others long ago,that the Obama folks think that they’re in some reality show. Anything to boost ratings!

    • “As I understand it,Muslims do not celebrate rituals of baptism and communion as Catholics.”

      Huh? Don’t you mean “Christians”? Not all Christians are Catholics.

      As for Sasha and Malia, if they’ve not been baptized, they won’t participate in the Lord’s Supper.

      • Depending on the denomination, and even within a particular congregation, while baptism would be a prerequsite, does not mean the Obama girls are not baptized and therefore not taking communion. In my day, one could not partake in communion until confirmed (today the other term used is affirmed – as in affirmation of baptism). For my kids, they received instructions for receiving early communion in 5th grade, and were confirmed after a 2-year confirmation program (8th or 9th grade).

        For the Obama girls, they hardly attend church as it is (not their fault, but their parents’ fault). I would hope they have a better sense that church is something more than a photo op and prayer is something other than dad saying “My God bless America” once a year at the SoTU.

        To those in the know – today is Reformation Sunday!

    • Apologies for my comment below. I wrote my comment before able to read all the comments and just noticed yours. Didn’t mean to plagiarize. (Although I do here that if ever wanted to be a vice-President in a democrat administration, plagiarizing is counted as a career enhancing move.)

  6. The photo on Drudge of the family is funny. MO out dressed her daughters for a teenager clothes. It is only about fashion for MO when going to church.