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Goldberg: Obama Made Biggest “Domestic Policy Lies” Ever

Jonah Goldberg says President Obama made history with his claims that you could keep your insurance and that your premiums won’t go up.

Jonah, how could you? This is utterly irresponsible and careless . . .

You forgot Obama’s assertion that you can keep your doctor.

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17 Responses to Goldberg: Obama Made Biggest “Domestic Policy Lies” Ever

  1. We watched that last night and thanked him for saying it…but how could anyone not say it? Obama Lied! PURE & SIMPLE! OVER & OVER, YEAR after YEAR! STILL LYING!
    The media will eventually, hopefully, realize the error of not reporting the truth about this man and his minions.
    Do they really, really want to help him destroy THEIR country?

    • Article II Section 4?
      From President Johnson’s impeachment managers “an impeachable crime or misdemeanor … may consist of a violation of the Constitution, of law, of an official oath, or of duty, by an act committed or omitted, or, without violating a positive law, by abuse of discretionary powers from improper motives, or from any improper purpose.”
      Has there been a greater abuse of power from improper motives or purpose? If he did not take these actions deliberately, the he is incompetent. Neither outcome is acceptable.

    • Obama and his cadre lie about everything all the time. We have learned that lying is their default position. What’s remarkable is that they show not the slightest concern, reveal no embarrassment when they are caught in a lie, show no remorse whatsoever. Ever. That’s just astounding.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if we could run the stream of his lies behind his speeches to the college kids and the high school kids on a big screen.?
    Of course, his props would have to turn their backs on him to see it.

  3. Please…American “Folks” ain’t stupid no more. They think that their brainwashing ideas regarding food,water,wasteful living and spending has turned our brains to mush. Instead, “US Folks” have awakened and risen to realize that “Their” sociopathic lies do not work anymore. Their lives are slowly falling apart and these educated idiots do not understand.THEY should lower their noses and take a good,long look.

    • The element of surprise has always been a good weapon.
      The 2014 election is our chance to set them back on their heels.
      They are the elitists, they live an elegant life, anyone that they choose at their beck and call attends the grand forum.

      The 2010 election was an indication to Obama that he was not impotent.
      He needs to be taken down quite a few notches more in 2014.
      We can’t afford two more years of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama in charge of this Country.
      They will take Her to Her knees along with destroying the private sector anyway they can.

      • Wish it was that simple. We still have to deal with the hardcore 43% “dim” voters who don’t read as a starting point. Then add the assorted additional takers who are in it for themselves with no regard for this country. And then there is always that famous “don’t know” portion of all survey groups. Overcoming this assemblage is tough. Oh, and don’t forget the type, ” won’t vote for Romeny” group.

  4. Obama Is a psychotic serial liar and has been since Day One. How someone of such ill-repute can remain in office is beyond my comprehension.
    Would love to see Jonah replace Juan Williams on the panel. Obama has zero credibility – anyone defending him at this point is an accomplice to his criminal behavior.

    • Funny you should mention Juan–I was thinking yesterday as he trotted out his usual aggressive defenses of The One on The Five that I almost prefer Colmes…not much daylight betw them, tho.

    • It’s because the congress is just as crooked as he is.
      They don’t dare tangle with Obama and the Chicago machine.
      They have families and reputations,…cough,…cough, to maintain.
      Besides,..they are representing their constituents back home,….cough,…cough.

  5. It ranks up there with these:

    Those making less than $250,000 will not see any tax increase.The sequester wasn’t my ideaThe public will have five days to review any bill that passes Congress before I sign it.No lobbyists will find work in my Administration.I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future.

  6. Joe Wilson had this right years ago. He should get the No Bull Piece (of his mind) prize.

    Reid and Obama and Pelosi love to chastise the GOP for voting down Obamacare dozens of times. Looks like they were speaking truth to power — and the wrongdoers didn’t like it.

    “The only thing to stop a guy with a bad plan is somebody with a better plan who’s willing to keep fighting against that bad plan”.

    I believe Mr. Obama said this is a marathon, not a race. It’s looking like the GOP wins either way — while America loses.

  7. He’s losing the press a few at a time. The question will be can they manage this crisis and move us to single payer before we throw their lousy selves out of office in 2014 and 2016.

  8. Being a History Major I can not wait to see how the “history” of “Pres. Barack Hussein Obama (2008-2016)” will be written…