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The Consequences of Obama’s Callow Approach to Iran

One problem with handing the presidency to someone with no experience in the real world is that once there, they start to act like they have no experience in the real world.

Oh well, you know, it’s just the presidency. The office was so diminished by Bill Clinton that hardly anyone cares about the caliber of person who gets it anymore.

Obama’s status as Naïf-in-Chief is being confirmed by his approach to Iran, which inconveniently promises to have grave consequences for the world.

The Iranians are jerking him around with a classic good cop/bad cop routine in which Iran’s putatively “moderate” president, Hasan Rouhani, tries to make a deal while “conservatives” who are “suspicious” of interacting with the Great Satan wait in the wings to ruin everything.

Of course, in order to appease the Mullahocracy supposedly looking to derail Rouhani, Iran requires that we relieve it of some of its sanctions.

The White House is buying this and thinks Rouhani, who has been intimately involved with the Iranian leadership for decades and who has previously admitted to using negotiations to buy time for sinister purposes, is somehow something separate from the rest of the Iranian leadership. And so Obama wants to appease Rouhani’s “opponents” within Iran by releasing the Persians from some of the sanctions THAT ARE FORCING THE IRANIANS TO NEGOTIATE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Better students of human nature, including a number of senators – even some Democrats – as well as the Israelis, the Saudis, and so forth, all want to add more sanctions since this is the very music that brought the Iranians to the dance.

Obama will grasp desperately at negotiations until the Iranians put an end to them with a nuclear test, because he has no intention of striking Iran militarily in any kind of decisive way. Everybody became aware of that – including the Iranians – after he allowed the Syrians to piss all over his red line and get away with it.

Obama hasn’t made a single decisive move on the world stage since becoming president. It’s unlikely a massive attack on Iran will be his first.

He must try negotiating. But he must turn the screws to ensure a positive outcome, not present a profile in pusillanimity. Meanwhile, time is getting shorter. The Iranians are now thought to be capable of producing an atomic weapons within a month if they throw all their resources at the project.

And so we will have one of two results stemming from this childish approach to Iran.

Either Israel will attack Iran, and do it not nearly as well as we would, making it easier for Iran to reconstitute its program. And the retaliation will be so nightmarish that we’ll be forced to get involved anyway.

Or, Iran will string us along until the centrifuges are whirring fast enough to finally give birth to the Iran Bomb. And that, folks, is quite potentially the beginning of the end of our civilization.

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  1. Of course Iran and it’s leaders are just placating BO and other world leaders with their promises, and yet allot of us open minded thinkers already know they will have the bomb(s) soon enough. Once they do, they will thumb their nose at everyone. We saw it with North Korea, but with Iran, they will take it to a whole new level.

    Will be fun to see how the WH will spin it if and when it happens. Who will they blame?? What can be done? Forget the UN..

      1. apr_47 –

        I did not post anything about a bomb being used or tested. My comment was about what the WH will say and do if the world nations (including the US) take a hands off approach and let Iran complete their enrichment program and build a bomb or 3.

        As far as dealing with fisionable material, for a couple of years I was part of a facility that had responsibility to respond to nuclear accidents. So I am fully aware of the dangers it poses to responders and victims.

    1. You’re kidding, right! Name one person in this administration or anyone who works for the government who has stepped up to take responsibily for ANYTHING?

  2. Callow. Hmmm. Perhaps the approach appears callow. I won’t argue that.

    Lazy, incompetent, nefarious, narcissistic, delusional, bored, indifferent.

    In all seriousness, I cannot understand how a President of the United States can put this country in such a vulnerable position.

    When the Saudis and the Gulf states band together (and possibly ally with Israel) in self defense because the US President has given into delusions about the nature and intent of Iran and his own self importance there should be a heads up.

    And the American people are lulled into some sense of all is well because there is no new visible conflict and perhaps a less active more isolationist position is the way to go while we concentrate on transforming ourselves into a country dependent on state largesse.

    He must calculate that whatever the ultimate bad outcome is it will occur after he is out of office, and therefore, not responsible. It’s really quite disturbing.

  3. “The Consequences of Obama’s Callow Approach to Iran” = ISRAEL…

    -ISRAELI ‘ICBM’ (“Jericho III”)
    -ISRAELI NAVY Submarines with Nuclear Cruise-missile (“Popeye”)
    ISRAELI AIR FORCE F-15I “Ra’am” with Nuclear tactical bombs

    1. I have been to Israel twice, I Love the Nation & its People, and I say if ISRAEL need to protect itself…
      no matter what this current so-called ‘President’ named “Barack Hussein Obama” says,
      I have no problem supporting Israel.

      -God Bless Israel.

        1. Yes, I agree–Israel is surrounded by enemies. But not everyone in Iran, in fact most people in Iran are normal people, probably not
          “into” politics and more into familiy and survival and maybe having a little happiness–are we really going to pounce on another country? I dunno–this never seems to have the desired result.

          1. Star, two comments:
            1. I agree that most people in Iran and throughout the Middle East are just like us – they want to have a home and a job and a family and some fun and peace and happiness. Sincerely, I know that is true because I am currently residing in the Middle East (not Iran.) There are cultural differences and religious differences but the common ground is love of God and family and the desire for continued peace and prosperity.
            Some of our medical professionals are Syrian. I admit, I was hesitant to see them on a professional basis, especially since Mr. Obama was drawing red lines and what not at that time.
            So I just said straight up, “I am American.” They said, “That’s OK…we know you are not your government. Do not worry.”
            That statement stunned me…stunned me.
            My government is so far removed from its citizenry that we are no longer necessarily recognized as a part of it’s workings? And even as I type these words, I acknowledge my fear of reprisal from our government for expressing my personal experiences…and I am a very, very, very small minnow in the sea of life…actually more like a single cell amoeba. :-)
            2. Is there not also a big aspect of Sunni vs Shi-ite in this situation? The tribal culture of the Middle East should never be discounted or ignored, says Captain Obvious.

          2. I just refuse to believe that a large percentage of people, no matter what the teachings of a religion–and this could incl some of the leaders–are willing to toss away their hard-won 70 yrs on earth for some “promise” of virgins or paradise. As yet, we have no reports from “the other side” to make this a better bet.

  4. Preezy Revenge doesn’t have time for his compadres in Iran right now. He’s too busy with domestic chores like branding constitutional conservatives as enemies of the state, making illegal aliens American citizens so the Democrats can win all future elections, and employing the “best and brightest” to fix his disastrous health insurance scam.

    There once was a time in America where we had separation of powers and one man did not dictate the direction of the country. Thanks to a complicit fourth estate, an opposition party that is anything but, and a dumbed-down electorate, we’re stuck with a lazy ass narcissistic no-talent faculty lounge lizard who thinks he’s king of the world.

  5. “One problem with handing the presidency to someone with no experience in the real world is that once there, they start to act like they have no experience in the real world.”

    It’s no “act” although he does have five years of experience pretending. Obama’s most aggressive politics are directed at Americans.

  6. Gee, thanks for scaring the heck out of everyone here with the truth on a Saturday. Scary, but well said.

    You’re right, MrO has shown a disturbing lack of interest in keeping the Iranians from becoming the volcano that destroys Israel and any other MiddleEastern state that gets in their way. Is he, himself, anti-Semitic or is he being led by his Iranian-born svengali, Valerie Jarret?

    Whatever the reason for his blundering and disasterous approach to foreign affairs, he has diminished American influence and upset our traditional foreign friends. He insults GreatBritain, cozies up to Russia’s Putin, has thrown the states of Egypt, Iraq, and Libya into what appears to be a 1000 yr war, and will soon leave Afganistan as another example of futile and fruitless American interference.

    There have been other Presidents who have lacked experience in world or worldly affairs, but we have a cadre of men and women who have dedicated their lives to our nation’s good future. A President has only to call on their experience and guidance to insure our standing in the world.
    That MrO choses not to rely on the professionals at the DOD, the CIA, and the State Department is more evidence of his deluded sense of being the best of all.

    1. Your exactly right SrDem.. BO has been cleaning out senior peeps at DOD and CIA.. and yet the State Dept just shuffles the deck and moves people around (Benghazi anyone??), Also, how many more journalists does this administration need in senior positions??

  7. Thanks for the heads up oldtimer, read the article, but alas, the only thing Obama will drop is another load of bovine fecal matter.
    I’m afraid that once Iran has The Bomb, and they will soon, it will be them making the demonstration.

  8. You can’t negotiate with this kind of nation.

    Iran said it executed 16 “rebels” Saturday in reprisal after gunmen killed at least 14 border guards near the border with Pakistan, in a rugged area often rocked by violence.

    The ambush was staged overnight in the mountains of Sistan-Baluchestan, a province in southeastern Iran.


    In retaliation for the attack, the Iranian authorities said they hanged 16 “rebels” held at a prison in the region.


  9. . Iran is determined to get nuclear weapons. Iran is soaked in oil and gas reserves, more than enough for hundreds of years. Yet it withstands punitive international sanctions that have gutted its economy, insisting that it needs enriched, weapons-grade uranium for “peaceful” purposes. ? Rouhani claims Iran will never develop nuclear weapons, but for 16 years he was secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, which formulates Iranian nuclear policy. This means Rouhani played a direct and influential role in getting Iran’s nuclear program where it is today. Don’t forget that Rouhani bragged, in 2005, about having deceived the West into easing sanctions while Iran continued to develop enriched uranium for nuclear warheads. Iran will never change unless the regime does.

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