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State Signups Flocking to Medicaid – Not to Insurers


As it becomes clear Obamacare is a fiasco, a system with so many moving parts designed by man and not by markets that ARE NEVER going to operate as intended – if it’s intended to operate at all – Americans should be on the lookout for signs that we’re headed toward the final destination President Obama once said he supported: a single-payer government run program.

If Obamacare puts private insurers out of business, single payer is all that will be left. For all of us.

CBS News ace correspondent Jan Crawford – I have to say, BTW, the former Dan Rather Network comes up with some good accountability items with respect to Obama – reports this morning that even in states that are running their own exchanges, where signups aren’t going so badly, there’s a potential catastrophic problem: Those getting insurance are overwhelmingly low-income people who are just dumping themselves into Medicaid.

That’s bad news for insurers, who need people to buy their product so they can finance all the Free Stuff they have to dole out under Obamacare and pay for those with pre-exiting conditions and the older and sicker people they’re now required to take at no extra cost to the customer.

Private insurers threatened? Medicaid rolls multiplying? Sounds like a recipe for single-payer to me.

Here’s Crawford’s report.

48 thoughts on “State Signups Flocking to Medicaid – Not to Insurers”

    1. Me too, Owen. Once the feds yank away the taxpayer funding for Medicaid expansion in a couple of years, the dominoes will start to fall and states will go bankrupt. If Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014, Americans who earn up to 400% of the poverty level will qualify for federal subsidies. Cloward-Piven strategy come to fruition.

    2. I really hope my state, Missouri, will prevail in not expanding. The Dem governor wants to expand but the Repub controlled house says “no”. We shall see how this plays out.

      1. MO Gov Nixon vetoed legislation that would protect the citizens by requiring only American Laws for American Courts (ALAC), plus he vetoed tax-reform legislation designed to both save and attract businesses for Missouri! As a Dem, he just cannot figure out HOW the economy works. He only wants MORE gov’t programs, but he hasn’t a clue as to how to create more revenue streams to pay for MORE gov’t programs and pay their salaries!

        Conservatives and Republicans don’t propose MORE gov’t run programs. They work hard to get monies BACK into the consumers and job creators hands, and they promote tax reform, free enterprise, and protecting the individual freedoms guaranteed by the our Constitution.

        PLUS, Americans do not need ‘obummercare’ and the more than ’11 Millions Words of Regulations’ that have been printed! I hope the website NEVER works, PERIOD! jb

    1. Not to mention the fact that ALL of us will be subject to a third-world H/C system that will rival Cuba. Medicaid for All !!!

      Obama is importing a gazillion ME refugees who are getting a welfare package worth thousands the minute they step foot on US soil. Illegals are given engraved invitations to jump the border and join the gravy train. Family re-unification will flood the Medicaid system. ER’s will be bankrupt.. On and on.

      The UK and Canada can barely handle their universal H/C with populations one-tenth of the US. If Obama wants S/P, let him go to Haiti or Zaire and try it. He is ‘third-world’ to the core.

  1. On one of the H/C blogs, a physician who is about to hang up his shingle after Medicare reduced his re-imbursements by 15% plus 2% for sequestration, summed it up in a nutshell:

    “Coverage increases demand, demand increases entitlement, entitilement leads to rationing, rationing leads to decreased reimbursement and decreased reimbursement leads to decreased access.”

  2. What about those who are getting dumped by their private plans yet make too much money to join Medicaid but cannot afford the cheapest Obamacare plan?

    1. Mandy, they will be penalized by having their income taxes increased an additional point. This penalty will be increased to 2.5 points by 2016. So for a person in a 10% tax bracket who cannot afford the higher insurance rates, the Obama government will hit them up with a 10% increase in their federal income tax rate in 2014 which will become a 25% increase by 2016.

      Of course none of this will actually happen since our President promised us that if we liked the plan we had, we could keep it. My 2010 plan had a lifetime cap on coverage in exchange for a lower premium. That plan has now been outlawed by the Democrats.

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  4. The most troubling aspect of Ocare are those who are getting waivers, why doesn’t this “law of the land” apply to them too?

    I thought nobody was above the law ? Obama should have been the first to sign up his family.

    1. “Obama should have been the first to sign up”…….

      I’ve had a horrible week and this is the first long loud laugh I’ve had in five lousy days of work and family headaches. Thanks Denise, I needed that funny!

    2. Obama should have been the first to sign up his family.

      For decades now, I have watched the Democrats try again and again to push socialized medicine on the rest of us. I would say that the day when Ted Kennedy walked into DC General for his health care or when Jimmy Carter flew to Havana, Cuba to turn his medical needs over to the Castro government – that would be the day that I climbed on board for socialized medicine.

      Over the years, I have watched DC General closed down while the Ted Kennedys and the Jimmy Carters of the world continued to turn their medical needs over to the finest private hospitals America had to offer. Even as military veterans, Kennedy and Carter rejected the services of our government VA hospitals. Yet they both want to force government health care on the rest of us.

      Vile hypocrites, one and all.

  5. Missouri referendum against Obamacare had over 70% support yet Claire McCaskill STILL supports.
    America as a whole does not want Obamacare shoved down it’s throat yet media still pushing the agenda.
    Our arrogant KC Star in an editorial actually went so far as to print:
    Unfortunately, Republican politicians in Missouri and some other states are so blinded by an irrational hatred of “Obamacare” they are openly committed to seeing the exchanges fail. Voters need to let them know that is unacceptable.
    Already we are looking at a situation where insurance policies are likely to be more expensive in Missouri than in most other states, precisely because of obstacles set up to impede the state’s participation in the federal exchange.

    So there you go folks. Straight from the ivory towers of pressdom, if you oppose Obamacare or expansion of Medicaid that is not even close to being sustainable then you are just blinded by irrational hate.

    It’s not Obama that’s the problem any more, it’s the press enabling him.

    1. I love giving the KC Star sales people an earful when they come to my residence to sign me up for a subscription. No way. I don’t even read anything online from them.

      As for McSellout – what do you expect from another corrupt politician who’s only interest is their own.

          1. Thanks Susan.
            I asked the same question below on the thread.
            Are they a private sector company ?

            Nowadays you never know if a title is misleading.

  6. Sigh. What do we expect in a country where there are now more people on “welfare” of some kind than work full time, and where the leftist progressives formerly known as Democrats and their stalwart buddies the Grand Old Party and the AMCHAM and Ntl. Mfg. Assoc. are now primed to open the flood gates of amnesty.

    We are Greece and on our way to being a fledged socialist state. Forward.

    Someone make sure to tamp out the cinders of the founding documents on your way out.

  7. Well, my governor, Kasich, turned RINO and – using Obamalike tactics – came up with this idea that he could appoint a board of mostly synchophants to give a veneer of legality to the decision he was going to make anyway, even though there’s NOTHING in the Ohio Constitution permitting such a thing…AND that voters in Ohio had ALREADY expressed their will at the polls by amdending the Ohio Constitution to FORBID Obamacare expansion…

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the failure of the program was a feature, not a bug. Single-payer system was the goal from day one, expansion of Medicaid and breaking the economic backs of the states.

    In the less than glib response from Joe Biden: “This is a big fucking deal.”

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  10. I honestly would not put anything past this bunch. They wanted single payor, and the crash of ACA will probably move us a long way in that direction so long as it happens on Obama’s watch.

  11. My state, Oregon, boasted of having 56,000 applications, but they have all been Medicaid. There have been zero, zilch, nada, nichevo sign-ups for the payable insurance.

  12. Regardless of the outcome, taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the freeloaders and illegals. Yep, those unintended consequences of congress not reading the bill before passing it are going to bite all taxpayers in the posterior. Welcome to more wealth redistribution by the Marxist, totalitarian dreamers of the jackass party. However, the “we are the new royalty” crowd in government is exempt from obummerscare. Yet, taxpayers are still stuck with paying for congress, their staffers – the very ones who wrote this FUBAR law. BTW, the brat and his family is also exempt.

  13. $716 B will be transferred from Medicare to Medicaid to pay for this.

    So, seniors and the young get squeezed. I think it’s interesting that the messaging is that young people are paying for older people — when in fact, care for older people will be met with the resistance of the path to death panels — not much money to invest there — and the balance going to pre existing conditions and then I guess all those people who are on welfare,more than those who work in the US.

    And let’s not forget the illegals, the undocumented, etc.

    Waiting to hear Zeke Emmanuel — the Chicago Ballerina’s Brother — the architect of Obamacare. First time watching Megan Kelly.

    1. Redeemed. Followed by Brett Baier’s interview with Charles Krauthammer. The differences between these two men and Zeke Emmanuel are glaring.

  14. Just wanted to relay my experience with, and why Medicaid is suddenly so popular.

    I couldn’t get on the gov website, like everyone else in America, but the first week of October it was directing people to the Kaiser Family Foundation site. Well, went there and found out that basically, I am “too poor” to buy insurance; it wouldn’t show me any policies or insurers. I am “too poor” for a subsidy, too. It told me my only option was Medicaid and gave me links to apply for it.

    (And FWIW we are not poor, but what I would consider middle class. However, because of our family size we are at, apparently, 104% of the poverty line even at $60k. I think you have to be above 150% poverty guideline before you aren’t “too poor” for Obamacare, but I’m not sure.)

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