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Sebelius: “I Don’t Work for” People Who Want Me to Resign

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius grew testy under fire Thursday, dismissing those calling for her resignation as “people who I don’t work for.”

Sebelius spoke during a tour of an Obamacare call center in Phoenix:

The majority of people calling for me to resign are, I would say, people who I don’t work for and who do not want this program to work in the first place. I have had frequent conversations with the president and I’ve committed to him that my role is to get the program up and running, and we will do just that.

Not only is she staying, but “No one has been fired,” Sebelius said.

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  1. And THAT boys and girls is exactly why we’re in the mess we’re in. Absolutely no accountability in D.C. anymore.
    “We the People” are just the peasants to be ordered around by the government and academic elite. All for our own good of course.
    Yet it is they are the ones who’ve managed to rack up $17 trillion in debt and can’t even run a friggin website!

  2. With all due respects, Madame Secretary, you DO work for the people who want you to resign…… me. Lets not misunderstand your role, Dear.

      • she said that the ‘majority’ of the people she doesn’t work for …
        so therefore, there MUST be people, that in her mind,she DOES work for.


        the american public and its media is a waste.

  3. I guess she had those “frequent conversations” AFTER the website start date, since the president didn’t know anything about the problems of the website until then. Did they just start talking on October 1?

  4. One never knows with this administration, but I am fairly sure she works for the American people, most of whom would like to give her a pink slip.

    • You think this is bad, should have seen her as Governor of Kansas. One department and computer system after another all screwed up.
      The KC Star, Wichita Eagle and bunch all trash Brownback now but a lot of what he’s had to do is go in and fix Sebelius’ failures.

      • Well, she learned it from her dad. John Gilligan was Governor of Ohio in the early ’70’s, and wasn’t really a “will of the people” kinda guy. His most LASTING gift to the citizens of Ohio was a state income tax that STILL holds back the state economy to this day. What’s interesting, though, was that he caused an uproar by closing state parks to force the legislature to his side. Sound familiar? He also created the Ohio EPA, and wasn’t THAT a gift to the citizens of Ohio!

        Here’s a really cool quote from Katy’s dad;

        “But the income tax issue continued to dog him. An offhand remark at the Ohio State Fair was one of Gilligan’s most memorable.

        When a reporter asked if the arriving Gilligan was going to shear a sheep on the fairgrounds, the governor said: “I shear taxpayers, not sheep.””
        -Former Governor John J. Gilligan

        Apple didn’t fall far from the tree, did it?

        I know, it’s about Sibbey, not her dad; but, it is interesting to see where she came from, what kind of political underpinnings drive her, and – as a side note – how liberals repeat themselves, viz. closing the parks?

        The more you know…

        • Great background info, thanks.
          Growing up in the 60’s with the Skipper, Mary Ann and the Professor I’ve always chuckled that her maiden name was “Gilligan”.
          As for not falling far from the tree couldn’t agree more. Yet when we use the same analogy for Obama, (Frank Marshal Davis, Indonesia, etc) we’re all racists for just pointing out the obvious of what drives his world view and the “transformation” we’re having forced upon us.

  5. “The majority of people calling for me to resign are, I would say, people who I don’t work for…” – Kathleen Sourpuss

    Well, it is technically correct that she works for the President (“serves at the pleasure of…”), and NOT for us. HE, of course, hasn’t worked FOR us in years…

  6. IMO, behind the scenes, prominent Dems are telling the WhiteHouse to do “something, fire her, someone apologize, get out there out in front of this disaster”.
    A sincere apology and a promise to fix something would go a long way in this oh, so public, extraordinary, epic fail to produce a website that doesn’t sell anything, doesn’t promise to make anyone smarter, but only to direct the user to another website.

    • ValJar definitely doesn’t approve of firing the HHS secretary. That’s who is running this fiasco not Barry. He’s just a figurehead to distract from the real statist agenda. And these idiots are naïve enough to believe the enemies of America will spare them from harm. Our enemies consider us as infidels and would be happy to annihilate this nation.

  7. Wow – what an arrogant example of the entitlement culture of the Washington establishment and the destructive “left”. We the people pay her salary and as much as it would hurt she needs to understand that she works for all the little people out here paying taxes. Like so many others in the political establishment today – we need to tell her to pack her backs, click her ruby slippers (or board a plush government jet) and return to Kansas……

    There’s a statement that goes “those who can – do, those who can’t – (fill in the blank). Sebelius is the poster child for filling in the blank with “are politicians”…….

  8. She’s really got a set she did in Kansas. But like others have said yes
    dear you do work for us so go clean out your desk I doubt there’s much
    there from looking at your ‘work’.

    • They are not “forgetting they’re President of all of us”, they are purposefully ignoring that over 200 year precedent.
      They won with a cobbled coalition of ignorants and takers and that’s all they care about now.
      The Constitution and those of us actually paying the bills be damned.

    • lets not forget Sir Putts-A-Lot will try (I know, “try” should never be connected to BO & Golf) to get in a round or two this weekend as the weather is turning cold. However Basketball is almost in full swing, and he already has HHS’s app for picking the brackets for next year’s Final 4 and Champion.

  9. Can we just institute a litmus test for future politicians?

    Are you a lawyer or ever plan to become a lawyer? If yes, you’re disqualified to run for any political office.

    Are you a child or grandchild of a long-serving politician? If yes, you’re disqualified to run for any political office.

    Course if we had term limits we could still institute the first one and not have to worry about the second.

    • A constitutional amendment for term limits is detailed in “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin. Congress will never vote term limits for themselves, so an Article V convention is probably the only way this country will ever achieve congressional term limits.

      • Yes. They won’t vote against their own best interest. These dolts get a little bit of power and immediately forget who they work for. At this point they are working for those businesses/lobbyists lining their pockets.

        Maybe it should go back to a volunteer, or minimally paid position. Not one that is paid for life.

        Oh so many changes to the current way it’s done.

        • We have the three “R”s in education, we need the three “S”s in government:
          Small, smart and simple.
          Shrink it down to the Constitutional basics,
          Utilize not demonize the private sector expertise to deliver those Constitutionally based functions,
          Simple, common sense language, in ENGLISH only to shut down the divisiveness and damage of catering to every language of any culture for the sake of “diversity”.
          Obamacare call centers have over 150 language options? Really? You can’t even speak or understand English but my tax dollars have to subsidize your insurance? THAT is certainly not smart government.
          OK, thanks for letting me rant. Today’s a Monday, Friday for me.

          • I hear ‘ya, Geoff. I don’t think the word simplicity is even in these politician’s vocabulary anymore.

            They are so caught up in their own self interests they cannot even relate to the “little people” anymore.

          • Geoff: I’ve applauded all of your rants. Bravo to each and every one of them. I think age has caught up with me and my fire-breathing, foaming at the mouth, ears burning, fist-pounding days have been relegated to the past and I just find myself mumbling …’those dirty rotten bastards’.

  10. “The majority of people calling for me to resign are, I would say, people who I don’t work for and who do not want this program to work in the first place.”

    Just like her boss: divisive and arrogant.

  11. Maybe she and all current workers on the ACA projects should keep their jobs since that makes it even more likely the project will collapse on itself! It does scare me to think what this administration will do once it is obvious the enrollment is nowhere near enough to support the program though. I just cannot see them admitting defeat.

    In reality, I think even if the website were working perfectly, or even better and faster than expected, the actual enrollment will not come close to the needed target numbers. It is pretty simple – this is a product people really just don’t want, and it is expensive and too confusing for most want to go through ANY steps to procure. I already have good health insurance (which has tripled in cost over 5 years, thanks!) but am apprehensive about putting all my personal info in the exchange just to find out how much a policy through it might cost. Most indicators so far tell me it won’t be cheaper or better than what I have now anyway.


  12. This is the same arrogant shrew that said, “The American people don’t know what’s good for them.” Apparently she has forgotten that as a government employee that she works for the people who she insulted with her statement.

  13. United Health Care seems to be the big winner here. Recently they released a slew of doctors from their network. Also I believe they are the primary provider for AARP.
    UnitedHealth Group unit QSSI named ‘general contractor’ to oversee fixes, ZIents says. $UNH

    My worldview is Google heads up the Obama Information Directorate, UNH does the Healthcare, and Starbucks provides the coffee.

  14. This administration fired a general for playing poker with play chips, but will not fire someone who played with a far bigger and nastier hand. Good thing Sibelius was never in the military.

    • The woman seated next to Sebelius at the start of the video is none other than Mary Rose Wilcox, one of our Maricopa County, Arizona Board of Supervisors. Wilcox is a liberal, checkered past, numerous felony charges and last year was awarded a $975 million settlement against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the former State Attorney. Her claim to fame is back in the 90’s when the Supervisors circumvented the law and hiked our sales tax to pay for construction of Bank One Ballpark, now Chase Field. People were pissed at the tax increase. One day as the board meeting adjourned a homeless man walked to the front of the room and shot Wilcox in the ass. As I write this, I can still hear her screeching. She was ok, just grazed by the bullet. The shooter got 12 years in jail and was a model prisoner.