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The Obama Morning News || October 25, 2013

WH claimed website would work great . . . New York Times
Contractors blame the government . . . Washington Post
GOP threatens Obamacare subpoena . . . Fox News
Dems fracturing on Obamacare delay . . . Politico
Feds confiscate reporter’s files . . . Daily Caller
Immigration advocates press Obama . . . Washington Times
GOP won’t move immigration in the House . . . The Hill
Obama to bash GOP on austerity . . . Reuters
Reid: There won’t be any “grand bargain” . . . The Hill
Dems could break with Obama on Iran . . . The Hill
WH: Durbin episode a “misunderstanding” . . . Politico
Cheney: Obama, Hillary “incompentent” . . . Politico
Obama wants Marines to wear girly hats . . . Fox News

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 25, 2013

  1. So Durbin, a US Senator, spreads unsubstantiated gossip about a pretty important subject, disrespect of the President, its found to be false BY HIS OWN BOSSES and yet he “stands by it”. Marvelous.

    • He could have said that there are millions of Americans who “can’t stand to look at (MrOs) face”, or that that many can’t stand the sound of his voice, or that hate everything he’s trying to do to America. That would be true, and he could raise money from his peeps on that.

      If it were true that someone did say such a thing right in front of MrObama, let him/her step forward while we all stand and applaud.

    • Lies and innuendos are what comes from the segregated meetings Preezy held with Congress. Wouldn’t doubt the huckster-in-chief embellished his story to Durbin because Rep. Pete Sessions didn’t properly genuflect upon greeting the potentate.