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Hillary’s Past DOES Include Yelling

Hillary Clinton Wednesday dismissed a man heckling her over Benghazi by coming down on the side of civility, quipping, “the kind of future we want . . . doesn’t include yelling.”

But Hillary has not always been so keen on quiet debate. From a 2003 speech:

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26 thoughts on “Hillary’s Past DOES Include Yelling”

  1. More recently;

    “So today when confronted by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson over her and the Obama regime’s lie about the Youtube video, Hillary Clinton lost it, went into a yelling tantrum about ‘what difference does it make?”

    And, here’s a lovely collection of Hillary civility. Warning, it DOES use partially redacted expletives. A lot. But, only becase SHE used UNREDACTED ones. A LOT…*cked!-quot

  2. Hey, this is a little OT, but it just occurred to me because of this thread! Maybe when they say the Obamacare Web site failed because of a “volume” problem, it WANSN’T about the number of hits? Maybe, just MAYBE, it was all the childish Democrat yelling when the world proved to not work the way THEY think it should?

    Just imagine, if you will, being in a room with Nan-Nan, Bammy, and Sillypus all shouting at the top of their lungs because that mean ol’ Web site isn’t being “fair”, and just getting LOUDER when it doesn’t respond to being called a heartless, racist, sexist homophobe. Because it’s a Web site. This would frustrate them into paroxyms of screeching at sound pressures unheard outside of runways, because that stuff USUALLY works for them! And here this techie gimcrack just sits there, smouldering slightly, froze beyond redemption…How galling, ESPECIALLY for The Angry Caliph…

    There would be a “Volume” problem, indeed!

  3. A great commercial for whoever runs against her in 2016 would be the clip from her response to being heckled contrasted with this one and the one from the Benghazi hearing that cincycinco posted earlier.

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